Captain’s Log, Day One

As some of you might know, I’ve been struggling with a new computer this last week.  (No data was lost, and the transfer went smoothly once I got a machine that booted up right.)  Might I say that the folks at Dell came through fantastically, though it took hours on the phone.  Somedays, it’s better to laugh than cry, which is where the following posts came from.

  • Captain’s Log, Day One: Emergency landing on planet “NewComputer” resulted in chaos as multiple systems failed to preform.  Colonists are shaken.  Moral is low.  Still waiting to hear from home world for instructions on how to proceed.   Already behind three days in setting up basic utilities.  Crash survivors eyeing each other up for fat content.  Officer Dell took a hit on landing, and seems dazed but determined.
  • Captain’s Log, Day Two: Communication with natives of “NewComputer” not going well. Natives seem to have based their language on binary code, requiring a yes or no response to every query, stalling communication. Currently seeking higher authority for instruction, but not sure one exists. Survivors discussing if to eat small people 1st because they’re easier to catch, or big people because they will last longer.
  • Captain’s Log, Day Three: Plans for “New Hollows” still being delayed due to unforeseen communication breakdown, and many want to fix ship and return to Madison. My first officer Dell had gone missing, and I’m worried.
  • Captain’s Log, Day Three, Supplemental: First officer Dell has surfaced. Apparently natives of planet “NewComputer” have taken him hostage. Survivors of crash are split between leaving Dell for dead and returning home, and agreeing to natives custom of willing-hostage exchange. Natives promise their offered hostage will be bigger, stronger, and quieter than Dell. If he doesn’t freeze in a tense situation, I may consider a trade. MTK
  • Captain’s Log, Day Four: All seems quiet on our new planet of NewComputer. Natives are happy with the hostage of first officer, Dell, and his replacement is making great strides in filling in with Dell’s original duties.  He’s a lot bigger, and that he’s adapted to the higher gravity and is able to do everything faster then Dell is a big plus.  Colonists have discovered that the native produce has a mild soporific effect.  All talk of returning home has ceased, and teams have gone out to dig latrine. Bar-b-que tonight.


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  1. Tina Loflin

    Dear Kim,
    Soo–you have anew DRAMA BOX–I guess that comes with getting a new computer, and having to tweak the ‘old’ site a bit–and who hasn’t gotten bit(pardon the pun, Ivy!! ;-D) by the new STAR TREK film…I saw it myself and liked it a whole lot.
    I’m still chomping at the bit(more toothy humor here, he he) for the next Rachel Morgan book…waiting patiently, I will lurk here(mwa ha ha) until the new book comes out.
    Until then, I have been looking at other novels as well–Lisa See, Wen Spencer, the Joe Grey mystery novels–ever read any of those? They aren’t Rachel, but they are good in their own right.
    Also, I’ve joined Twitter, so look for fyrefay–that’s me!
    I hope that you have a wonderful week, KIm–hug Guy and your puppy for me, OK???
    Hugs and love,

    • Hi, Tina.
      Yup! I got myself a new drama box, and it’s doing pretty good. The new computer is actually my work computer, not connected to the Internet at all. It helps keep me focused.

      Enjoy your reading!


  2. Visual.Kei

    and no no timekeepers as far as I can tell. Not saying there are big similarities. Just that there were a couple small ones. Reapers in general etc.

    While reading it just reminded me of the Anime Bleach and some of the silliness*sp* excuse my poor excuse of spelling.

    Its highly entertaining. Of course I love Anime. ( Weakness ) and no..*laughs* I am not some poor teenager . Le Sigh…

  3. Visual.Kei

    I have a question which has been wandering inside my head since I read this new series you have with Madison.

    So while I was reading the story ,it very much reminded me of something I enjoy. It is an anime . Now I know myself I have worked on and sadly lost a really good brainstorming plot to a story I was writing(characters,land,religious history etc) that got me started because of several anime I was into at the time and several books I read through in short amount of time.

    Now what brought this on is an anime I watch,dubed but I have limited resources at the moment to get the none dubed episodes. Anyways as I ramble on. I saw similarities on this show called ” Bleach ” and the Madison storyline. Which the anime is about a boy who is thrust into this world about spirits that can turn into Hollows and the Soul Reapers who fight for their “spiritual” society called the ” Soul Society”.

    I was wondering what brought you on yours path to working on a story about Madison and her Reaper friends?As well as. If you happened to see this series. It also happens to be on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network on Saturdays.( Just a heads up for you to check out the show if your curious)

    For the life of me, I have this whole visual of the entire book with an anime visual(not manga) in my head while I read instead of “real” people.

