Feels like Friday

But it’s not . . .  I read through the second Madison book yesterday to check my continuality.  This is something I don’t do very often, but Madison’s “rules” are still being evolved, and I wanted to be sure I wasn’t changing anything.  Thankfully I’m good, and I can start my rewrite of book three.  I’ve got two weeks before I vacation with family, and I can quite possibly, maybe, get through the entire manuscript.  (Wouldn’t that be nice!)  I’ve already got my vacation reading lined up.

vicki_petterssonBut the big news today is of course going to happen at 2:00 pm, EST, when I’ll be interviewing Vicki Pettersson about her release this week of City of Souls, book four in the Signs of the Zodiac series.  I’m going to be sensitive to spoilers, so no fears if you’ve not read it.  I talked to Vicki yesterday, and she wants it to be more give and take, so it should be fun.  This is your chance to call in and ask her a question as well, be it about the books or writing in general.  If you log in, you can take part in the online chatting that goes on at the same time, but if this is something you’d like to do, I would suggest you take a few moments now, while the system is empty, to log on, get your password, and make sure your systems are talking to each other.  We will be at The Beyond/Romance Radio.

See you there!


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49 responses to “Feels like Friday

  1. Valerie

    Listening to the program now. Bummer I missed it yesterday, kids had me running , gotta love summer. Love that Blog radio archives. Really excited to read this series. Great author insight.

    Thanks you two for a wonderful interview!!

  2. Sanne


    Just finished White witch, black curse and I can’t wait for the next one!

    In the mean time, I was wondering wether “Dawn Cook” is planning to write any more Princess books. It feels like the story’s not really finished, but the website seems quite dead. :-S


    • Hi, Sanne.

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is really the beginning of a new story arc, so it’s going to get worse for Rachel from here on out.

      Mmm, is Dawn Cook going to write any more Princess books? There are none planned, but I didn’t like how it ended, either. As for the website, you’re right. It is kind of dead. I spent three days last week trying to remember the password, but once I got in, about the only thing I could change was adding the covers for the German translations.

      –Kim/Dawn 😉

    • hapalochlaena

      Hi Kim!

      I was wondering if you’d place a link to the Dawn Cook site from your “Books” page on the main site?

    • I’ve got one on my links page, but I suppose I could put one on the books page, too. Good idea!


  3. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim
    I found the perfekt actress for Rachel. Really, she is a great actress and she looks perfekt. One mistake, her eyes are brown.


  4. Kera

    It is so amazing to go to the book store and just browsing for a book and some one is looking at a book you have read and then tell them they should get it. so fun. I seen 3 people buy Madisons book yesterday. And recemended some one to the hollows. How do you change the avartar, i think i missed where that was said??

  5. Tom Gallier

    Feels like Friday? For me, it is Virtual Friday since I have tomorrow off for 4th of July. Wahoo!

    Have a great holiday.

    • Hi, Tom. You know, I really should take today off, but I just can’t seem to get out of the office yet. Ah well, it’s a good work environment I have. (grin) Have a great 4th!

  6. mudepoz

    I wish I could have skipped watering the greenhouse on the lake, but this interview is hysterical. You are cruel women, poking at boyfriend choices…you and Hunter, then her comment back about just cover Rachel with Demon marks.
    Love it!


  7. lemonade

    I was not able to be there for the chat (was at work) but I will be hoping to see the transcript somewhere. Thanks for the head’s up!

    And have a great 4th of July!

    • Hi, Lemonade.

      I don’t have a transcript, but they archived it, so you can listen to it. I’ve got a copy at the front page of my website. Enjoy! And have a great 4th!


  8. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! I hope the interview went well. Those things never work for me here at work, so hopefully I can check out the video later. Enjoy the 4th!!! I have some hot dogs and hamburgers with my name on it. 🙂 Give yourself a nice long 3 day weekend.~Indy

  9. Chrisy

    Damn where can I hear it again? This is not fair. I couldn’t find the radio-thing and I think I searched at the wrong time. Bloody time difference! *cry* – Chrisy

  10. Phil

    Hi, Kim! Vicki Pettersson’s Zodiac series is fantastic! Sorry I missed the interview!! Her characters are wonderfully complex and dark, and you never guess what’s coming next. Thanks so much for introducing her to me in the anthology and now I can look for her latest in bookstores.

    It really does feel like Friday with everyone escaping for the holiday weekend! Hope you have a happy Fourth!! ~Phil

    • Thanks, Phil. You have a great 4th, too! Hey, you can hear the interview if you jump on to my front web page. I’m going to leave it there for the weekend, and then move it to a different page.
      You have a great 4th!

