Someone call the waaah-bulance

TGIM.  Not that I don’t like my weekends–I love my weekends–but this one wasn’t very relaxing.  I felt like I was in the military.  Hurry up and wait.  All.  Weekend.  Long.  This week is going to be crap, too as I try to squish two weeks of work into four days as I wait again on a hard copy of a manuscript sitting on someones desk because it didn’t get out of the mail room before the holiday.   All my efforts to maintain some sort of a reasonable work schedule amounts to a pile of pixy puffs.  Whatever.  525 pages in 4 days.  That’s 107 a day.  Sure.  No problem.  I don’t need to sleep.

And that new computer I was supposed to get?  Oh, it came in, and kept trying to reboot itself.  Never got the thing to fully load.  It’s back in the box.  I don’t have time to play with a computer to try to get it to work.  I think the people who make them are suffering the delusion that computers are toys for the small business, not tools.  This ain’t no hobby, and I don’t have time to play diagnostician.  Send me one that works, or I’ll just keep sending them back to you.

Wow, listen to me whine.  Don’t I do it well? –Kim


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  1. Ravvenn

    I finally got the book “Dates from Hell”. Art is just one of those guys you want to drop kick to the next county. Ivy seemed so much different then what I see her in the other books. Now I understand how both Rach and Ivy met.

    How did you get your first book published? Did it take time for someone to see it as good work?

    I thought your book was the same name in all countries. You learn something every day lol

    • Hi, Ravvenn. Yup. I enjoyed writing DATES FROM HELL just because it gave me a chance to write from Ivy’s point of view. She’s a really difficult person to get a handle on.

      You asked how I got my first book published? I sent unsolicited submissions to publishing houses for a while, then tried getting an agent, which didn’t work too well, so I spent a year writing and submitting short stories to the magazines. That was sort of encouraging, but no sales. Then I went back to writing full length novels, and going to writer conferences. I met my agent at one, and then left the selling to him and concentrated on producing. About a year after he took me as a client, I sold. 😉 I had been writing about 8 years, I think?


  2. Robin

    Hey, Kim.
    i was doing a quick search on Amazon and a book called “Blutspur” came up with you listed as the author. I was wondering if this was a misprint as it also says it was released in 2007 and its not listed on your website or if it’s actually a book soon to be released?

  3. Matt Johannesen

    HI Kim,

    yeah computers suck they are outdated before you even get it (allegedly) but my year old laptop is still working fine, but I think i want a mac.
    anyhoo I’m going to have a whinge too I cannot find White Witch Black Curse ANYWHERE in Australia it’s so frustrating and i read the Excerpt but I want more!!!! I went into my borders and they only have it special order. this will be a dumb question but does that mean i only can get it by ordering it??
    one more question; how did the idea of the hollows come to you??

    • Hi, Matt.

      The outdate thing doesn’t bother me, except for the security updates that chew up your memory. Since I only use a word processing program for 80 % of my work, it doesn’t change much. The rest is Internet stuff, and well . . . I’m still on a learning curve there.

      You might have to special order WWBC in Australia. The UK version was released late. I’ve got three Australia stores listed at the bottom of my front page who have promised to keep the books in stock. You might try them!

      How did the idea of the Hollows come to me? Just a natural step of mixing fantasy with reality. They’ve been doing it since Bewitched! (grin)


    • hapalochlaena

      If you’re in Sydney try Galaxy Bookshop, just outside the Queen Victoria Building. They should have both the hardback and the UK paperback in stock, and they do mail order as well.

  4. Hi, Ms Kim. Well, the Old Geezer is back from the geezers’ edge. Thought I was a goner this time. Bet you can’t hardly wait to get used up and worn out and be a little old geezerette. Back in the day, I was a professional computer geek. I started out firmly believing only the hard facts and cold logic mattered By the time old geezers went out of style in IT, I firmly believe that computers really could be demon possessed! The book I won’t live to write takes that idea explores what happens next. Anyway, Kim or Dawn, you remain one of my favorite young pups.

    • Old Geezer! I’m so glad to see you here! Now it feels like home. 😉 You’ve made me grin with the young pup comment. Thanks. Right now, I feel kinda old, like a car you have to baby along or it’s going to break. I don’t mind breaking down once in a while, but it’s getting harder to find the spare parts. (grin)

      I’m glad to see you here. And yes, I think computers have AI already, because they certinally know how to push my buttons.