    Anyways. I Love your books and have attacked several of my friends who have picked them up and got them hooked..; Expecialy to the wonderful Jenks.

    • Hi, Kei.

      Mmmm, I’ve not seen this anime. Do they involve timekeepers? Timekeepers are a big part of my Madison universe.

      You asked what brought me to work on Madison and reapers? Because everyone else was working with fairies, vampires, witches, and werewolves. I wanted to do something different, so I chose reapers and timekeepers. Golly, I don’t think anyone else is writing about timekeepers.

      I’m glad you enjoyed Madison. Thank youi!


  4. megaranoelle

    That’s sounds like me and my old Dell! Only my camp didn’t turn out so well, there were many deaths, and a war still raging…. The Mac that I’m on right now though has gone smoothly… except for the mishap where it killed my usb drive with 6 years of my writing life on it, including two half finished manuscripts. Thanks Gods for NaNoWriMo, having printed a proof copy of one of my manuscripts.

    Also, being new, and just saw the post about the Bunny family, I might have to get my tattoo updated now. I have the burning bunny tattoo on the top of my right foot!

    –Megara Noelle

    • Hi, Megara. I swear, that tatt had to hurt on the top of your foot. Yikes. –Kim

    • Megara Noelle

      It indeedy did. The top of the foot is one of the most sensitive places, but it’s also my third tattoo. Would it help dismiss thoughts of pain if I told you that I was able to talk to my artist the entire time it was done? And that he has a burning bunny pin on his photo board. 😀

      –Megara Noelle

    • No, Really? That’s so cool! (about the bunny pin)

  5. Gothar


    I meant to ask earlier but homemade ice cream and cake doesn’t make itself.
    So, what tools do you use to lay out story arcs and to actually do your writing, etc.

    • Hi, Gothar.

      Mmmm, homemade ice cream is the best!

      You asked what I use to lay out my story arcs and then write the story? I use about 30 pages of printer paper, a clip board, and a pen to outline each story. The book-to book-to book story arc is just in my head, no where else. And I use Microsoft Word to actually write them out. Is that what you’re looking for? I don’t have any special softwear. –Kim

      Oh, I do have a calendar to keep track of time, and a few websites to check on sun rise/set, moon rise/set. And I made up what I call a character grid on an Excell spread sheet that breaks down who is in what chapter. I keep promising to put it on the website somewhere, but Excell is not web friendly. This sounds like something I need to talk more on in the drama box when I get back from vacation.


  6. Tom Gallier


    I’m an IT person. Both of my computers died. I dropped the laptop, and upgraded the memory on the Desktop. Neither will boot now. Eeks! Okay, I’m not necessary a GOOD IT person. LOL

    So, I got a new Dell laptop with Vista. Love it. But it took them LONG time to get it to me.

    Got a used HP Desktop, with the much beloved XP. Not dual core, but P4 3.2 GHz, so we loves its. A real IT person would’ve installed a new motherboard and not bought another PC, but I say…Pppssssttttt.


  7. Judi Williams

    Kim: You. Are. Toooooooo. Funny!

  8. Juliet

    Survivors discussing if to eat small people 1st because they’re easier to catch, or big people because they will last longer.


    My advice: Let the big people hunt the small people down, while you´re enjoying the sun…but don´t forget to promise you´ll spare their lives for that 😉

  9. Gothar

    I think the nameless security officer that gets it was a vista sympathizer.

  10. I forgot to ask. Was there a red shirt?

  11. Gail Siuba

    Congratulations Captain, Your success with taming the world know as ‘New Computer’ is currently be celebrating here on the home world. Best of luck on your new assignments to wrangle and tame World Hollows and World Madison. LOL
    Kim, glad to know that you and ‘Guy’ persevered and didn’t have to eat the little people, they are tender, but usually cause heartburn:-) ~Gail-St. John, IN~

  12. JaylanPHNX

    I found out last month that planet New Motherboard has a similar culture. But I got a better processor and upgraded to Vista out of the deal and things have been going much better since (yes I actually like Vista). Well, I sent my query letter and other materials (synopsis, x amount of pages) to five agents yesterday. Wish me luck. I don’t know if you can access my email address as the administrator of this blog, but if you can and want to read my query, let me know. I know there’s all kinds of legal and practical reasons for not reading fans’ writings, but I figure the query letter is vague enough and gets sent out to all kinds of people in the industry.

    • Hi, Jaylan.

