Who Am I Reading?

A reader asked me yesterday what I was reading, and while I was answering, I realized it was going to take more time than I wanted to put in right then.  Besides, I wanted links! Who am I reading?  As you can imagine, I don’t have that much time to read, but I do have the pleasure occasionally of reading something for possible blurbage (cover quote)  I’ve got three such authors I want to tell you about, all of them having books just about ready to hit the shelf:

  • Sandman Slimby Richard Kadrey (July 21st) http://www.myspace.com/kadrey  Gritty.  Wonderful.  Read it.
  • Child Thiefby Brom.  Yes, the artist Brom. Jealous, jealous I am that he can express himself both visually and with words.  (Aug 25th) http://www.bromart.com/  Lyrical.  Provocative.  Read it.
  • Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curseby Kaleb Nation (Sep 1st) This is YA, and has the feel of the first Harry Potter book. http://www.kalebnation.com/  Fun.  Escapism.  Get your kid to read it.

For writers who are already established, I’m looking forward to a few new releases.

  • City of Souls by Vicki Pettersson. (June 30 ) book four in the Signs of the Zodiac series.  http://www.vickipettersson.com I’m reading this right now and loveing it.  I’m interviewing her on July 2 on The Beyond.  More info later. 
  • Prey by Rachel Vincent http://rachelvincent.com/ (July 1)  This is the 4th in her Werecat series, so if you’ve not read any, you have a bunch to chew on to catch up.
  • Skinwalkerby Faith Hunter.  (July 7)  Brand-new series of a vampire killing bad-ass.  http://www.faithhunter.net/  Faith always give wonderfully flawed characters you might not always like at first.  A true professional at her craft.
  • My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent http://rachelvincent.com/ (August 1) New YA that sounds fabulous.  I’ve not read this yet, but I want to.
  • Dayhunterby Jocelynn Drake.  The second in the Dark Days series of vampires who DON’T sparkle. They bad. Really bad.  http://jocelynndrake.blogspot.com/  This one is actually out right now, so you don’t have to wait.  The first book is called Nightwalker.

And one link for me.  http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2009/06/23/vampire_fiction/index.html  The article is mostly about other urban fantasy authors, but I’m in there!



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  1. darchole

    I would have had Skinwalker already, but my order was misdirected somewhere by the USPS so I probably won’t get it until Monday or Tuesday…sigh.

    Since you listed Bran Hambric, have you read anything by Tamora Pierce? She writes more pure fantasty, rather than urban fantasy…

    In addition it seems there’s a new book by you listed on Amazon for preorder…

  2. Phil

    Hi Kim, I just reread the Zodiac story in the anthology and I’m looking forward to Rachel Vincent and Faith Hunter if I find the books at B&N this weekend! Their characters sound fascinating even for those of us who have been spoiled by your characters!! Your list will fill the gaps in my summer plans which are pretty slim anyway (grin). My friend was thrilled when I told her you wished her Good Luck about the chipmunk! She would try the cat but says she’s allergic. Oh, well! I hope when the little critter does leave it won’t come to my house…did I mention that she’s my next door neighbor?!! Have a great weekend!! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil.

      Mmmm, unplanned summers are the best. I think it’s been 20 years since I’ve had an unplanned stretch of three months. Ahhhh.

      Mmmm, well, if she can’t do the cat, she can try a live-animal trap baited with peanutbutter.

      You have a great weekend, too! –Kim

  3. Lucky me went to the bookstore to get Janet Evanovich’s latest mystery, and PREY was sitting out on the shelf! So I’ve already gotten to read it- it’s fab!

    • Cool! You should pop over to her blog and tell her if you haven’t! She’d love to hear from you. –Kim

    • Lol, one step ahead of you! I scurried over to her discussion board because she has a spoiler thread open there and squealed about it with the others who were lucky enough to have read it already!

  4. SeattleRobin

    Thanks for providing that link to the Salon article. It was really interesting and I think right on the money for most of it. Though it’s a bit irksome that Hamilton is always being tagged as the initiator of the modern vampire/paranormal/urban fantasy wave. Being a Tanya Huff fan I always have to point out that she was publishing her Blood series first. (grin)

    I liked (and agreed with) the writer saying the Hollows series is unique. I still remember when I picked up the first book in the grocery store, of all places to find a new series. I wondered to myself, “Is this just gonna be yet another book riding on the Hamilton popularity wave?” First chapter into the book it was quite clear you weren’t ripping off anyone and I’ve been forever hooked since then.

    • Hey, I’ve always thought that Samantha was the beginning of urban fantasy. (grin) I think the reason that Hamilton is usually given the honor is because she made it profitable for the publishers in a big way. No one can take that away from her, and everyone who makes money writing it owes her some respect for that.

      Still . . . I thought it was very cool to be called unique. 😉 –Kim

  5. Nicole

    I read the first book in the Zodiac series. I really liked it. Should go find the other books. I actually borrowed it from my friends Aunt who just so happened to have given me the first two books in your series as well.

    Lately I’ve just been reading classics I never read. Frankenstein and Dracula! Woot for old school.

