Romance Radio: Kim Interviews Vicki Pettersson

I’ll be interviewing Vicki Pettersson this Thursday (7/2/09) at 2:00 EST on Romance Radio.  For more info and to register so you can be a part of the online chatting, go to  The register button is way up on the left hand side, top of the page.  There is also a phone number to call in and ask Vicki a question yourself!

I’ll be talking to Vicki about her newest out this Tuesday, City Of Souls.  This is number four in the Signs of the Zodiac series, and I swear, I finished it this Friday, and thought about it all weekend.  I can’t wait to talk to her about it, but it’s hard to think of questions that won’t be too spoilerish.  A lot happens here.  If you’ve not read Vicki Pettersson’s work, the first is The Scent of Shadows.

As for me, I’m so glad it’s Monday.  I worked way too hard out in the yard this weekend.  I think I’ve reduced my carbon footprint to zero with all the trees and plants I’ve put in the ground.  (grin)



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42 responses to “Romance Radio: Kim Interviews Vicki Pettersson

  1. Andrea

    Hi I just want to say I’m really glad you made Once Dead, Twice Shy. I really liked the story when I read Prom Nights From Hell and was a bit sad when I saw how short it was. and I was thinking, it would be really cool if it was a novel. Then I’m walking in B&N and find it! I was so happy. I haven’t bouht it yet but I hope to do so in the future. I read the first two ch 2. They’re really good! Well sorry this is a bit long and off-topic!

    • Thank you, Andrea! I’m really glad you’re enjoying her story! I wrote the short in PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL intending to make a series, and then I did the happy author dance when Harper picked me up for three books. I hope you like it when you get a chance to read it! –Kim

  2. mudepoz


    Enjoy the sunshine! (This is so bad, I love the Hollows, but for some reason, I am reapersessed.)

    Mud *Dancing to bups howling…*

  3. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Summertime seems to always been my weekends are crazy. Its hard to imagine that I can actually come to work to relax, but it does seem that way. This week is a special one, only 4 work days. On a totally different subject, I was thinking that adding a link for the store along with the main blog/books red links on the front page would make things easier for people to find it. I know when I need it I always have to hunt around for it like Where’s Waldo? 🙂 Just a thought.~Indy

    • Hi, Indy. Oooh, you got a three-day weekend? I might take one too, seeing as I got Madison DONE!

      Mmm, that’s a good idea for a link to vampcharms. I’ll put one in tonight.


    • heatwave316

      HI Kim!!! Good work on Madison!!! I think you definitely deserve the long weekend. Give yourself a try day off, no gardening. Just lounge. Brains need time to just cool down from all the work…or burning bunnies running around in there.~Indy

  4. bob

    I just finished you Once dead Twice Shy, I agree with you it is for the younger crowd. I am 41 it is still a good read and I recommand it. I still like the Hallows series better. I am waiting for unbound to come out. I am going to buy vicki Petterson’s book tomarrow. Good luck on your new book.

    • Hi, Bob.

      That is exactly what I was trying to do. Thanks! Interesting enough for the older crowd so they might enjoy it, but aimed at the younger, hopefully giving the two demographics something to talk about over dinner. (grin) Vicki’s book is on sale today! If the store you go into doesn’t have it, ask them to bring it out from the back room. 😉 –Kim

  5. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! I’m finally back on my own home computer! The Geek Squad came through — BIG TIME! It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I still could never have fixed it myself. Network card? What’s that? After 10 days – 179 emails, not to mention the 79 “Suspect” emails! Gawd! It took forever to get through. I’m glad you had a good weekend!

    • Hi, Sue.

      That’s wonderful! Nothing like having your old, familar computer. I miss mine everytime I upgrade. And the geek squad has saved my butt more than once. –Kim

  6. Chastity

    This is so WEIRD–I recently purchased a ‘vintage’ copy of Vicki Pettersson’s The Scent of Shadows! Actually I have purchased a lot of ‘vintage’ books of various authors and was trying to decide which one to read next…now I know!!! After all, I have to be prepared for Thursday, right? Thanks!

  7. You’re so sweet to mention this, Kim! Yet another kindness from the kindest author in the business. (your readers do know that, don’t they?)

    But now you have my nerves pinging re. Thursday!

    Talk very soon! And thank you again.

    • Vicki! I’m so glad you dropped in! I’ve been meaning to contact you on the excuse to discuss how you want to handle spoilers, but you beat me to it, and now everyone is going to see me gush. (grin)

      Of course I’m going to mention the interview. I can’t wait for it!

      Yes, we’ll talk soon. 😉


    • mudepoz

      How incredibly cool. *Looks at bup emergency money* *Looks at posts* *Crosses paws no one else gets sick* *Places order at big box store*

      Vicki please. Wait, HOW many books did I just order:)

      Dang, it’s a SCHOOL DAY!