  5. OMGosh, Mud! You’ve got to quit sending me plants! (grin) I’m overflowing! 😉 Thanks you!

    I’ll make sure Guy checks the mail daily, though. Thank you for the heads up. I’m not accepting packages I don’t recognize anymore.


    • mudepoz

      They are very very wee.
      *sigh* see, another plant mark lost. Hopefully I’ll get a new crop of student who like plants next semester. I hate cleaning out the greenhouses and tossing so much.

  6. mudepoz

    Okay. I did not send deer fodder, though I do think if you camo them like I do (and my pots are maybe 3 feet across that I use for them) they’d work. But…have ‘leather Guy’ check the mail. They are probably squooshed a tad. I switched boxes to save bucks. Don’t worry, just cut back the leaves.

    Or the ears. I seem to be missing a bup here.

  7. bn1201

    please. can you give me the rest of the pixy 12 days of christmas?!? Jenks is my fav.

  8. Tosha

    Hey Kim! I haven’t replied in 4 months! So sorry about your computer. I have a laptop and I went through hell with it. I managed to crash the hard drive twice and have only had it for a year. ( It’s an Acer laptop)

    Here is a very belated congratulations on WWBBC! I loved it!!

    P.S. Last Wednesday, we had a 2.7 magnitude earthquake! Which is a very first for Delaware.

    • Dude! You had an earthquake in Delaware? That is unreal!

      Mmm, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with your laptop. It sounds like it’s working now?

      I’m so glad you enoyed WWBC, Tosha. Thanks! I’m really pleased with how it came out.


  9. trisha

    sorry i know how it is with computers that are not worth a darn

  10. Lora

    Hello Kim!! :]
    My birthday is less than a week from now!!! Yeah!! I’m going to turn 14. o.O Wow, I’m like, the youngest in my class. :p Anyway.
    Hm. Doesn’t sound like you’re having much luck with computers. Is it a Dell or Compaq or what? I have a Macintosh laptop that works really well, and I saved up a ton to get it. Worked for what, a year and a half just for the laptop itself? Not to mention the bunch of software programs I have. 😀
    I suggest investing in a laptop, as so many other people have advised. A desktop computer is half air, and you can’t just pick up a desktop computer and take it anywhere as you can with a laptop. (:

    • Happy early birthday, Lora! I’ve got an e-machine right now, that’s just about reached it’s terminal age, which is why the new one. I was going to go with an industrial-quality machine, and it just happened to be a Dell. If this new one comes in bad, it will be a problem, but I’m going to wait and see.

      I’ve actually got a laptop which I use for my Internet, but my actual work computer is, and will remain, a tower. Chained to my desk. Where my creativity knows to wait for me. (grin)


  11. CMS

    In my opinion you have every right to complain, hard work is hard work. I hope that things get better for you. Have a great day.
    I’m sorry I have not posted in a while. 🙂

  12. Phil

    Hi Kim, feel free to whine, sucky weekends are the worst, well not the worst but you know what i mean. Take heart, get that laptop, as untech savvy as i am i got one and its actually working (keeping fingers crossed.) Better still, think of your coming vacation for a little stress relief!! How many pages a day did you say????? Whew!!! Creativity sure has its price!!! I was wondering does Rachel get to appeal her shunning or she just doesn’t give a d—? I’m guessing it takes a lot more than a little shunning to stop her?!!! And can i ask how many kids does Jenks have? I lost count a couple of books ago!! Thanks!! Anyway, have a good week!! After that disasterous weekend you deserve it!!! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. It wasn’t a bad weekend, just not . . . satisfying. And the computer not working was sucky, too. I’ve actually got a laptop that I use for the Internet, but all my writing is done from a tower. At my desk. Where my creativity waits for me. (laugh)

      Oh, and that 107 figure I was quoting was just a light edit, not anything major. Still, 107 pages to look at in a day is a chunk.

      You asked how many kids does Jenks have? 54. Does Rachel get to appeal her shunning? Yep. It’s coming up. –Kim

  13. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! Believe me when I say that I know how frustrating computers can be. Remember me, a week and a half ago bellyaching about the same thing? I have a Dell as well, but this was the first major issue I’ve had with it in six years. My sister is a Mac person, and I have tried it, but when working in word processing, I find them very awkward! But, to each his own.

    As for the work load, I feel for you! Just keep repeating “I think I can! I think I can!” and if you can’t, oh, well! There’s always tomorrow. (I’ll bet you never thought you’d see The Little Engine that Could and Gone With the Wind referenced in the same paragraph, huh?) Good luck!

