UNBOUND due out in August

UnboundOkay, I made it to Tuesday.  And there is absolutely nothing going on in the Harrison household.  Guy took charge of the computer issue and got me a better machine with a “quiet” package and a few other perks for the same cost.  It’s shipping out when we get back from vacation.  He’s the man, I tell you.  We’ve been together over 20 years, and he has his skill set, and I have mine, and I’ve got no problem turning tasks that make me frustrated over to him.  And he shines!  (He’s a shiny guy)

My workload has shifted, too.  The ms I was waiting for still hasn’t arrived, meaning that it was shipped regular mail, not express.  There is no way I can do a line edit/light rewrite of an entire manuscript in three days, so it’s shelved until I get back.  Between now and my escape, I’m finishing up my personal edit of the third Madison book.  I should have it done by Friday, and then I can shelve it, knowing that it’s in pretty good shape, then turn my eyes to the Hollows, and hit the “go” button.

That’s going to be a good day, because the Hollows has a ton of ideas I want to get on paper.  More Al.  More Trent.  OMGosh, even Nick shows up, the slime.  And a new big-bad-ugly to take us to the end of the series.  (Not that it’s any time soon.)  Can’t wait.

Now that it’s July, it’s not too soon to start talking about the Bis and Jenks novella that is coming out August 25th through Eos.  UNBOUND.  This one is a handpicked collection of urban fantasy authors, and I had the chance to read them when the page proofs came in.  They are all fabulous!  The author lineup is me (Hollows novella), Vicki Pettersson (Signs of the Zodiac novella), Jocelynn Drake (Dark Day’s novella), Melissa Marr (new story line),  and Jeaniene Frost (Bones novella)  More as we get closer, but really, these are super stories, and that they are novellas means it’s a nice chunk of read.


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  1. emily

    what is unbound about

  2. Regine

    Hello Kim, will the book also be published in german? I have found your book with Madison but only in english. I hope for a german translation follows. 😉

    I could not answer you because of Takatas music any more. If you should find a musician, let me know. I would like to hear the CD. This would be so cool.

    V V — Your Regine

    • Hi, Regine.

      I don’t know if the Madison books will be published in German or not. I do know that PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL has been translated. I hope that helps!


    • Regine

      Hello Kim, thank you for your help 😉 I am pleased to read from you always.

      V V — Your Regine

      P.s. : I have gone to your shop vampiriccharms.
      There are terrific things on this. Wow! I would like to have button. Best at the with sayings of Jenks. *grin*

  3. Sheila

    I can’t wait for the novella and the new book!
    I love all of the characters so much! Even Nick… :-{
    I am, however, worried about Jenks. I figured he will live longer because of the “change”, but for how long? I want him around for a while, he’s funny, sexy, dangerous, and all heart. Great character!!! I can’t imagine the “trio” w/o him.

    Thanks for the great reads!

    • Hi, Sheila. I’m worried about Jenks, too. Things will be coming to a head soon, and then . . . I just don’t know.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thankyou! –Kim

  4. Annie

    Hey Kim! I have a question about your writing POV, is first person easier for you than third? I’ve just recently attempted to switch from third to first for a seperate story and I have hit a block. It seems my writing (to me at least) changed, or it could just be I need to figure out what the heck I’m doing.

    • Hi, Annie.

      I’ve worked in both third and first, and neither one is easier for me, but if you’ve been working in one and try to switch, I can see why you might have a problem. It it was me and I was stuck, I’d write the story (or part of the story where you’re blocked) in third, then go back and change it. I always write out my dialog and rough chapter outlines in third person.