  8. peanutizzy0608

    Hi Kim. This is the first place I’ve found to write you. Your series (The Hollows) is amazing. I did have one little question/hope though… Will Ivy and Rachel ever realize they love each other and pursue a relationship? I don’t know your stand on same-sex dating but these characters are screaming for each other. I know this is a huge controversy on all fansites and many fans believe you’re worried about a drop in sales. Please don’t let that possibility keep them apart. Remeber, love is never wrong; It isn’t gender defined, race dependant, or even age determined. It’s just love, blind and full of flaws. I love your series and I can’t wait for the next installment!!

    • Hi, Penut.

      Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books, and ticked that you posted. Thanks!

      Ahh, you asked about Rachel and Ivy . . . I don’t have a problem–obviously–with same sex relationships, but the beauty of Ivy and Rachel is that I’ve never, ever forced their relationship, and never, ever, backed down from unexpected developments. (I don’t know who was more shocked when Ivy crawled over that table the first night in the church. Me, or Rachel.) I’m going to have to see how this plays out myself, and I can’t wait to see how it ends. Drop in sales? Dude, I’m a writer whore, (one who writes for money) but I refuse to write for a spot on the NYTimes list. I write for me first, my editor second, and you guys third. The Times list is a distant fourth. But I hear you. I hear you. –Kim

    • RebiNkc

      Wow! I’m so excited that you write for yourself! That statement makes me so happy I could cry. That must be why your such a great writer. It inspires me too because I have been reading how hard it is to get published. I’m working on a book, but since I started reading things on the internet about how hard it is to get published, I’ve felt discouraged and sort of writer’s block. I think after reading that, my vampires are going to wake up! I can only write for myself and get my ideas out of my head and into my laptop. Thanks so much for saying that. Happy writing!

    • RebiNkc, you have it right. Writing is difficult, so you should always write for yourself first. It’s just too hard, otherwise. Full steam ahead!


  9. Valerie

    Wow, I will have to tune in on Thursday. I have not read this series, but looks like I want to if it had you thinking about it all weekend!! So Vicki is a True Blood fan, that is points enough for me. I follow the show after reading Charlaine’s southern vampire books. It will be fun to hear the interview, will tune in on Thursday. Going to look up Vicki’s series now…

    xo val

  10. JaylanPHNX

    I’d really love to hear that interview, but I doubt I’ll catch it. Let us know if there’s a podcast of it later. I’ve just been given the opportunity to go to the the Anhinga Writer’s Studio 2009 Summer Workshops (used to be the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Writing the Region Conference) down in Gainesville, Fl, thanks to my father and step-mother who are paying my way. The keynote speaker is Charlain Harris, author of the Southern Vampire series that the HBO show True Blood is based on. It looks like a great opportunity to learn, share, and schmooze. I’m excited.

    • Hi, Jaylan.

      Yup, there will be a podcast you can catch later. No worries. 😉 That is fantastic about the conference! Go! Go! Enjoy! Charlaine is a wonderful speaker. You will have a fabulous time. –Kim

  11. Antonio Rich

    Thanks for the book reccomendations. I’m going to order Jocelyn Drakes first and keep an eye on the others. i got a few “heads up” for you: FILM: I saw an advanced clip for the film adaptation of the anime/manga classic – Blood:The Last Vampire(the title character reminds me of ivy) directed by the same person who did Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Looks Realy cool. TV: Alot of buzz from Great Britain about Being Human, a show where a vampire, werewolf, and a ghost share a flat and their lives. BBCAmerica July 25th. BOOKS: Since hiking the Appalachian Trail has been in the news recently, I’ll reccomend A Walk In The Woods, by Bill Bryson. One of my all-time favorites. A happy ending with no embarrasing press conferences. Salute.

  12. Gothar

    I attempt to spruce up the apartment every summer and hope that even with north facing windows I’d keep my plants that survived last summer stay until the following. So, far in 3 years I’ve got 5 lemon trees growing and a sad lucky bamboo that’s really lucky to still be alive.

    Do you grow any herbs and veggies or just trees and flowers?

    • Oh, man, I’m jealous! I don’t get enough sun even in the winter to keep a lemon/lime/orange tree alive. Sigh. That’s wonderful that you can. As far as a veggie garden? I used to, but now I’m down to a couple of tomato plants, and the rest of my gardening is plants and trees. –Kim

  13. Regine

    Hey Kim V V …*grin* How are you? My weekend was fantastic 😉 You have not said why you would like Vikki Interview. Are you a fan of hers? Or is it only for her new book? How have you got the interview with her?
    Hey, I also want an interview, but with you! *grin* I get dressed also elegantly. Joke. 🙂 But this reminds me of the vampire film with Brad Pitt. Interview with the Vampire. Have a beautiful summer evening.

