Happy 4th. Whatchu doin’ looking at a screen?

I’m going to try to keep it short today since most of you, I believe, have the day off.  Happy 4th of July!  I’m going to put a few hours in, then call it quits.  I got my new computer yesterday, and I might play with that.  I finally got the guys at the computer store to take me seriously and sell me an industrial-grade machine (tower) that will last longer than three years with 50-60 hour work weeks.  And the best part?  No Vistake.  (grin)  At least that was the deal.  Like I said, it’s not out of the box yet.

Yesterday’s show with Vicki Pettersson on Blog Talk Radio went fabulously!  I can’t embed the show here, but if you go to the front page of the website, you can hear it.  I was able to get it into my html there there.  Yay!  www.kimharrison.net

And if you’d like something visual, I found this nifty site the other day in the “other sites you might enjoy” while tidying up my drama box.  OMGosh, if you suffer through the first one, it brings up other videos, some of which I sort of don’t remember doing.  (grin)  Kim and Vicki videos

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE 4TH!!  (wear your sunscreen)  And if your long weekend includes some page-time, be sure to take a look at Faith Hunter’s new release, Skinwalker.  I had the chance to read some of this in the early stages, and if you like your vampires bloody, not sparkly, this one is for you!  A wonderful mix of New Orleans and Native American myths.  Go see, go see!



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42 responses to “Happy 4th. Whatchu doin’ looking at a screen?

  1. Ravvenn

    I finally got the book “Dates from Hell”. Art is just one of those guys you want to drop kick to the next county. Ivy seemed so much different then what I see her in the other books. Now I understand how both Rach and Ivy met.

    How did you get your first book published? Did it take time for someone to see it as good work?

  2. Jen

    OMG YES!!! Non sparkly vampires!!! Totally checking it out. I cannot get enough good vampire fiction. 🙂 I have Vicki’s new book shouting at me to hurry up and finish “White Witch, Black Curse.” The things I do for books. *shakes head* It was probably 90 something degree weather. I packed up the baby in her stroller and walked the 20 min. to Barnes & Noble just to get “City of Souls”, and walked 20 min. home uphill. With WWBC, I just badgered the husband until he gave in and did the magic button pressing on Amazon.com. 2 day shipping, hooray! Hardcover? Double hooray!

    (still kicking myself in the arse, BTW!)

    • Hi, Jen. Okay, you’re an animal! 20 minutes in 90 degree heat? You’re worse than me. But I might do that for a rare plant, so . . . (grin) I hope you enjoy your reading! –Kim

    • Jen

      40 total minutes in the heat. Phew! I was just about dying by the time I got home, but it was worth it. 🙂 I love buying the books the very day they come out, even if it might be a while before I can get to them. 🙂 I don’t think the plants would like a walk in the sunshine in the heat…well, maybe if it were a palm tree…

    • I know the authors apprecaite you purchasing on the release week. It can really make a difference. THANK YOU! –Kim

  3. Ravvenn

    How long have you been writing and what got you started? I’m taking classes in Arts of Communication. I thought they might help me in my writing career, if I ever start. 😛 Did you take any classes before you started?

    • Hi, Ravvenn. Mmmmm, I’ve been writing for about twelve years I think? I got bored, and started writing. It was that simple. I didn’t take any formal classes, no, but I read a LOT when I was growing up, and I’m sure I absorbed a lot from that. Classes, though, always help. They say you need to write a million words before they start looking pretty. I’ve also heard ten years on average to break into print. My advice is to just write and keep writing. If you love it. Good luck! –Kim

  4. mudepoz

    Bups were named in honor of Jenks. A big mistake I might add. I should have mentioned to the most honorable Kim that names have a way of…well, my Strange Quark…was very strange. I have been asked to write his story, however…no one would believe it wasn’t fiction. Sigh. So the Pixies ended up…well, not fairies. Not demons. Not…well, maybe werebups.