    • Oh, and good luck! –Kim

  5. Matt Johannesen

    Hi Kim,

    Just a crazy question. Do you think that had Ivy been around when Minias or Al had shown up that she would have tried to take them on to protect Rachel or would she know that she wouldnt be a match for them?
    you should also get Ivy to kick Nick’s ass that would be the most to say the least.
    thanks again for answering it still amazes me that you do this 🙂

    • Hi, Matt. I think Ivy would have tried, and Rachel would have stopped her, and the demon would have laughed. 😉

      It’s always been my pleasure to talk to my readers. You guys are pretty cool. –Kim

  6. Meg

    Hi, Kim! =] Gods, I can’t believe I haven’t left a comment here yet >.<'
    It's nice to talk to you again! It's been a while. My exams are over and done with, thankfully. I went into the science exams (four in a row = two hours) with only one hour of sleep. But, apparently, I do better in things when I have little sleep. I was sort of in that 'past-tired-bordering-on-hyperactive' state. I was laughing at stupid things all the way through the exams. I crashed at about lunchtime and slept through the rest of my lessons. More Al, and more Trent? Mmm, yum. Don't suppose you'd drop a hint about at least one of their developments? Also, people keep mentioning Trent and Rachel hooking up. Now, that would be fun, and watching them try to deal with it would just be funny. But when you introduced Trent in DWW did you ever consider him as a love interest? Thanks! ~ Meg VV

    • Hi, Meg! I’m so glad you found the new drama box! Congrats on finishing your exams. I bet that feels good!

      Yup, more Al, more Trent, and no more hints! (grin) You’ve got to wait.

      Mmmm, good question about Trent! I did not see him as a love interest at first, but I did see the attraction. Rachel told me flat out, “no.” Trent could, maybe, possibly. (grin)


  7. Linda (germany)

    We’re gonna see Nick again? Please, let Rachel kick his ass again. And i think Ivy would have great fun with scaring the shit out of him. And you could let Jenks pix him.
    Aahh, Nick the sucker. Even at the beginning I didn’t liked him. Ivy was sooooooooo right.
    So, I wish you the best fun when you get fixed on the Hollows again. It must be an amazing feeling to write such a story. And watching the characters growing and living…

    • Hi, Linda.

      Yes, we’re going to eventually see Nick again. The slime. It is a wonderful feeling creating something that so many people enjoy. A wonderful, amazing, humbling feeling. I hope I always deserve fantastic readers like I have.


  8. Phil

    A big-bad-ugly for the next Hollows?!!! You have my imagination going, Kim!! Can’t wait, and looking forward to the anthology/novellas, too. I’m glad your computer woes are over. If Guy should ever write a how-to on problem solving (grin), I’ll be first in line for a copy!! Have a great week!! ~Phil. ~p.s. will you be doing the blog when you go on vacation? Sorry if that’s a really dumb question??

    • Hi, Phil.

      Yup! A new big-bad-ugly, and it surprised me where he came from. You have a great week, too! I’ll be keeping up with my blog while on vacation, yes, but it will have a very different tone. 😉 It’s not a dumb question at all!


  9. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    With a new, ” Big Bad Ugly” , does that mean Big Al is becoming Uncle Al?
    ( Do you know about Uncle Al form the 60’s) Also from what you said in Dayton and the above, on the trip, are they looking for J? Glade to hear that the PC is fixed and you are going start on the Hollow’s fresh.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J

    • You know, Bob, I’d love to keep Al a big-bad-ugly, but it’s hard to be scared of somene after you’ve seen them in their underwear. (grin)

      Mmmm, I’m not sure I know Uncle Al from the 60s, Sorry. That’s a good idea about looking for Jax. I’m not saying if you’re right, though. (grin)


  10. Juliet

    Yay, new Hollows stuff…good news 🙂

  11. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am,

    Guy is shiny for sure. Your knight in shiny leather amor. 🙂 Glad you have your ‘puter problem solved. Have a good safe vacation and really enjoy yourself.

    I’m looking forwardto reading unbound. There is only one author in it I’ve not read. It looks like a great line up.

    See you when you get back,

    • V^^^^V

      oo oo I just noticed my Icon is working HAPPY DAY!!!

    • Hi, Vampy. Yup! He’s my hero, and before everything is done, I’m sure I’ll have my computer working perfectly. I hope you like UNBOUND. Like you mentioned, it’s a great lineup.

