The art of procrastination

I got up early this morning to soothe my guilt about, well, getting up late and being an hour off all day.  Sure, it’s summer, but that doesn’t mean I can fritter the day away with blowing seeds off my driveway and organizing my rubber bands.  It was the last one that did it for me.  Organizing my rubber bands.  I love organization, but if I’m arranging my rubber bands, then I am truly on the verge of writer’s block.  And if I’m toying with that, then I have to make myself sit down and just write the dumb thing.  Get it on paper, and then fix it on the next rewrite.  And it’s going to need fixing because it is UGLY!

So that’s what I’m going to do today.  Sit down.  Shut up.  And write the book.  (grin)  And maybe organize my paperclip drawer.  –Kim


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  1. Linda (germany)

    There is always hoping. 🙂

    You know, when I’m writing, I’m working out some shit what has happend in my life. Or the things I can’t figure out and try to clear. But the good ideas are comming ALWAYS in the night.

    So I’m sitting there sometimes 4 hours writing and can’t stop.

    Do you have the same problems with your mind?^^

    • Hi, Linda.

      A lot of authors will use their work to figure things out in their head, and I’m probably no exception. My ideas, though, seldom come in the night. Or at least, I don’t remember them. It’s very, very rare that I will sit up and work after dark. But there are as many ways to write as people wanting to put words to paper, so find what works for you and stick with it! –Kim

  2. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim
    I’m sorry for your collie. Once i had cavy or guinea pig, whatever. In germany it’s called very simply. Meerschweinchen.^^
    They died. It’s always sad loosing a pat, actually a friend.
    I hope my Hamster will be fine, soon. Holidays are comming and I just don’t know what to do with her.
    I don’t know much of book eight, but what I know sounds great. A new baddie? Always great. God, I know I’m just impatiently.
    And the Rachel-trouble thing, is always great. I bet it’s gonna be very funny.^^

  3. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim
    I’m sorry for your collie. Once i had cavy or guinea pig, whatever. In germany it’s called very simply. Meerschweinchen.^^
    They died. It’s always said lossing a pat, actually a friend.
    I hope my Hamster will be fine, soon. Holidays are comming and I just don’t know what to do with her.
    I don’t know much of book eight, but what I know sounds great. A new baddie? Always great. God, I know I’m just impatiently.
    And the Rachel-trouble thing, is always great. I bet it’s gonna be very funny.^^

  4. Heya Kim! I saw that the Kisten shirt is a closeout, do you stop producing that? And I saw you like the name Matalina 🙂 Have a great day! aimée

  5. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim
    How does the blog work?^^ Next Monday, I have to go with my sweet lilltle Ivy (my hamster) again to the vet. Then it will be desided if she dies or not.
    Uhm…I think you don’t have that much of time to answer all these questions in all these different places of your blog.
    So I’m going to ask my last again. So sorry 😉
    But can you give us some spoilers, please? I’m reading the books from 1 till 7 over and over again, I can’t get away from it. It’s like drugs or something that way. I’m in a big big circle and can’t get away from it. It’s really insane, but **ck, I like it. 😉
    So please, I so can not wait until book 8 is showing up and…aaaaah…damn it.
    You are just too good of creating a pretty world.^^
    Have a great day.

    • Hi, Linda. The blog is going great! But I am having some trouble having to go back to past posts to look for questions.

      Gosh, I hope your hamster is okay. We recently had to put down our oldest dog, and it was not good. (Border collie, not my two Chihuahuas)

      Ohhhh, no spoilers! I just can’t! I will say that Rachel has gotten herself into some trouble and it’s going to take everyone to get her out. I’ve got a new baddie I’m introducing soon.

      You have a great day, too. –Kim

  6. SeattleRobin

    I live by my motto, “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” This goes a long way towards explaining why I am a reader and not a writer.

    • Hi, Robin. I’m the exact opposite. (grin) But I have issues with how to relax, so who is to say which is better, if either is. It is, what it is. –Kim

  7. RebiNkc

    You are quite impressive. I’m amazed that you take the time to respond to your fans. The Hollows is one of my favorite series I’ve ever read. I devoured them after I discovered the wonderful books.

    It’s appreciated that you offer so much advice to aspiring writers as well.

    Can’t wait for the next Vampiric Charms adventure 🙂

    • Thank you, RebiNkc. Keeping up with all of you does take time, but it’s totally worth it, and I hope I can continue to do so for a long time yet to come. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! I can’t wait for the next release, either. (Bis/Jenks novella in anthology UNBOUND this August) –Kim

  8. April W.

    Ha! The only time I actually like cleaning house is when I’m supposed to be a) writing or b) doing schoolwork. If I need to perform a chore that I’ve been putting off, sometimes I’ll pull out a tough piece of work and viola, scrubbing that sink doesn’t look so bad. Btw, I just finished the Good, Bad, and the Undead. I read out of order and it was the last. You really crack me up. Finally, I can get on with my life.

  9. Kelly

    umm wow…I hope im doing this right…

    nice page by the way.

    I was wondering if you are ever going to come to ontario to do a signing. You have lots of fans here *nods lots*

  10. Tom

    You can come over and organize my office. It’s a diaster area. FEMA is afraid to enter.

  11. