Turbo Snail makes short work of Madison

snail July 09

I found this snail this morning on the post outside my office door.  He’s been lurking around for about two weeks, but this was the first time he was out where I could get my thumb in the picture for comparison.  They are making them big this year, I think due to the relatively mild, wet spring we had.

I used to have a snail in a terrarium in my office, and if I felt I could do this big guy justice, I’d set it back up again, but I’d rather have him just outside my office door in my step garden, even if he does eat my Hosta.  (grin)  He’s a good reminder that slow and steady gets the work done.  And did you know that snails are both male and female?  How cool is that?  This guy has been around long enough for a name I think.  I’ll call him . . . TS.


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40 responses to “Turbo Snail makes short work of Madison

  1. Ravvenn

    where are these writer conferences held usually? do you bring your work with you when you go to one? How do you find out where they will be held?

    I live near Nashville, so I am pretty sure there have been a few there. The sad part is, All my work I had that dated ten years ago got tossed. I have the ideas but the time to work on it comes in short bursts. My son hates when I am on the computer. He cries till I get off. lol

    Did your grammar and punctuation all have to be perfect when you gave it to your agent?

    • Hi, Ravvenn.

      Try googling writer conference and your state, and see what comes up. You can bring your work with you, but I used to just print out synopsis and first three chapters. Most editors or agents don’t want to see more than that.

      As for grammer and punctuation? Yup. Perfect. Or you get tossed.


  2. Regine

    Hey Kim 😉 …how are you? I finally have holiday. Yeah *grin* 🙂
    It’s crazy here. Hardly I do not look in at you a couple of days, you have written whole much again. I have forgotten, you are a writer. *hehe* . Your snail takes its time more there, however. I like snails. Your slime trace is nice. *laugh* The feelers of the snail are so sweet.
    If Rachel should change as a snail, she hears for certain many secrets. *grin*

    When does your holiday begin? Do you still go away?

    Have a nice day!
    V V —Your Regine

    • Hi, Regine.

      My vacation starts next week, but I will be making posts just the same. 😉 I’m glad you stopped back in! Yes, there have been a lot of posts. I think the new drama box is working out great.

      You have a great day, too!


    • Regine

      Hello Kim ;-)…I hope you have good weather if the holiday begins. We have rain again. 😦 I like to look in at you. I will always look past again. The blog likes me much more a lot. One can write and answer here better. Today, I will further paint my vampires. In the weather one cannot get anyway out.

      V V — Your Regine

      P.s. : What think you about twillight?

    • Hi, Regine.

      I hope we have good weather, too, because I want to be outside. Have fun with your paintings!

      I’ve not seen Twilight. Sorry.


  3. Ron


    I agree with your assessment. It is better to have your guard snail stationed at the front door.


  4. Chrisy

    Hey Kim!
    I agree with peanutizzy0608 and the Rachel-Ivy-thing. Although I’m still lost in book 6 it kinda annoyes me everytime when Rachel is flirting with some guy or when she says she can’t imagine being with Ivy. I mean Rachel says she loves her! Poor Ivy. She deserves a happy end. A real one. *sniff* … honestly I think I’m going to cry if they won’t make it. *laugh* no threat I trust you to make the end as perfect as always – any way you want it to end.
    Big snail? You should see them here! … Shame I’m too stupid to upload pics.
    – Chrisy

  5. mudepoz

    It doesn’t take long for me to have to find new plant marks. Sigh. *Perks* Fall students?

  6. Phil

    hi, Kim!! Amazing close-up of the snail!! Why was i thinking SLUG??? Male AND female in one??? i did not know that!!! i’m learning sooo much from your blog!!! So Nick is coming back in the next book, that slime, that despicable, that … well, that’s enough i guess?? I’ve already marked the date on my calendar for next Feb. Oh, and will Newt be back? I’m guessing she’s not done with Rachel, yet? Thanks. ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. We have slugs just about as big, but this guy is kind of cute. You asked about Newt? She’ll be back. Maybe not the next book, but she’ll be back. (grin) –Kim

  7. Jon Martin

    Ummm… i was reading your books, and the order that seems to be suggested is going from “for a few demons more” to “the outlaw demon wails”… but now that I’m reading it i seem to be missing out on a lot! apparently toccata is Rachel’s father? who is bis? who is marshal…? why is Rachel allowing Trent to just hang out? i love your books but i am dreadfully confused and hoping you can clarify if i just skipped a chapter in “for a few demons more” or if “white witch…” comes first.

    • Hi Jon. Ooooh, I’m sorry. Harper/Eos lists them newest first, so you’re reading them backward. Start with DEAD WITCH WALKING. Sorry! –Kim

  8. Segues, speed, to Madison, to hermaphroditic snails. And I thought I was the queen of the weird knowledge segues. (Like bitches in heat, to boys being studs, to losing their minds, to having the attention of a gnat, to it’s just the xy chromosome, to wait, flies don’t have XY for boys to…

    Sigh. I can tell you were a bio major 🙂 But your mind is fascinating. Box yet?
    Off to tour a bunch of College for Kids crew thru the Greenhouses. I love my job. Then I get to fix a plaster model of a tapeworm from the 1800’S!
    Mud. Old and insane.