    The liverbup with the most white is Amy, Amulet. The name is from Madison’s books 🙂 The other three, a black tri male with slashes of white on his hips: Jax. Black tri female is Jessie, and the big liver tri male with little white is Jamoke.

    Aside…these bups had a waiting list of about 15. Mom is an Obedience trial champion, unusual in English springers, and her daughter from a prior litter is also a national award winner. The posts are simply for cuteness factor. I love it when my dogs bring smiles. Just like I like garlic with my stakes. Er, um, steak 🙂 Mud

  5. Ravvenn

    I think I fell in love with Al. He puts the whole evil and funniness in someone you should stay clear of but you don’t want to. lol I think Johnny would be perfect for him.

    How did your fourth of July go? It rained here. We have had storms in and out for the past few weeks.

    I would love to act, even if it is just once in my lifetime. lol I’m 32 😛

    What kind of puppies are those? they are so cute!

    • Ravvenn, I’m right there with you. I totally enjoy writing Al. He’s changing, and that’s very cool.

      My 4th went okay. Had some friends over and that was fun. My eldest was home, and that made it wonderful all on it’s own. No rain. We’ve not had rain for three weeks now.


  6. Gothar

    I heared garlic bulbs are for keeping deer away.

    On the dell note, well you bought a dell – nuff said. You could do the upgrade to windows 7 instead of downgrading as XP is being tossed aside and soon no more drivers, updates etc.

    Personally, go mac – I bought a iMac when my last windows machine died and it’s so good I can never get on it as my wife is glued to it. Yes, not all applications have mac versions but it app depends on what stuff you use.

    Linux is powerful but PITA unless you get ubuntu for a simple machine. However, see above note on finding applications, etc.

  7. Kristen

    Hey! Well, Happy Belated Fourth really. This is my first time posting here, I was pretty nervous before. I myself didn’t have the fourth off, I had to work at Cedar Point (I’m Snoopy, and he definitely had to be up and about for all the little kids taking THEIR vacations there). Do you ever go to amusement parks or Cedar Point?

    As for the Vicki’s books, I read those too. They are quite good, I enjoy them. I’m still working on the… one that came out before the one that’s coming out now! So, I’m a little behind.

    • Hi, Kristen.

      Cedar Point? You bet! That was my park of choice when I was growing up. I knew that place like the back of my hand. We’d boat in and spend the weekend. (big smile) Loved it. That’s cool that you work there!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying Vicki’s work! I really like her writing voice.


  8. hapalochlaena

    No Vistake? 🙂 Does the new machine have XP Pro on it, or have you switched to Ubuntu or some other Linux distro?

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena.

      I bought the downgrade to XP, and I think that’s where the issue of it not loading properly is coming from. They are going to send me a machine that works, or I’m going to keep sending them back.


  9. lemonade

    OH! You detest Vista too? *sigh* I fight with it daily. Congrats on your shiny new machine, though. Always fun getting a new computer.

    • Hi, Lemonade.

      Guy has Vistake, and it’s really frustrating because all printer, external hard drive, and most of the programs he uses won’t work with it. I don’t have time for crap like that. My tools need to work, otherwise it’s not a tool, it’s a “hobby.”


  10. sondra

    Hey Kim, that was awesome. hmmm new authors to try… I love it. I have so many series now that I am buying constantly. (big grin) Happy 4th to you too! I am out heading out dig in some dirt. Oh congrats on the new computer!

  11. Kenny G

    I had a much needed friday off. It might actually not rain today. I cant wait for Faiths new book. It wont be those twilight vampires where they only feed on animals. I am reading the sword of truth series. I am on book 7. They are very good!

    Happy 4th!!!

    • Hi, Kenny.

      Hey, good for you. I took half of Friday off. Trust me, Faith’s vampires are exactly what vamps are supposed to be. Nasty! (grin) I hope you give them a try.


  12. sarah

    Hi, Kim. Totally random, but are you going to make a sequel to Once Dead, Twice Shy? That would be awesome if you did. I really enjoyed reading that book! 😀

    – S.