    • Sue, you should see my grin! I have a battered copy of The Litlte Engine that Could above my fireplace. Mixing it with Gone with the Wind never occured to me, but it works! (grin)

      The manuscript didn’t come in today, and since there is no way I can go through 500 pages in three days, it’s going to have to wait until I get back from vacation. (mmmm)

      I remember your computer woes! Sounds like they’ve evened out. Yay! I think mine will, too.


  14. Hey Kim, Sorry to hear about your weekend and busted computer:(
    I have a quick Question? When will your local bookstore have signed copies of Madison? I was wanting to surprise my mother with a signed copy and of course get myself one:)

    • Hi, Jerica. Thanks. The computer woes are already starting to work their way out, but we’ll see what happens with the new one. (mmmm)

      The Bookrack has signed copes of Madison. I just haven’t gotten the link up on the website yet. Give them a call!


  15. Antonio Rich

    A couple of weeks before your book-signing at The Greene here in Dayton, the Beavercreek police were called to answer an alarm call at 4am to one of The Books & Companies neighbors – Cheryl & Company Cookies. There they found an inebriated man wandering the store eating cookies…NAKED!!! The next day, he not only didn’t know why he was wandering the store nude, he didn’t even know how he had gotten to Dayton!? See – things can always be worse…(Grin) PS I DID enjoy your interview with Viccki…I’d ask questions about it, but i don’t think this is the week to bug you(wink).

  16. Gail Siuba

    Hi Kim, It’s OK to vent once in a while-what are friends for, but to listen. I am sorry to hear that your computer and the forces that be are conspiring against you this week. I’m sure all will be looking brighter in a day or so. Sometimes you just have to believe whatever it is (or was) just wasn’t meant to be at this time. OMG I heard there is a serial killer loose in SC. I hope he’s not too close to your area, of course anywhere in the state is too close if you ask me. Be Safe. Try to have a good week;-) and lock your doors. ~Gail~

    • Hi, Gail.

      It’s looking better already. Guy took care of the computer so I didn’t have to fight with it, (he’s such a hero) and the manuscript I was waiting for never showed. It will get here eventually, but not in any time for me to do anything with it. So it will have to wait.

      The serial killer is uncomfortably close, yes. Nasty, nasty stuff, that.


  17. Antonija

    107 pages a day?
    Woow! That sounds like hours and hours and hours of work..!
    You’re putting so much work in one book but, hey, it’s worth it, isn’t it?
    But I really, really don’t know how you’re doing that.
    107 pages a day….that’s amazing!
    Couldn’t you work halfway through it and do the rest after your vacation?
    I know that I would do it that way, cause when I’m writing I want to enjoy it and don’t have to hurry.
    Hecticness sucks!
    Oh and I’m sorry about your new computer.
    I’m not lucky with computers, too. It’s like they can’t stand me. Wahh.
    Anyway, I hope your week won’t be as bad as it seems it’s going to be!
    Don’t spare on sleep. You’ll need it!

    • Antonio Rich

      Cool reading list last week, Antonija. Thanks. PS you probably already know this, but The Vampire Diaries is going to be a new fall series on the CW network this year. Be good…

    • Antonija

      Jep, I know (grin)
      Can’t wait for the series to start!
      Take care.

    • Hi, Antonija.

      It’s not as bad as it sounds. 107 pages of light rewrite, but still it would have been 10-12 hours a day at the keyboard. I could split it up with vacation between, but I’d run the risk of not remembering the subtlies of what I was doing. So I’m going to finish Madison this week and call it good.

      I don’t like to be rushed, either, and I take great pains to avoid it, which is why it sucks when I find myself in a bind to meet a deadline that I thougth was free and clear.


  18. Valerie

    You deserve a vent… let it rip Kim!!! I am also a Mac girl, they are sooo user friendly. I do agree though that why do they have to make things so freaking difficult in the computer world sometimes. I am off to buy a wireless printer today, so I may be in the same rant mode this afternoon also if I can’ t get the darn thing to work.

    Sorry about the 107 pages a day… ~~~~creative writing vibes~~~~ coming your way

    xo Val

    • Hi, Val.

      Oh, I vented so much, I think I made a caldera. (grin) I hope your printer worked!

