Tuesday = Release Day!

It’s Tuesday!  And in the book industry, that means release day!  There are two releases that I want to bring to your attention.  The first is Vicki’s latest, City of Souls, which I will be talking to her about on Thursday on Romance Radio. (see yesterday’s post.) http://www.vickipettersson.com  The second is Rachel Vincent’s PreyPrey is the fourth book in her Werecat series, and if you’ve not read them, the first is called Strayhttp://rachelvincent.com/  If you plan on reading them, pick them up this week to help the numbers!  It makes a difference, especially when the market is so volatile.

Kim Harrison's step garden

Kim Harrison's step garden

And . . .  because I’ve been working my butt off in the yard and a reader wanted a peek, I took a shot this morning of my step garden.  This is one of the first places that I worked on when I moved into my new house a couple of years ago, and I’ve been tending it the longest.  It’s hard to see, but the moss is beautiful.  I’m so delighted with it.  This is where I put my sensitive wild flowers that I rescue from other lots.  (With permission, of course.)   This year, I added the pots of domesticated shade plants, and one blue spruce that probably won’t make it.  It is too hot down here for them, but I’m hoping that the location will afford it some relief from the heat.  Here’s hoping.  –Kim

Moss 09


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  1. Regine

    Hello Kim, I have read, you love moss? 😉 Moss is so beautifully soft and green. I do not know the moss on your photo. I like also moss but I think to care for something like that is very heavy. I wisch you luck! My terrace is full of flowers. I love flowers to have me. My favourite flowers are lilies. I have many lilies. You can see their here, these are several sides >>> http://athena.meinatelier.de/index.php4?g=10474&n=8
    I like your little fountain on the first photo very much. I also could use something like that. *hihi*

    V V — Regine

    • Hi, Regine.

      I do love moss. I’ve been trying to get it to grow between the rocks in my walkway for years, and it’s just now starting to look good. It is kind of hard to care for. It likes lots of water, and it doesn’t like to be hot. Hot and dry is the normal weather where I live. 😉


    • Regine

      I do not know whether I shall pity you or want your weather. 😉 We have very warm weather at the moment. I am already to hot now. I simply need a pool. *grin* I hope you have a pool 😉 And of course much ice creme.*grin* I have a plant this one is very similar as moss. It grows just the same, it only smells good. It is called wild thyme. It has pink little flowers and smells like herbs. The good is, she grows as crazy and covers the floor.

      Greetings from germany — Regine

    • Hi, Regine.

      Mmmmm, wild thyme! Sounds wonderful. No pool here, but the house has air conditioning. Except my office. I like it warm. 😉 –Kim

  2. Hooray for gardens! Random question for you: What is your favorite plant or flower? I really like lilies.

    • Hi, Candace.

      Mmm, I love dogwoods, I pine for lilacs, but my favorite flower I think is the trillium because they take forever to get to flower and need lots of love.

  3. Codi

    I’m a lil confused lol. It’s been a while since I’ve been on, and the new set up threw me for a loop. It looks nice though. So, is the new short with Jenks and Bis out yet? I’m not sure so I thought, who better to ask than the author?! lol. Kiss Kiss!

    • Hi, Codi.

      Hey! I’m glad you found the new Drama Box! Good to see you here! You asked about the Bis/Jenks novella? Nope. You have to wait until August. UNBOUND.

      VV –Kim

  4. Jamie E. from NJ

    Your garden and the new drama box both look great! Congrats.

  5. Gothar

    As you say numbers count but don’t most folks wait for the paperback because of the cost of the hardcover, not to mention series never start out in hardcover unless the author is a mega NYTimes best seller, blah blah blah.. so how can the publish justify if/when an author is good enough to keep around?

    • I hear you Gothar. I hear you about the hardcovers. I think both Vicki’s and Rachel’s newest are coming out in paperback.

      I’m not sure I understand your question.


  6. April

    Heya Kim! Wow, your Drama Box has gone high tech! Looks great!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope you keep going to the gym, you’ll be better for it in the end. Also, I miss Rachel! Kind of weird to be saying that but I do. Madison was great but she’s no Rachel. When is the next short coming out? Thanks a bunch. – April, WA

    • Hi, April! Yup, I decided to move everything over to a proper blog, and I think I’m just about settled in.

      As for the gym, I won’t be going for a few weeks. Some a-holes burned it down in a warped political statement. I am so pissed. And yet . . . trying to be pleasant about it at the same time.

      Next short is this August in the anthology UNBOUND.