      PS Nice avatar. (grin)


  12. emily

    is there an 8th book to the hollows cuz u left it open ended?

  13. Valerie

    Awwee, so good to have a great “guy” (no pun intended *smile*). I am glad you can breathe again. Ok, and now I am uber excited about “Unbound”, I have not seen the cover, but have it on my “to order” list on B&N.com. Thanks for the goosebumps too about the next Hollows book. A new bad guy, huh? Poor Rachel, just make sure she stocks up on sleepy time balls for her slat gun. Oh and Kim… enjoy yourself on your vacation, Madison and Rachel will be there when you get back. Go recharge those creative batteries :0)

    xo Val

    • Hi, Valerie. I do have a great guy, and I try to remind him of that frequently. Not long now for the next Hollows novella. I hope you like it!

      And thanks! I will do my best to enjoy my vacation. 😉 I worked really hard to carve out two weeks, and I’m going to enjoy it.


  14. Antonio Rich

    Will David be an important part of the last few books(along with Jenks and Glenn, my favorite male characters) ? I know, I know, stop asking about the future(grin);it’s just i got nothing on computers,gardening,pets,young writer’s writing/struggling…our usual topics here. Let me ask you a question: I noticed on Ilona(and Gordon) Andrews website they went back to their first book and re-wrote a scene, for the fans, where the lead heroine meets her future love interest for the first time, changing the POV from her to him. If you were to ever do something like that, what scene/character would you pick?

    • Hi, Antonio.

      No, I’m sorry to say that David, much as I like him, isn’t playing a big part in the next couple of books. Jenks and Glenn will be there, though.

      You asked about rewriting something with a change in POV? I’ve toyed with the idea, sure, but it’s nothing that I’ll be doing any time soon. I pick my POVs carefully to tell the best story, and though it would be interesting to see what’s going on in everyone else’s head, the story would be focused on that, not the real story.


    • Antonio Rich

      But with that demon focus in him, isn’t he kind of a protoDemon himself? He’s got to figure into the demon story eventually, right? OK – i never re-poste. Bad Tiger.

    • Nahhh, not really. The curse was made for a Were. It’s like he’s in a warm, comfortable skin. –Kim

  15. Antonija

    A big-bad-ugly ??(grin)
    I’m sooo damn excited about the next hollow books!
    More Trent <3, more Al , the roadtrip, the pandora charm….*.* ….that sounds like heaven!(grin)

  16. sondra

    Oh how cool! I am glad he could help you out! I do that too, my husband handles the computer stuff. (grin). Why did you have to mention the hollows…I was doing good not thinking about them. I cant wait for the new big bad ugly and more Bis and jenks! you rock KIM! (super big grin)
    Sondra, N.C.

    • Hi, Sondra.

      Tim (or Guy, as in the guy in the leather jacket) is a people person, so much more than I am. I just get frustrated with salemen. Tim plays with them.

      (grin) Sorry about getting you hyped up about the Hollows.


  17. Mark

    Wooo! Been looking forward to the anthology! Need my Hollows fix 😀

    • Antonio Rich

      Mark(from Vegas, right?). Since this new format allows us to introduce/talk to familiar names, i just wanted to say hey. Dumb question: how do you get your emoticon into a poste? I notice some have smily faces and such and i’m too stupid to figure out how to do it myself…Be good…

    • SeattleRobin

      Hey Antonio,

      I’m not sure if Mark will see this so figured I’d answer. Just type in the text version of the emoticon and the blog page auto-converts it to a graphic one.

      Also since you’re asking about what others are reading I figured I’d list some of my favorites, for urban fantasy anyway. Though I suspect you’re already familiar morst or all of them. After Kim my next fav is Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series. Tanya Huff has the Blood Series (from the 90’s) and a new one called Enchantment Emporium with a really unique take on witches. My other favorites are Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, anything by Patricia Briggs (she has the Mercedes Thompson series), Ilona Andrews, Carry Vaughn’s Kitty werewolf series. And a non-urban fantasy series that I think a lot of urban fans would like by Lisa Shearin. Lots of humor in how she writes.