    • Hi, Mud.

      Ooooh, pretties! Thank you so much! Can I assume that these are all frost-tender and keep them inside?

      Fixing a tapeworm? Ur, you win the most interesting job award.


    • mudepoz

      I’ve been told that I win that award. Hey, Biology, the ‘dirty’ science. Maybe it was when I had to set up the sex in a dish lab? Or when I got to use my art talent fixing old models.

      Frost sensitive. Like lights just fine. Similiar to paph care. They would be fine outside for the summer in the shade. Most of my plants go out for vacation. Mine mainly, then I can just water with a hose 🙂

      Gesneriads. A whole squished box of gesneriads. Miniature St. Paulia (Did I forget the damn labels again?),

      http://www.robsviolet.com/ Episcia, Flame violet. Strawberry Patch (beautiful plant, but why pink leaves and ORANGE flowers?
      Pink Panther
      http://www.robsviolet.com/chirita_tamiana.htm Way too many of these…


      Mud. Waiting for new books both from Library AND big box store.

    • They are wonderful. Thank you again, Mud. I’m full up now. (grin) –Kim

  9. peanutizzy0608

    Hi Kim! Nice snail, I didn’t know they were both male and female… we learn something everyday. I know this is way off topic, but waiting for the next book to come out is slowly killing me I think. Will Rachel and Ivy ever get to be together? I love your series and your writing, but I’ a huge believer that those two belong together, and not just as friends. I can’t wait for the next installment!! Hopefully soon…

    • Juliet

      I can just undersign this…

    • Hi, Juliet. 😉 Now the drama box feels like home. –Kim

    • Hi, Penutizzy. Will Rachel and Ivy ever be together? I”m assuming you mean as a fully-realized couple? I’ll be honest with you, and I don’t see it happening, but I didn’t see Kisten, either, so you never know. What I do see is both ladies having a happy ending, together, but perhaps not as close as some would like them. Rachel . . . I just don’t see her able to give Ivy the emotional support that she needs. Yet. –Kim

    • Juliet

      Well, I´m glad you feel home now. And, yes please, give them both a happy end in any kind of way. If not, I have to….ähm…I don´t know….just do it 😉

    • peanutizzy0608

      Oh, I so hope Rachel changes your mind! The awareness is there, the love is there… lol, now all we need is the realization! It would be nice to see that true love conquers all (and without the gender-bias you see in a lot of books). Either way this story turns out, I’ve enjoyed reading them! 🙂 My husband hates my reading sprees, but some books are worth his annoyance! Yours definately is. Good luck with the rest of the series, as well as the Madison series. Oh, and enjoy your vacation!! 🙂

  10. Valerie

    So are you naming the snail TS? as in a hint of something in the future? Or am I reading way too much into that *smile* OH, I just got it, slow on the uptake… TS as in “turbo snail”… yeah, well that is what the night shift will do to your brain *grin*. Welcome to Kim’s family TS !!!

    xo Val

    • Hi, Val. Yup. TS But someone suggested naming him Big Al. Which sort of fits. A lot of people think snails are kind of evil, what with those “horns” on their heads. –Kim

  11. Amy

    This is totally off topic but I’m new here and don’t know where to ask questions. When I read (and reread) the books I always wonder what Jenks house looks like. I know they sleep in the desk or the stump but does it have little furniture and a tv. Thanks

    • Hi, Amy.

      You are in the exact right place to ask your questions. I kind of wondered what Jenks’s house looked like, too, which is why I wrote my latest novella (due out in August, in the anthology UNBOUND) from Jenks’s point of view. Check it out, and you will see a few rooms. –Kim

  12. Gothar

    Call him Big Al! You need some pixies to keep him from eating your plants.

  13. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    It seens that you make friend everywhere you go.

    Both Rachel and Ivy would know Uncle Al. The Uncle Al show was a kids show originating in Cincinnati. (It was also shown in Dayton. That is how I know about it.) Wikipedia says it ran from 1950 to 1985. Al would have a fit if he went from Big Al to someone who dressed in a red and white stripped coat, playing an accordion, sing the Ding-A-Ling song. That would get out in the ever-after. Rachel would go to the top Al’s hit list, again.

    I was not thinking of Jax, but the other J that you have been set up in passing.

    • Hi, Bob. Wow! I googled Uncle Al, and I vaguely remember hearing at least the prayer at some point. Very cool! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      As for J? You mean Jenks? I’m sorry, Bob. I’m being dense.


    • Bob J.

      Dear Kim,

      No, someone with a little more Jazz.

      Best regards,

      Bob J

  14. Juliet

    Do you share your garden with Jorge???


  15. Joy

    Awesome snail!! Thanks for the pic. You have seen Al in his skivies? I can totally picture him in black boxers that have little pictures of devils with pitchforks on them!! Ha! That totally made my day. Have a great vacation! Hope you get to do something fun and relaxing.

    • Thanks, Joy. I’ve never seen one quite that big before. Mmmm, Al in his skivies. (grin) You know it’s going to happen sooner or later. –Kim