      Mmm, the 107 pages a day was all light rewrite, but the point if moot now. My editor line-edited ms didn’t show, and I can’t work without it, so . . . it has to wait until I get back from vacation. (sigh)


  19. suzannelazear

    Sux about the computyer. When mine doesn’t work, I just pack up my laptop and hand it to some of my relitives who speaks computer (and wring my hands and fidgit untill I get it back, lol). And sleep? What’s that? I haven’t slept in 6 years. I thought there was no rest for the maternal, lol. Hope you had a good 4th. The tot, the hubby and I went out to the marina, sat on the dock and watched fireworks over the ocean. It was *very* nice. Have a good week! Hugs! ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Suzanne, you are lucky to have a tech person in your world. I AM the tech person, and I don’t know that much. The geek squad are my heros.

      I hope you had a great 4th. It sounds like you did. 😉


  20. webbjm

    Ahhhh poor Kim, I’ll build you comp that works. Hang in there.~Justin, VA

    • Thanks, Justin. (grin) I appreciate the thought. I like my current system, and I just want more of the same, only faster. –Kim

    • webbjm

      max out your RAM and install the highest processor your motherboard can handle. a quad core would be the way to go and at least 4GBs of RAM. having all of your hard drives connected with SATA cables if possible will also speed things up.

  21. Judi in NJ

    Sending you some groovy, positive vibes from NJ 🙂 Gotta run and tell Faith how much I loooovved “Skinwalker”! Man! Was that scary!! Diving into COS now! Yipppeee!

  22. tattoolady

    i have had good results with windows in general but not with dell computers. my hubby once spent the better part of 3 days on the phone with what they call “tech support” in whatever goddess forsaken place in india. they did almost nothing but i will admit that when they called back on the third day i got on the phone with them and …..well i said that they had 15 minutes to fix my computer or i was going to raise hell like they have never seen before and poof! they came up with a way to fix the issue in less than 10 minutes.(this was after we had already paid $300)
    computers are a nessicary(but helpful and sometimes even wonderful!) EVIL that sometimes make us insane to point of the idea of running the damn things over repeatedly with a vary large truck and singing over the remains.(think munckins and “ding dong the witch is dead” from the wizard of Oz,minus the waaaaaaaaaaaay too bright colors) is ,briefly, a good idea. i wish you all the luck in the world with getting your work done . please don’t let all the madness ruin the pleasures of the upcomming weekend.-tattoolady

    • Hi, Tattoolady.
      I was so frustrated Saturday, I could have chewed nails and spit rust. I know their automated system was messing with me. The audio system didn’t recogonize my voice, and when I punched in the code, it read it back wrong. Three times. How do you mess up punching in a code three times?

      At least I still have my old computer upon which to work.


    • tattoolady

      i agree with you on that the system is screwing with you. i have heard you speak and you do speak quite clearly.its like when you cheak your account over the phone and it reads you back your account number and its not even close to what you punched in.than to make it even better it directs you to a “helpful” person that really isn’t vary helpful, but said person goes out of the way to be rude. i think that the cure for those kind of moments involves a cocktail, a good movie or a cuddle with the Honey. if not all three at times 😀 . i really don’t think that you punched in the code wrong 3 times .i think the damn thing is a bit evil and
      i would have sent the damn thing back already and asked for a new one that will actually do what to is supposed to do. i think that older can often mean “better and reliable” and i am quite ok with that.

      i i cannot make it to north carolina due to family issues but instead i am flying my mum up here for a week and i am more excited than a pixy in a honey shop! i am off to the land of dreams and then to get things ready for the Big Day-tattoolady

    • SeattleRobin

      Oh man. Don’t get me started on those voice automated systems. I hate them with a passion. I often end up screaming into the phone, “JUST LET ME TALK TO SOMEONE!” It doesn’t do any good.

      My computer is on its last legs and I was considering a Dell because I saw you could downgrade and get XP. I’ve been avoiding Vista like the plague. Which is why I’m using a computer with a dead DVD player, dead sound card, and full hard drive. But now I’m thinking maybe Dell isn’t such a bright idea. I work on my computer too, so know how important it is for it to just work without any hassles. XP has been totally problem free for me. They should have just left well enough alone. (sigh)

    • Robin, I have a Dell laptop, and love it. I think if you just walk in to a store and buy one, it should be okay. I ordered one from the factory, and well . . .

      I hope you get your new computer, soon.


    • Hi, Tattoolady. Yup, I’m thinking along the same lines as you about the system. Frustrating.

      Hey! Have fun with your mom! I spent a week with mine not too long ago, and we had a blast.


  23. Heather

    Good morning Kim. I’ll make it short so you can get some work done. It must be running through the air. Last week I lost my keys, my glasses, and the remote all in one day. And I have misplased two other things I just can’t remember what they are right now. It will work out. Just take a deep breath and blow it out and then think “I will do this”. I hope your week gets better.