  7. Phil

    Hi Kim, your garden looks great! You really get points for all your effort and it’s definitely showing results. I’m crossing my fingers that my house plants make it through the summer! (grin) Hot and humid summers are good for plants I think? I’m going to look for Rachel Vincent’s books next weekend. Looking forward to that. Have a great week. ~Phil

  8. Valerie

    You are killing me here Kim… So many books, so little time. So, I am adding Rachel’s were cat series to my list also. I will pick her latest and Vicki’s latest this week to help with those numbers. Won’t be able to devour them for a bit, as you know I am wrapped up in Dark-Hunters right now, but they will be there in my collection.

    Love the pictures of your hard work. Thanks for sharing. It is beautiful and I am sure when it cools down, you can bask in the beauty of it as you reenergize that creative battery of yours.

    xo Val

    • That’s cool, Val. 😉 It’s good to have a plethera of books waiting for you! I’ve got tons waiting for me.

      I’m glad you like my photo. I don’t know about basking in the beauty. If I slow down, it’s usually to pull weeds. (grin)


    • SeattleRobin

      Hah! That sounds like my mom. She’d go out on her back patio to relax a bit and the next thing you know she’d be up and pulling weeds instead of drinking her tea. Thanks for posting the pic. The garden really is beautiful and so natural looking.

  9. Jennifer Sparkes

    Wow Kim, it’s lovely! I wish i had one of those. And thank you for posting the photos for me! Jen UK

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I am really pleased with how it is turning out. I actually use the area now, where before it was just a place to put shovels and buckets.


  10. Heidi

    I actually found Rachel Vincent’s ‘Prey’ in the bookstore on Monday. I a little over half way through. And let me say WOW!!! It’s emotionally wrenching and funny and strong all at the same time. Everyone should pick it up!!!

  11. mudepoz

    🙂 well, your close, they are both bryophyta, non vascular land plants, but…you have one of my fav plants, Liverwort, maybe marchantia? They get cute little gemmae cups and parasols. Enjoy it! Must be nice and shady and wet in that microclimate. http://www.referencecenter.com/ref/reference/liverwor/liverwort?invocationType=ar1clk&flv=1

    *Taps fingers* *Debates* *Gives up* Mouthy Mud speaks:

    Are there male writer gigilos? If a female enjoys doing what they do, and earns money at it, why should they be considered whoring themselves out.

    I certainly don’t make as much money as if I stays in sales or in the lab (though with my luck, instead of creating resistant tomatoes I would have created the Angel strain, so everyones good fortune). Instead I still do well and love what I do. Mostly anyhow. I also have the time to train dogs and get some weekends off. I would NOT like to be called a whore because I’m fortunate enough to love what I do and get recompense for it.

    Now…the tall dude, who quit doing what he loved (High School Science teacher) to recently become a patent attorney…might be a gigolo (there isn’t a male equivalent for whore, is there?). He hates it. He may have graduated number one in his class, but it isn’t where his heart is.

    Mud. Who wouldn’t mind if you removed this. Just a pet peeve when someone degrades themselves, possibly without thinking about it. Word usage can be insidious, yes?

    • mudepoz

      Sorry, sorry sorry. I can see by the spittle on the screen (better than blaming my lack of spell check.) I was over the top. Obviously my teaching at a all women college has caused my rabid attitude.

    • Thanks for the name, Mud! I knew it had to be something other than moss. And I figured if I put a good enough picture, you’d tell me what it was. (grin)

      And no worries on the rant. I was just trying to be funny.


  12. webbjm

    Hey Kim, looks like you would have made a good landscaper if you hadn’t got bitten by the writing bug.~ Justin, VA

    • Thanks, Justin. 😉 I’ve been landscaping for a long time. It’s just another way to be artistic. The trick is to not be afraid to try something. –Kim

  13. tattoolady

    kim your gardens are lovely! they really show how much work you and guy have put in to them. the low plants in the second picture have adorable leaves and i was wondering what kind of plant is it? my leafy babies are not doing well this year from all the funky weather we have had up here but it is finally warming up so i will keep my fingers crossed!
    i have read rachel vincent’s stray but it has been a while so maybe i will take on my vacation before i read prey…hell i may just take both. have fun in the sun today.-tattoolady

    • Thank you, Tattoolady! My gardens are equal parts love, and therapy. (grin) Mud says the mossy stuff is called liverwort. Good to know! Ooooh, to bad about your leafbabies! I bet they do just fine with warmer weather. I hope you enjoy Rachel’s latest! –Kim