    • Hi, Nicole. Oh, yes! Read them in order. You can read them pell-mell, but you’ll enjoy the relationships more if you take your time and read the second one next. Yay for the classics! (but they sure talked funny . . . 😉 –Kim

    • Nicole

      I know, I took a english lit class last semester. Victorian literature omg my brain!

      Yeah I will have to look them up. I am all about the demons XD

  6. Kat

    Thanks for all the info on the other authors/books. I just finished ODW the other day, ( It was the best one yet!!! ) so I will soon be needing new reading material. I have WWBC ready and waiting. I’m anxious to find out what happened to Kisten and see how things develop with Al, but I will be sad when I’m finished. I have been spoiled getting to read them all in a row. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kat! I’m glad you found it helpful. And I’m delighted that you enjoyed ODW. Thanks! WWBC is one of my favorites, so I hope you like that one, too. –Kim

  7. Phil

    … p.s. blurbage is such a cool word!! Sorry, had to say that! ~Phil

  8. Sabrina from WV

    Thank you so much for sharing the links to these books. I’m really looking forward to Bran Hambric and have already read the first 4 chapters that Kaleb Nation let us get an early peek at.
    My Soul to Take sounds awesome and I will be adding that to my ever growing library.

  9. Phil

    Hi, Kim! Your blurbage made me plan a trip to B&N asap!! Faith Hunter’s “wonderfully flawed characters”? Hmmm! That doesn’t sound like Rachel, does it? Grin. It’s day eight of my friend’s chipmunk saga!! It’s still in her house and took candy from her copper pot which she calls a spelling pot she says in honor of Rachel!! Another fan! ever since I told her about the Hollows! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil. OMGosh, Rachel has her act together compared to Faith’s characters. They are just wonderful. Yikes! It is time to borrow someone’s cat. The cat might not catch it, but just having it in the house will drive the chipmunk away. Tell her I said good luck! –Kim

  10. Heather

    Hey Kim, this is the first time I’ve written you since you’ve changed the website. I hate change but the new blog is cool. Hey and what’s wrong with vampires that sparkle? LOL But i’ve just recently read Vickie Patterssons first book of the Zodiac series and I loved it. Vampires are my passion but it was great and can’t wait to order the rest. You have now made me love two other great writters and I can’t wait to expand my book collection. I haven’t read the nightwalker books but I will if you tell me they are great. But anyway thanks for listening.

    • (grin) Hi, Heather. I suppose there is nothing wrong with vampires that sparkle, but if we tame the vampire, then what are we supposed to be scared of? I’m so glad you gave Vicki’s work a try! Yes, try Jocelynn’s work. She is deliciously dark. –Kim

  11. Alicia

    You got me to read Jocelynn Drake. She is a wonderful writer. I cant wait for DAWNBREAKER to come out. I guess I will just have wait for UNBOUND. Aug seems so far away. I’m looking forward to Jenks point of view!!

    • That’s great, Alicia! I’m so glad you gave her work a try and are hooked! I love her bad vampires. Bad, bad, bad! That’s the way vampires should be. I hope you like the Jenks/Bis novella. It was . . . interesting to write. –Kim

  12. Gothar


    This is evil, now I’ll need to buy another bookshelf well more like boxes since my child loves to play with my stuff not his own books. Hardcovers are child magnets.

    • Hi, Gothar. (grin) I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not! 😉 I know what you mean about child magnets. But that’s good. If Mom/Dad are facinated enough to stare at sheets of paper with squiggles on them, then they should be too. –Kim

  13. Antonio Rich

    1)We know that the demon enclave in the EA is a distorted mirror of Cincinnati, and we also know that those who are skilled, can “jump” or travel the line almost instantaneously to parts unknown…Is it possible that this pattern is duplicated all over the world, and that the action, in the future, will take us out of the Hollows more often? 2)I can’t help but notice that so many characters in the books either come from the WCoast or have moved there. And Lee, protoDemon himself, seemed quite adept at line jumping before he came to Cinci. I can’t believe that Demons get along better than anyone else, so are we going to get some conflict? *PS You shouldn’t have to reply to people replying to your replys!? Sheesh!

    • That’s a good question, Antonio. I’ll be delving into it in the last three books. Conflict between demons? Coming right up! (grin) You seem to be looking ahead to what’s coming! –Kim

  14. mudepoz

    Wow, what a NICE review of your books! So, your tales are unique. We knew that.

    The other author I adore, and who apparently likes my sense of humor (Huh?) isn’t listed there, and I admit, it surprises me. Then again, I think she was just recategorized from paranomal romance to Urban Fantasy.
    I’m a splitter, not a lumper as a taxonimist, but I admit, the genre descriptions are a bit bleary around the edges. Mud, off to find some new books. YA is fun, but they’re like Chinese food. You consume them quickly, and you’re still hungry afterwards.