      From what I understand, the new version of Vista is much better, but I really liked XP, and if I can keep it, I will.

      Good luck on your submissions! That is fantastic. You have just passed 90% of everyone who says, “I want to write a book.” Congratulations! My fingers are crossed.


    • JaylanPHNX

      Yeah, I’ve been hearing really great things about Windows 7. Like the fact that it runs smoother and uses LESS memory rather than more.

    • Megara Noelle

      Congrats on sending out those queries. I’m finishing up my own manuscript as we speak and I got the new edition of the Writer’s Market, for when I’m ready myself to send out all those items. Good luck!

  13. One must be quite careful when traveling to a place such as NewComputer. When I’d moved to one such place, the natives had created insidious prisons in which I was incarcerated for months. I seem to remember they called the prison Tetris. I’d spent many hours stacking boxes in Tetris, only to have them vanish. It was awful. I was occasionally put in solitaire for crimes I didn’t understand.

    The worst experience by far was planet Vista. The natives scheduled a remodeling of the entire planet. They promised new and wonderful places. The also promised to treacherous jungles where one misstep would land you in a swarm of deadly bees or other such bugs.

    What happened? They did something and the entire planet detonated, taking most of my crew with it.

    I’ve now landed in the fruitful land of OSX, a place of great beauty, a place of few dangers, and I’m quite content. I’ve also taken command of a new starship created by the natives of OSX. I call it iPhone.

    Be safe out there, in space nobody can hear you scream.

    • Hi, Roxie.
      Oh, that is tooooo funny! I did some investigation, and I got a downgrade to XP, so no vistake for me. phew! Guy has it, and it’s really frustrating when his programs don’t work.

      Good luck on OSX!


  14. Phil

    Hi, Kim, your creativity works for sci-fi !! I didn’t see that one coming! You always suprise us! I know what it’s like living on New Computer, i’m even finding the planetoid Cellphone unsuitable for life! Best luck! ~Phil

  15. AyeQue

    This makes me chuckle. I’m glad I’m a IT person, the New Computer World sands frustrating without the proper translator.

  16. Gothar

    After watching a ST TNG and an original (super cheese) trek if you could only see the grin on my face. I assume your security officer died 🙂

  17. Kera

    Im rereading For a Few Demons More and came across the sceen where Rachel is about to leave with Kisten to go to drivers ed and she says that to Ivy and Skimmer and then Skimmer makes a comment on that and then Ivy dose something that makes a snaping sound….im currious as to what Ivy did to Skimmer to make the “snap”

    • DM

      Ah yes the mysterious snap. Like so many things we can only guess.
      I somehow figured Skimmer got slapped or … something. But Then I’m hoping that Skimmer might be seriously involved in Rachels memory loss and the tragic events she’s forgotten, so the B*** get’s what’s comming and stops comming between Rache and Ivy.
      I must say the fisrt few books there were so many loose ends I was afraid the overall story line and character development would remain unsatifyingly vague and open ended forever, but with 4 and 5 Kim has instilled in me a solid trust that my questions will be answered and the overal story and drama will develop and all will be revealed… All but that snap most likely 😉 but I guess I can live with that.

    • She gave Skimmer a sharp little smack to be nice. 😉

  18. DM

    Ok so that has me giggling even though most of me is upset at any delays that might postpone a new installment of the Hollows series (if even by a day). Ofcourse that makes very little sense since I’m still waiting for delivery of the last 2 installments and thus should not start obsessing about the “new” book until I’m almost halfway through the last published one…
    But I’m finding it hard to fool myself into believing there is plenty for me to read yet when I’m going through 2 books a week when I’m strictly rationing myself.

    Now as a point of order I have to regretably inform you that Girls/Women are not supposed to make Star Trek references and I love love LOOOVE the fact that I am not the only girl(OK at 34 I should start refering to myself as a woman but unless you make me I simply refuse;p) that has ever heard of Star Trek.
    (Though I so publicly refuse to admit i know what the T stands for in James T Kirk, and for the life of me don’t know who jammed that liittle useless and embarrasing pieace of Trivia)

    Might I say BTW that having been to a NIN concert (wave goodbye 2009) only last night, where the only drawback was that because my friend kept talking to me and it rained on the way to the station I had to put “for a few demons more” away with 30 pages to go and thus was preoccupied wondering what would be revealed about the missing memories, right up untill trent Reznor got on stage and a “hell of a show” started (You’ll forgive me for forgetting about the hollows for a few hours during a farewell tour won’t you? ;), I was amazed to find how many of my favorite songs have inspired you. Also I thought I was the only one going nuts to songs that hit a chord for fictional characters of my own design… Ofcourse since I am not a writer … wel not of novels… or legible blog replies, as periods elude me, this is going to sound like I’m just plain nuts … and the only defense I have will make me sound like a geek/nerd… (and my comments on Star Trek are already a smut on the coolness of my “aura”)so let me just quit while I’m firmly behind (but still with a shot at crossing the finishline before the pack it in and call it a day) and say:
    Great writing, great blog, good things to you and yours and anyone who can love a snail is gathering some powerfully good karma so you have no need of my well-wishes but receive them anyway.