    • Hi, Sara.

      Yup. It’s already written and at the publishers. 😉 I’ve no idea when it’s coming out. I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks!


  13. Eshia

    I am glad that you finnaly got to get the comp that you needed for work. It has been HOT here in TX, reaching upward of a hundred degrees for the past three weeks so our fourth will be a bit hot. I hope that you get what want done this weekend, while still taking the time to enjoy the 4th.

    • Hi, Eshia.

      No new computer yet. They shipped me one that isn’t loading properly, and I’m sending it back. Frustration abounds.

      I hope you had a great 4th, too!


  14. Happy 4th of July to you too! I’m not doing anything- I need to go to bed early so that I can get up at a ridiculously early time for my riding lesson. I have no doubt I’ll be able to hear, and possibly see, some fireworks from my apt.

  15. Have fun yourself! I, of course, never get off. Remember watering. I must have gone to sleep thinking of your step garden.

    It’s cool and dim, the plants there are thriving. You could do a stonger collection of hosta (I think that’s a hosta in a pot near the fountain), so many kinds and they do very well in pots. Due to buppies thinking how wonderful they are to mush, I’ve potted a collection I’ve had since I worked in a botanical gardens oh so long ago:) You might need a greenman somewhere (you have a gargoyle somewhere you once wrote). Many of the dwarf conifers WOULD do well in pots. You may need to use an antitranspirant for your winters…the stuff that you spray on xmas trees to keep them from dropping needles too quickly. And you may want to consider a small water garden. I had one, before my pond from hell (why did a botanist who studied the population structure of aquatic plants and horticulture think she could design a pond that didn’t drain backwards from the waterfall? I’m better now, though the pond is not). Anyhow, a lined half barrel, or a Trickers container would be nice. If there’s good light, water lilies, if not, lots of emergent plants. Nice to zen out to, particularly if set with Mexican river stone.

    I’m insane. I have bups to tend later! Great Radio, and looking forward to the show. Honestly, there were some points where it was hard to discern your voice from Vicki’s. Eh, what did you say. Damnable old age.

    • Mmmm, more Hosta? I’m just trying them out next to the house. We have lots of deer in the area, and I’m not up to spending 5.00 a pot for deer feed. Once I know they won’t come up to the foundation, I might branch out a litte.

      Ooooh, too bad on the pond. Mine is doing pretty good. Have fun with the puppies!


    • mudepoz

      Pots dear. Hot sauce if necessary. But five dollars? I have some quite a bit more…but you know, they are easy to divide. Let’s see what the weather is like today 🙂

    • Just don’t send me any! (grin) Honestly, they will end up as deer feed.

  16. Valerie

    Kim… not to be the “stalker” poster, but I am really enjoying this radio blog. I am thinking you and Vicki will have to find a designer for these chaps and make them come to life. Sounds like they are something else. Guess I will get a mental picture when I get to this book. Can’t wait *smile*

  17. Valerie

    Working away this holiday weekend, as a labor and delivery nurse, babies don’t wait *grin*

    Enjoy your new computer. So this means faster books , eh? Have a great holiday and yeah for you… vacation around the corner :0)

    xo val

    • Thanks, Val. I wish I could enjoy my new computer, but it doesn’t work, and I don’t have time on Monday to work through diagnostics over the phone. So Dell is going to pay for shipping it back and I get one that works. Hopefully.

  18. Chrisy

    Hey Kim! Thank you for putting the interview on you site! You two are funny together. I think I’ll give Vickis books a try. Though I doubt if this Joanna can compete with Rachel & Ivy.
    I recommended The Hollows to a girl from russia. She said, she’ll read them.
    I don’t know if they’re so popular there. In Germany they’re not. I’ll do my best to change that though I’m gonna be jealous… …
    – Chrisy

    • Oh cool! You went to listen! Yes, give her books a try if you’ve not. They are fabulous. Thanks for the recomendation to teh Russian reader! The covers are kind of different there.