    • Hi, Mud. Thanks! I thought it was a wonderful little blurb for the books. Very flattering. Oh, for me, the difference between UF and PR is crystal clear! I can tell usually in the first page if something is urban fantasy or paranormal romance. It’s in the language used and the pacing. (but since that’s my job . . .) Motovations. I’m so glad that there is some attempt at defining the two genres, not to seperate them, but so that the right reader finds the right book. It’s awful to spend your hard earned money on a thriller when what you want is a romance. And the other way around, too. –Kim

    • Valerie

      You know the edition of Locus that you were featured in Kim, has a great article (I think by Patricia Briggs) about defining urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I found the article quite interesting. It seems to have some distinct differences, and I look for them now, for fun.

    • I thought that was an excellent article. I’m so glad you brought it up!

  15. Sabrina

    Hi, Kim!
    I guess I’m one of the happiest creatures on earth right now because I got my working contract extension today. I’m just sooo glad. It’s a permanent contract now and I decided to celebrate this by treating myself with the hardcover edition of the first five Hollows books. They’re going to replace my well read paperbacks. My way to thank you for keeping your fingers crossed for me ;-). Just joking. But I always wanted to have them and now that my financial future is secured there’s no way I’m not going to have them. Greetings from a realllllllllllly happy Sabrina

  16. LIndy, Alberta, Canada

    Hiya Kim!
    I sooo agree with you. I cant wait for Prey, City of Souls and Daywalker either. They should be fantastic. Again, i cant thank you enough for the heads up about these authors 🙂

    So i know that you have said you dont watch much TV but what about movies? Right now i am hooked on reliving the 80’s and 90’s. I watched The Usual Suspects and Disorganized Crime the other day. They were still just as good as the first several times i watched them 🙂

    So what movies have stuck with you through the years? Was there any from your childhood or teenage years that you know you will never get sick of?

    Im loving the old movies right now,
    I hope that you have an awesome day and rest of week
    Ciao for now


    • Hi, Lindy. Cool. I’m glad that I brought them to your attention. I know it can be hard to catch your authors in the summer when everyone seems to be really busy.

      TV? I don’t watch TV, but movies . . . I’ve been known to watch. Lately, I watched a couple of good ones. The Red Violin blew me away. Watched it twice. But if you’re talking nostalgic? I’d have to say Breakfast Club is a favorite. The Princess Bride. 2010. Bladerunner. Wow, what a mix. I watched Fistful of Dollars last weekend. –Kim

  17. Regine

    Wow! The artist Brom is great. I like his pictures. I do not find everyone good but much. I love imagination. 😉 The eleven boy looks the best with the red jacket on the Home *grin* Is the artist famous?

    I still have a question. Have you been invited to Germany before? For an interview or an event? What would lure you to Germany? *grin*

    V V — Your Regine

    • Hi, Regine. I don’t know if you would call Brom famous, but he’s extremely well known among the SF/fantasy people for fabulous covers. I like his work a lot.

      Germany? I’d love to go someday. I’ve never been. Maybe someday. My books (both Dawn and Kim) are doing well there. –Kim

    • Regine

      Hey Kim V V ..*grin*
      Every year is the greatest book fair in Frankfurt/Main from germany, its very popular, know you?. At the book fair the authors introduce their books and will get many attention. At the moment, vampires and witches arrive in germany well. I would like to go to the book fair sometime. Perhaps, we meeting in germany. *grin*

      Greetings from germany. Your Regine.

    • Wow, I’d love to go to that. Maybe someday. –Kim

  18. JaylanPHNX

    Oh yeah, Pettersson’s new one is definitely on the list! You turned me on to her first one, and I’ve really enjoyed them. Being a big comic book fan, they’re right up my alley. I really need to save the list you just posted for later dates, when there aren’t any new offerings from all my current series.

  19. Valerie

    Thanks for giving us an inside look at what you are reading…ummm, that is when you are not writing us some more of Rachel and Madison’s lives…
    I am sure it is hard to get reading time in. I put some of those suggestions on my wish list at B&N.com. It is always a growing list, and yes, “Unbound” sits and waits on the list for release. I think I have them all now, even the anthologies. One can never have enough of The Hollows. Read the article too, way to go!!

    xo val

    • Hi, Valerie. It’s my pleasure! I’m always glad to spread the word about authors that I like. And thanks! I’m glad you liked the article! I thought it was pretty cool. –Kim

  20. AcornArmy

    Greetings, Kim Harrison! I love your Hollows series. I just started reading them a few weeks ago, and I could hardly do anything else until I’d read them all.

    I’m wondering, though, will Rachel ever start cooking up demon spell potions and drinking them for future use the way demons do? She already has some spell books, and if she needs help, Ceri seems to enjoy whipping up spells, so there doesn’t seem to be much holding her back. Having a few of those disguise/transformation potions stored up, at least, would seem to be a wise decision since that appears to be how demons heal themselves so quickly.

    Just drinking the potions wouldn’t cause any imbalance, would it? In the past, it seemed that only the actual casting of the spells caused an imbalance.

    Thanks for your time, and thanks for all the great books!

    • Hi, Acorn. Thanks! I’m so pleased that you took a chance on my work, and delighted that you enjoyed it! You’re absolutely right about the smut. It doesn’t engage until you invoke the curse in disguise/transformation potions. She could do that. She might end up doing that. Right now, I think she’s more concerned with trying NOT to become a demon. –Kim