    • DM

      Reading back what I wrote I notice 2 things: I can’t spell. and have even muddled whole words.
      My defense:
      I’m dutch… English is only my 2nd language, otherwise my spelling would be alot worse! (Wait ’till you see my dutch!)

      Or in other words I have no defense, I write while I am still thinking about what I should write and the fingers don’t always catch up to my chanmges of mind… the spelling… I just can’t do that correctly for some reason.
      I am not dyslexic… just a bad speller. Sorry.

    • Hi, DM.

      I never noticed the misspellings. I _am_ dyslexic. (grin) I think it helps immeasurably in plotting.


    • Hi, DM. Wow. First of all, I don’t think you can count yourself a woman unless you know Tiberius is Kirk’s middle name. I mean, really! I grew up watching StarTrek over my steak and fries on a tiny little TV tray on Friday night. It’s just part of living, isn’t it? (grin)

      No worries. I never lost any data or had any computer down time. My old computer still works, but it’s nearing it’s end and I like to make changes before I have to. It felt good to get back to the Hollows, though.

      Envy, envy over the concert. I saw them once. Large crowds of people flip really strange switches in my head, and I avoid them when I can, but that was worth it. And very cool that you see relationships between music and words on paper. I’m always amazed at the number of people who do.


  19. Sabrina from WV

    Lol Kim! This post just has me rolling. We’ve all been there. I just had to install a new hard drive and cross my fingers that all of my info made its way to the new one. Thanks to my knight in shining armor – my brother – (hubby’s completely comp illiterate) the thing is working well, but there were some bumps along the way! Glad you got your comp issues taken care of and that you’ll be returning to the realm of the Hollows soon.

    • Hi, Sabrina. That’s great your transition went well. I hope it keeps working. 😉 I had the chance to shift from Madison to the Hollows today, and I swear, it felt good to get back. It was like my entire mind expanded to start thinking long-term again, and it was wonderful. –Kim

  20. Amy

    I may soon be visiting Planet NewComputer, I hope mine is at least quicker.

    Now that I’ve found the place to ask questions I have more of them. Sorry if they’ve been answered before, I’m new to the series. I’m a CH fan and was looking for something to tide me over. You were recommended to me by someone on Amazon and I’m hooked!! I’m on book 6 and wondering if a Trent and Rachel or a Jenks and Rachel pairing is possible. I love Jenks the most and hope he becomes big again someday.

    I haven’t read any of the short stories but doing that next.

    I listen on Audio because of all the time in the car and it was a bit weird to hear Rachel with a new voice on this one but I know the original will be back on 7.

    Have a great day and congrats with Planet NewComputer being concurred.

    • Hi, Amy. I hope your flight to NewComputer is smoother than mine! (grin) Mmmm, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. Thank you! You asked about Trent/Rachel, or Jenks/Rachel? You know, I’ve been kicking that idea around for a couple of books. In fact, I put Trent and Rachel in a car in book nine to settle that question once and for all. And I’m not saying what happened. (laugh) Sorry, you’re just going to have to wait! –Kim

    • Amy

      Aww… that was just mean. Please don’t let me them related or something! Trent and Rachel as well as Jenks and Rachel have great chemistry. I do love Ivy and Rachel but doubt that will happen. Now I’m wondering if you were kicking around the idea of Jenks or Trent with Rachel. ??? hummmm

      Jenks and Rachel should at least hook up since he’s totally hot big and she notices it often. Trent and Rachel could easily have a love, hate, lust, hate… more lust relationship.


    • Amy, you’re exactly right on the relationship issues. There’s a lot of emotion already kicking around between those three. (Trent/Rachel, Rachel/Jenks) I’m going to let my characters tell me what to do. –Kim

  21. Howdy Captain. Oh geez. Well, they do say laughter is the best medicine.

    I am still searching for things lost on my computer (even the IT geeks can’t find my missing programs and .docs). I struck some pay dirt. Your minibio includes orchids, dogs, and goumet cooking. I did these recipes a lifetime ago. Amazed they are still around.
    These were from the days when computers were black screens and amber words!