    • Hi, Heather.

      Yikes! You sound like me on a bad day! I hope you find it all. My week is already improving. Guy took care of my computer mess, (talked to the rep and got a new one coming) and since my manuscript didn’t arrive Friday or today, there is no way I can finish it before I go on vacation. It’s just going to have to wait until I get back. No worries, though, I am BUSY! –Kim

  24. Hm. I have to say that I hate both my Dells. I miss the computer the Tall dude built. Vistake? I just discovered that it caused my NEW computer to reset itself to factory settings. Nothing was saved. Not old pictures, my old stories (which are no longer archived on ancient lists and old University sites), nothing. And my blue book back up drive…didn’t work properly. Yes, Mud, you MUST check.

    This one, let’s not even discuss, even reimaged. Bleah. Thank goodness old puter was saved and everything was put on flash drives.

    Question about Elven politics. You skated quickly through how the gene therapy was working on the elves and Ceri. In earlier works, you mentioned that Ceri was on a card? Art? in Trent’s office. Then Trent recognized her name as royalty. What is the power structure and what will the balance of power be like once the Elves repopulate. After all, does anyone other than our tiny band know they still exist?

    Or do we have a lovely keep reading? Mud, who really needs to stop pondering fiction…but studies her texts 🙂

    Hosta? What Hosta?

    • Hi, Mud. Oh, ouch on the major reboot. I’m so, so sorry. What a bear of a problem that could be.

      You asked about elven politics. Ceri was on the devil card, yes. She was a member of a royal family. Trent’s family isn’t so royal, but he’s the one in charge. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, yeah. Your question about the power balance is exactly the one that the vampires are worried about. Most of the higher up Inderlanders know about the elves. None of them are worried about them, as long as their population stays just shy of nil. –Kim

  25. Chastity

    Sorry to hear that things didn’t go so well for you this weekend. As for the week shaping up in front of you, well, all I can really offer you is an ‘I’m sorry’. I do feel your frustration though about getting new things and expecting them to work only THEY DON’T! Talk about something to enrage the masses.

    I’ll be sending love and positive energy your way. Unfortunately, it won’t make your work load any lighter.

    As for the whining, it sounds like you have reason! You do it like a pro!

    • Hi, Chastity. Oh, I’m a whinner from way back. Just ask my dad. (grin) My tools not working is a real sore spot with me. I have to plan everything out carefully so I don’t get in a pinch, and when my computer doesn’t work . . . well, it’s not a good day. –Kim

  26. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    Get a lap top, you will love it. I have carried my HP all over the world for the last 10 years, with very little trouble. My boss kept trying to give me a PC and I refused. You can get a full function keyboard and large monitor to put on your desk and hide the lap top. That way you do not have to have the tower taking up space. Plus you can take it with you. Since you
    post while you are on a book tour, am guessing that you have one.

    Have fun this and remember that we are all waiting for the next book. Take your time so it is as good all the others.

    Best Regards,
    Bob J.

    • Hi, Bob. I’ve got a laptop, actually, that I use for all my Internet, and a tower for the word processing. It really helps keep me focused and not on Facebook when I’m supposed to be working. (grin) I’ll take my time off as planned, thanks. 😉 –Kim

  27. Gothar

    Kim, I loath windows, actually that’s a bit light. I work on a junkie dell laptop and in the past 7 years I’ve gone through 5 of them. They heat up so much I can fry eggs on them – where’s the bacon! Computers are tools but the tool making the computer is a …… I knew someone that worked tech support for Compaq and a computer was actually shipped with only the power cable installed, so all they would get was power supply fan but nothing else.

    I only suggested a mac after the pleasure I get from using it or at least seeing my wife use it (mutter). I have linux at home in various flavours (flavors 🙂 ) and they all top windows but that doesn’t help unless you built the computer piecemeal and know how to use different apps – too much work even for a geek (as I hand in my geek ID card).

    The bottom line, find what works for you and stick with it, of course there are always lemons. Anyway, I hope this mess doesn’t destroy your time off.

    • Hi, Gothar.

      I totally hear you on the laptop heating up, issue. I use mine only for the Internet, and I’ve got it on a chiller. That seems to help.

      Shipped with only the power cable installed? Why am I not surprised.

      The fiasco didn’t destroy my time off, but I’m going to feel guilty my entire vacation, because I’m NOT going to work during it.