    Your Regine ^_^

    • Hi, Regine.

      I had a great weekend, thanks! But now I’m tired. Too much yard work, I think. Vicki is one of my favorite authors, both in her work and as a person. I can’t wait to chat with her. She has a lot of style. –Kim

  14. Chrys

    Hi Kim! Are there any tomato packet freebies left? Your post reminded me that I wanted to get some- I’ve been working out my green thumb and my little herb garden is doing well. I wanted to try my luck on tomatoes!

  15. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am.

    Well i feel all stupid now. I misread the information about you and Showgirl being together for that interview and thought it was today.

    I just got too excited at the thought of my 2 most favorite authors together at once.

    Vicki Joined us in chat last night after watching True Blood. It was so funny. We were all so happy she was able to spend some time with us.

    I’ll be looking forward to the interview on THURSDAY, JULY 2 @ 2:00 eastern time. 🙂


    PS If I can get in, I may just call in. I’ve never done that before.

    • OMGosh, Vampy! Well, better early than late, right? That is very cool about Vicki chatting after True Blood. See you on the 2nd. And call in! We’d both love to hear from you. –Kim

  16. mudepoz

    Now I have to go hunt for a new series. Since my Carryout food is long gone. I liked Kelly Armstrong’s YA I picked up at Anderson’s, need to track down the adult stuff.

    My gardening was set up…then I was lovingly given a migraine. Gave me another idea for a pin though: Don’t neuter vampires by cutting off their fangs:

    For beetles… It partially depends where you live. There are organic methods, least of which is two bricks: place beetle between two bricks and smush.

    You can use milky spore, but it doesn’t work in some parts of the country, and can take two years to be effective. I often thought some of this was used in the Pern series:) There are forms of BT, Dipel, that is effective, but not truly considered organic. You can use various horticultural oils and soaps, but that doesn’t rid the soil of grubs.

    Might NOT want to use traps, they attract even more of the insect. Or, you can live with them or plant things they aren’t so likely to eat. I shy from hybrid roses, even the Knockouts one of my bosses bred. Unless you plant something in front of them when they get skeletonized, they aren’t very pretty.

    Mud, the happy horticulturist.

    • Hi, Mud.

      I used to have trouble with the baits bringing in beetles from EVERYWHERE, but I think they have backed off on the potency of them, because they don’t seem to be as fragrent this year. I found that 7 has worked really well on the plants they like to eat. It doesn’t kill them, but they don’t rest on them, either. We’ve had to put grub stuff on our lawn, which I hate doing, but our lawn is so small that it’s not going to make a dent in getting rid of the beetles, just saves our lawn some damage. The 7 saved our roses. Totally. –Kim

  17. Judi in NJ

    Hi Kim – plant something for me, because I have a black thumb!!! Well…it’s not THAT bad, but close. My husband bought me a tree for our front yard for our anniversary last month. It’s a puny little thing but here’s hoping all the kind words I whisper to it help. (My neighbors know I’m nutty) ;D. OOOOhhh!! And I can’t WAIT to read CITY OF SOULS!!!!! Tomorrow!!! Yipppeee!! You’re review pretty much sealed a first-thing-in-the-morning trip to B&N!!!!

    • Hi, Judi. Plant something for you? I bought five 1.75 plants this weekend, and I’ll put them in the ground for you. Fingers crossed. It’s a hot spot in the yard. And here’s hoping for your tree!

      Oh, too cool with CITY OF SOULS! Go get it on it’s first week! It really helps with an author’s numbers. –Kim

  18. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! More plantings this weekend, then you should be really inspired today! The only thing we planted was a beetle bag in the front yard. Yeah, it so adds to the curb appeal, but those suckers are everywhere and the spray doesn’t help. Anybody have advice on getting rid Japanese beetles?

    • Inspired, tired, it’s the same thing when I sit down to work at the keyboard. Mmm, I’ve had my beetle bags up for a few weeks now. They were working on destroying my vibernium (sp) so I cut all the fruit off and dusted with 7. That really did the trick. –Kim

  19. Jennifer Sparkes

    Im always extremly curious how nice your whole yard must look. your always working on it. I love planting new things but since i live in military housing, were not really allowed to do anything with the yard but mow it. i kinda do anyways but still. Is there any chance you could send us a picture of your whole yard? Jen UK

    • I’ll try to get a picture for ya tomorrow. 😉 Not the entire thing, but a piece of it. That’s rough wanting to plant and being told not to. I’d plant stuff anyway. I can’t help it. (grin) –Kim