  22. Jen D.

    By far the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Not that I’m enjoying your pain and suffering. It’s just comforting to know that I’m not the only prone to Murphy’s Law.

  23. Tavia Vogelaar

    Well, it sounds like it was a testing adventure for you. I’m glad it worked out. As well, it was extremely good to hear that the tech support people acctually exist. They have a habit of disapearing when anyone I know needs help and so it ends up as me being moral and tech support for the non-existant price of exploiting a kidin the family. But anyhow, your’s seems to be alive and well now so thats great!

    • Hi, Tavia. Yes, they do exist. I talked to one today about getting a slip to send the old machine back. But the geek squad is my hero. –Kim

  24. hapalochlaena

    Cannibalism, latrines and BBQs are a fun combination. Congratulations on Dell’s replacement. Regrets that you cannot attend Dell’s immolation party.

  25. I can feel your PC pain. We just got settled in New Orleans and have moved in with my wife’s 85 year old dad in his old and very large home (inspiration for my own Captain’s journal). He lost his wife over the holidays and has had a hard time with things here so we came to help. This home was not exactly PC ready. I spent days doing network set up and then we took the plunge and got him a PC. We are working on teaching him how to use the internet. I see him as the snail learning the PC BUT he is trying which is wonderful. PC’s either make our lives great when they work or miserable when they don’t.

    • Hi, Kevin. I salute you in your efforts to bring your dad into the Internet age. I’ve talked to a few people whose 75+ year parents are just as savvy as them, but I’m still working on getting my mom to use her mouse. (grin) –Kim

    • SeattleRobin

      Heh, mentioning the mouse and your mom reminds me of a cartoon I found years ago that I still have on my HD. An old geezer is sitting in front of a PC and his wife is next to him on the phone saying, “Okay, your dad got a mouse. Now what do we do with it?” On the desk between them is a dead mouse in a mousetrap. Hehehe.

      Loved the Captain’s Logs! (And Laurie’s follow-up). I chuckled all the way through. Now that the exploration teams have landed and gotten things sorted I guess it’s time to launch my own expedition to planet New Computer. I hope to be travelling in an XP-powered starship.

    • The Old Geezer

      Ok, now. You youngsters gonna make old geezer jokes, you are gonna have to pay this old Geezer a royalty. I swear, you totter off to suck down a little O2 from the bottle and take care of disgusting but necessary geezer bio necessaries and the kids have run amuck. Danged young pups. (Howdy, Ms. Kim)

      The Old Geezer

    • Ha! You too have me laughing this morning. Thanks!

  26. Bob J.

    Dear Captain Harrison,

    That was a fun little adventure. Good to hear that the new, new PC is up and running. Shaking out a new machine can make you want to shake it out the window.

    No your not dense, I am a little to cryptic. You have been setting up clue in your plot lines about upcoming books from the very first book. That is really fun for me. I just hate waiting till 02/10 to find out if I am right. Like you are going to tell me that the big trip is going to be Jazzy.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

  27. Laurie


    I have recently taken a trip to “New Computer” as sapce on the last planet was limited and we were having to decide who of any new arrivals could stay and who had to go. Our tansistion was smooth as well but we landed on Vista after leaving XP and now while things generally work , there are conflicts with older residents and all the people are constantly being asked if it is okay to proceed with anything before anything is allowed to happen (grrrrr arrrgh) We here feel you pain as we…

    • Laure, I’m so sorry to hear about your landing on Vista! I was able to get a detour using a “downgrade” flight to XP, and all systems have remained unchanged. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

    • lemonade

      Yes, landing on Vista sucks. I have XP envy now.

  28. Valerie

    wow… well at least the computer disaster has resulted in a creative little journal , cute *grin* Hope things start running smoothly now

    xo val

  29. tattoolady

    hello kim. i feel your pain about your new computer, but i can say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! once everthing is up an running they seem to behave for awhile…. most of the time. i have a question. is there something in the cards to extend jenk’s life or his family’s? -tattoolady

    p.s- i love the captian’s log. made my morning a bit brighter. 🙂

    • Hi, Tattoolady. Extend Jenks’s life? Yup. It’s in there, but it’s up to Jenks to live, and I don’t want to spoil it. I’ve been avoiding this for three books. Sigh.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the flight of fancy. (grin) It made a bad situation better. –Kim