  11. Antonija

    I loved the interview, Kim!
    You and Vicki are so funny together 🙂

  12. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am!

    You did a great job with Vicki and it was wonderful to be a part of it. You two are very good together. Sorry I really didn’t have a question, I was just too excited to think of anything. i had to dial he number 4 times before I got it right 🙂

    Have a funfilledexciting 4th of July! I love the 4th, it is the day that just screams Summer in the USA!


    PS for anyone that missed th interview or wants to hear it again, it was archived.

  13. ChazT

    Hey Kim, ChazT here or Chastity (from earlier postings!)–Just wanted to say that you did an excellent job on Romance Radio. It was an interesting and fun time getting to hear both you and Vicki talk about your books! Thanks for answering my questions!

  14. Regine

    Hey Kim 😉 …your title sounds like the song…feels like heaven *hihi* I love the 80s *grin* Were we are just for the music topic. Have you imagined the song of Takata live once? I mean this vampire song to which only Ivy can listen. How would this sound well? I would like too to listen to the song. 🙂 YEAH!

    I have one more question on Madison because there is no information in germany yet. Is your new series for adults or teenagers?

    As fan of Rachel, she will always more stay with me at the heart 😉

    How did it run with Vicki?

    V V — Regine

    • Hi, Regine.
      Have I ever imagined Takata’s music? Yup, but not enought to actually write it down. Maybe someday I will hum it to a professional musician. (grin)
      The Madison books are targeted for teens, but I wrote them to be interesting for adults, too.
      The show with Vicki was great! You can hear it if you got to the front page of my website. Whoo-hoo!

  15. Antonio Rich

    I was on Amazon.com today and saw that someone was selling a used “Acceptable” copy of Once Dead, Twice Shy for $158!? What did you do, accidentally write down your bank account number at a signing?

  16. Melissa

    I can’t wait!

    Great series.

  17. John

    Kim I saw this article about a renovated church.
    I was wondering if this is what you thought Rachael and Ivy’s House might look like.


    • Sue, Chicago

      John, What an amazing find! I’d love to live in something that nicely designed. However, I always pictured Rachel and Ivy’s church to be somewhat smaller and cozier than the one in that article. But, with Ivy’s good taste and eye for design, I bet she could put together an interior like that!

    • Gothar

      I saw an old church renovated into a home but nothing that fancy. They did an amazing job. The kitchen however isn’t up to Ivy’s standards

    • John

      nothing can match that kitchen of theirs

    • Oh, how cool is that! No, that’s not quite how I imagined Rachel and Ivy’s church, but very cool! –Kim

  18. Gothar

    Ah friday, well been fridays all this week for me as I took the week off work. Monday is so going to suck 😦

    I’ve got a unrelated friday question regular familiars. Since Ivy has some of Rache’s aura isn’t she considered one or it that a side effect of being a vamp? I ask because it seems they can only have one familiar at a time, I don’t think Bis counts as one since he’s just a helper to a ley line witch.

    Anywho, enjoy your independence day saturday!

    • Hi, Gothar.
      I’m going to go out on a limb and say that witches can have only one familar at a time, but I don’t think that Ivy qualifies as one. Bis either. They may be close, but until the charm/curse is preformed, it’s not a true familiar bond. Happy 4th! –Kim

  19. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    I really enjoy your books and met you in Dayton. I am a big fan of the hollow’s. Any how I was on e-bay and found 7 of your books in PDF for sale. I am sure that this is not with your publishers permission. The Item number is [xxxxxxxxxx,] and the seller is [xxxxxxxxx]. Maybe I an sticking my nose were it does not belong. But I have seen to many illegal books and movies in my travels. Please have fun fun with todays interview.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J

    • Thanks, Bob. They might be gone already, and I appreciate the heads up. That was an illegal site. If someone is offering all seven books for pennies, then yes, it’s illegal. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  20. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! I won’t get to listen in today but I’ll be there in spirit and hopefully will find a podcast replay or something. Have great fun today!

    • Hi, Mendi.

      I’ve got it up at the front page of the website. I was getting an awful echo this morning until I hit the pause button. Have a great 4th! –Kim

  21. Chastity

    Ok…so I’m not quite finished with The Scent of Shadows yet, but give me an hour! I just wanted to let you know that I am now addicted to this series…I have already ordered the second book in the series and I am working on getting the third and of course the fourth! Thank you so much for helping me to discover Vicki Pettersson! I will be listening this afternoon. I’m so excited to hear from this author, plus you mention a ‘give and take’ and that makes me REALLY excited about it!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi, Chastity! Thanks for listening in! Wasn’t that a fun show? (grin) I’m so pleased you’re enjoying Vicki’s work. I love the voice she has. –Kim