    • Thanks, Mark! Just a matter of weeks now. –Kim

  18. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! Awesome anthology!!! I just happen to have a B&N giftcard burning a hole in my pocket (I got it yesterday), so I’ll have to see if its out for pre-order. Love Bis & Jenks!!! I’m really fascinated with the little gargoyle, and I hope we see more of him. I just think it would be cool to have your own little sentry to keep an eye on the place. BTW, can you tell me which paperbacks have short stories in the back of them? I need to make sure my Hollows collection is complete. Thanx~Indy

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey Indy. Kim gave us a great reading list a while back, and i thought it would be interesting to ask some readers what they’ve been reading lately. Antonija had some suggestions last week…Have you read anything good lately? I’m reading Jeaniene Frost’s Halfway To The Grave right now and i’m enjoying it so far. PS I think me and you are still winning The Best Avatar Award(grin). Be Good…

    • heatwave316

      Hi Antonio!!! I just finished reading Angie Fox’s accidental Demon Slayer. Great combination of action and humor. I just started the 2nd book: Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers. I do aggre our Avatars rock!!!

    • That’s wonderful, Indy! I hope you get your copy the day it’s released. Whoo-hoo! Ahhh, which stories have shorts in the back? That would be the mass market of FDM and ODW. Enjoy! –Kim

  19. Angelique

    Sorry but it’s just killing me not knowing… the novella is great but please can you give us a release date or estimated release date on the next book in The Hollows series? I really want more Rachel & Trent story (the pandora charm) like yesterday 😉 I’ve picked up a few other series while waiting but I can’t seem to really care too much about other characters, don’t get me wrong I’ve read them cover to cover but it just isn’t quite scratching that itch I’ve got for more Hollows!!!

    • Hi, Angelique.

      You bet. The next full-length Hollows is scheduled for February 23rd. Title to come. I’d tell you now, but I’m supersticious. I’m so glad you’re enoying them. Thanks!


  20. hapalochlaena

    Glad to know your computer problems will soon be sorted out. 🙂 If I were in your area I’d offer to build you one from individual components — business quality, highly stable, mirrored drives…

    Looking forward to Unbound. I may have to re-read all of the Hollows a couple of times until the next full-length installment. 😉

    Have you ever tried growing Sarracenias and Dioneas? They’re quite fun and easy.

    • Thank you, Hapalochlaena. I really appreciate the thought. The one I’m getting does have mirrored drives, and is supposed to be business quality. We’ll see, eh? (grin) I’m so glad you’re looking forward to UNBOUND. I really enjoyed it.

      I’ve tried pitcher plants and fly traps inside with very little luck. Maybe if I moved them outside . . .


    • hapalochlaena

      I’ve found that they do best outside, mainly because their food is more accessible there and they need plenty of sunshine. The growing medium is important too, you need something acidic and almost nutrient-free. I use pure sphagnum moss (dried or live) with a lot of success.

    • This might be a problem. I don’t have any sunny, damp spots. It’s either dry clay in the sun, or damp clay in the shade. –Kim

  21. Question about the Anthology. I love to read them, gives me a chance to see if I like the author or not but…did you notice you already had to be in that particular universe to understand the short?

    OK, so it means the dif between the library or the big box. The Tall Dude is moving some of my non-ref library (and I will kill him if any of those books are signed from the ’60’s and ’70’s!) to make room for his second career books. What kind of idiot goes to law school before he retires from teaching. Those damned books take a LOT of space!

    Mud. Who spends way too much time here. Of course, same place as the bups are… have a great holiday. I hope it REALLY is a holiday and not a busman’s trip. Mine are usually spent at dog shows or botanic gardens. Wait. That’s not so bad.

    • Hi, Mud.

      Do you need to be familiar with the worlds to enjoy them? No, but they are more enjoyable if you have. 😉

      As for my holiday? It’s going to be yard work at my parent’s house. Make of that what you will.