‘Da Big Push

Sixty pages left on Madison, I’m guessing.  I did a whopping 15 pages yesterday in eight hours.  My fingers were smoking.  I think it’s some of my best work, and, as ususal, what flowed from my keyboard was totally unexpected.  Let me rephrase that.  I think it will be some of my best work.  Right now it’s messy.  Cleaning this up is going to take a major rewrite.  I’ve almost caught up to where I wanted to be after losing the first week in June to the tour.  Whoo-hoo!  Sixty pages.  A week and a half.  I just might be able to take that vacation after all.  😉 

A few days ago I mentioned Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim, which is a new urban fantasy coming out late July.  He’s over at my publisher’s blog today talking about what the devil taught him.  http://outofthiseos.typepad.com/



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  1. Ravvenn

    I noticed the other comments I had been posting on closed. Didn’t know if you read my message on there or not. I started reading the different messages on here but haven’t gotten through all of them. It’s 141am here and I’m half asleep. Here is the comment off the last page.

    Who would you get to play the characters? Would you be one? Maybe Ivy or Rachael?

    The Hollows isn’t really all that kookie.lol You would still be getting a share from the movies that are made right?

    A girl at work introduced me to your books. That is how I got hooked and I shared with a friend or few and they got hooked. Been awhile since I talked to them though. I moved from Texas to Kentucky almost three years ago.

    • Hi, Ravvenn.

      Yup, I have to close the comments after a while because I can’t be expected to check 30 threads of conversation every day. Five is work enough! 😉 I’m glad you reposted.

      Who would I get to play the characters? I’ve no idea! But I think Johnny Depp would make a great Al. Me play one of them? Nahhhh. I’m too old. (grin) I think I’m going to make a page for people to post their picks.


  2. Linda (germany)

    You always welcome. 😉

  3. Linda (germany)

    Well, I’ll get it very soon. I love the cover. And I read a comment about it. Sounds great. They said, your characters are gorgeous. 🙂

  4. Linda (germany)

    Thank you.
    Well, I’m talking to my posters.^^
    I’m not expecting that it’s like the Hollows. Books are always different, because there is so much more in mind than just one behavior or character or story. I think it’s just interesting to see what else can happen in your mind.^^
    So I’ll by the book and tell you if i liked it or not and why.^^

  5. Chrisy

    Hey Kim. Written out? Does that mean you kinda write backround information seperately? (grin) Lot of questions lately but this is just so interesting! – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy.

      Written it out. Mmmm. No. I don’t ever write stuff out that doesn’t go into the book like background information, which is why I’ve got no clue as to exactly how a dead vamp turns a human. If I ever need to know, I’ll write it out as I put it in the book. 😉 –Kim

  6. Linda (germany)

    Good god. I feel so stupid that i wrote the last comment. I know it’s not one of your buissnesses and I’m very thankfull that you didn’t throw me out. I just felt alone. That’s all.

    But, your first book. Which was it?

    • Don’t worry, Linda. 😉 Feeling alone is okay. I’m alone almost all day, which might be why I talk to myself . . . (er, never mind. grin)

      My very first book came out under my Dawn Cook name, and it’s called First Truth. It was translated to German, (Die erste Wahrheit) so you might find it on your bookstore shelves. It’s not like the Hollows at all, so if you do find it, don’t expect it to be like Rachel. Alissa is very, very different.


  7. Kera

    Wow this is a lot diffrent form the old Drama Box. I like it. I got my lil sister reading ODTS. Shes loving it but she is such a slow reader and i want to reread it but shes still has it. Soo cant wait till shes older to let her read The Hollows. Ive also got my dad reading DWW.

    • Hi, Kera.
      Thanks! I think it’s going to work out okay. I sorta miss my old Drama Box, though.

      Oh, too cool on getting your little sister reading Madison! I’m working on the third right now! And way cool on getting your dad to read the Hollows! You guys are going to have very interesting dinner conversation. (grin) –Kim

  8. Jacq

    I was just wondering if there will be a box set for the Hollows series? This is probably a decision for the publisher, well I’m guessing anyways, I’m not exactly well versed in the publishing world. But I was just wondering if it’s a possibility. I only recently started reading the series and I really love the books, and I’m the type of person who likes to buy everything at once, that way when I finish one I can pick up the next, haha patience isn’t one of my virtues 😛

    • Hi, Jacq.

      As far as I know, there is no plan for a box set, but there is enough for them! (grin) And you’re right in that it’s a publisher’s decision. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows so much. Thank you! –Kim

  9. Mark

    Hey Kim! I’ve been awol for a few weeks and I just found this spiffy new wordpress blog. Best part about it for me is now I can have LiveJournal retrieve any posts you make here automatically for me to read 😀

    (The fan formerly known as Mark, LV) 😉

  10. Chrisy

    Hey Kim. Thank you so much for your response & advice. I think I know what you mean now. Actually I don’t know if I am serious. Sounds stupid but you know I’d love to write because I love books. There are so many really bad ones and they sell! And I keep thinking that I could try at least and have fun.
    I didn’t read the Madison book yet but I will after finishing Stephen King’s It. And I still have to read TODW & WWBC. Because there is no german translation yet I’ll read them in english.

    Question: How do undead vamps turn living ones? They kill them and then what?

    I stop now… See? I like to write pretty much. 😀 – Chrisy

    • There’s nothing wrong with writing for your own enjoyment. Nothing at all!

      You asked how do undead vamps turn people? That is something I’ve never touched on, is it! I’m sure it’s not very pretty, and yeah, it involves killing them. I’ve not written out exactly how it’s done, but if I need to address it, I will. –Kim

  11. Linda (germany)

    You now that? Being the whole night and day all alone, anjoing it and than, in the middle of the night you feel alone? It’s really messed up. Well, I have my hamster. 🙂

  12. Linda (germany)

    How are you doing this? I need years finishing a book.

    • It’s a skill, Linda. My first book took me a year of solid work. Now I have tools and resolve to sit in my chair and write all day, so it goes faster. 😉 –Kim

  13. Chrisy

    Hey Kim. I just noticed the ‘unexpected-thing’ and I wondered a lot about that. When you start writing, say you’re in the middle of the story, do you really not ‘know’ what will happen next? I mean do you not want anything to happen next? For example Kistens death. Didn’t you think ‘something totally unexpexted and shocking should happen to express sadness and to make the reader actually feel sad’? … I can’t imagine to write without a clue what’s going on. Do you like ‘try to live the story’? How do you get the beginning?
    I’ve tried to write myself but the whole writing-thing is like a giant monster that wants to eat me alive and I just can’t cope with it. Maybe it’s just a question of talent and I’m just not good enough. I hope you have a good time across the pond. – Chrisy

    • Hi, Christy. What I’m writing surprises me quite a lot, actually. Mostly little things that involve relationships, but sometimes plot issues that then redirect the ending of the story. This was what happened in the Madison book.

      You asked about Kisten? No, I didn’t go into it saying something should happen to make the reader sad, and then have Kisten die. The rough draft actually had him surviving, and it wasn’t until the rewrite that he died because of some issues in the next book. Usually it’s good things that come up to surprise me, not bad.

      Mmmm, I think you might misunderstand what I mean about the story surprising me, because I always have a plan. I never write without a clue to what’s going to happen. I think I know, and that’s why it’s a surprise when something changes.

      If you’re serious about writing, but feel daunted, you might try to write a short story. Short stories are wonderful, because you shouldn’t be putting in backstory, or history, or anything. It is a slice of a day. One moment. It’s not a case of not being good enough, either. You wouldn’t expect yourself to run a marathon your first time out, right? No! But you might run around the block, and work up. Same with writing. Good luck! –Kim

  14. chastity1977

    To actually accomplish or make some real progress on a writing project, well that feels good doesn’t it. Well, congrats on the progress! Keep up the awesome work! Have a great weekend.

  15. Jemma

    Hi Kim, just making my first post on the new blog. Sounds like work is going well. I’m pretty sure Guy told you about the troubles I’ve been having and please thank him for how he’s helped me out lately. Jess’ present got to her on monday. I wish I could say I’m doing well but I’m really not. I’m home from uni for good now and while that stress is gone the break up is still killing me and I have been diagnosed with depression and signed-off of looking for work and had to start some pills, I hope they at least lift my mood enough for me to deal with my problems on my own. Sorry, didn’t mean for this to end on a low note. I like the new blog. ~Jemma

    • Jemma, I’m so glad that it got to her so quickly! Guy did tell me what’s been going on, and that’s awful. It sounds like the Uni helped you out. People sometimes suck, and don’t I know it. But then, you find the ones that don’t, and that’s who you make friends with. –Kim

  16. tatiana

    i’m brazilian and i wanted to know if “once dead twice shy” it’s coming to Brazil, because “prom nights from hell” came and i really enjoyed your story.

    • Hi, Tatiana. I’ve not been told that it’s going to be translanted, but now that the ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY is out, the offers might start coming in. Here’s hoping! I”m glad you liked it. Thanks! –Kim

  17. mudepoz

    I think most of us really appreciate the time you take, not only writing *grin* but the actual work involved in the creation of your books. As I said, there are only two authors who captivate me (though I have many books that captivate me…hey, my father was a national sales rep for a few well known publishing houses. At 4 I was taught chess by Heinlein…I have SCI Fi in the blood…and now fantasy.

    Sadly, I am not sure how pacing is going to affect my book. I don’t think it’s really important to pace a dog training book *Grin*

    So, we have a book in the stores, one in the can, and one in the hopper.
    *Daydreams* *Startles* Now why do crows suddenly spook me when I see them from the corner of my eye? Thanks Kim ;)~

    • You do know that you’ve just landed on my “You stink” list, right? (grin) I loved Heinlein’s work. If Bradburry whispered into my subconscious about the magic in our backyard, then Heinlein took me on a tour of the universe. –Kim

    • mudepoz

      Trust it wasn’t fun back. Although I met some of the most amazing authors of the time, I was TOO young to actually know who they were. As to Heinlein, I was a little four year old girl with red hair. He was a man who didn’t care for parties. He snuck off and we both got into trouble.
      Now when my father worked for Marvel and we got all those Howard the Duck allotments I should have saved:)

  18. Lora

    Woodeedoo!!! I still have to read the first Madison book… but hey, I’m gonna get there. I am also probably going to reread the Hollows series too… ^_^

  19. Valerie

    Too funny!!! Richard’s article is a pretty funny stuff. Thanks for sharing. I have his book on my B&N wishlist , so I will be purchasing it in the future. I am glad he came to realized, fantasy writing Rocks!!!

    I am glad Madison is coming along with a fury you are proud of. I am sure that is a wonderful feeling. But hey… enjoy your weekend, kick back and read something for fun :0)

    xo val

    • Richard’s main character has that same dry humor. I hope you give it a try when it comes out. Funny you should mention reading for fun. I just finished City of Souls by Vicki Pettersson. Yummy. –Kim

    • Valerie

      i plan to Kim. My reading “wish list” grows by leaps and bounds. Now I must add “City of Souls”, thanks to the “yummy” comment :0) I am knee deep in Sherilynn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series, and man is it a wild ride. Should keep me busy for a while *grin*

  20. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am,

    Sounds like you’re working your fingers to the bone. Take your vacation. Go some place nice with Guy and the ‘kids” and have some fun. Your office and your work will be there when you get back. 🙂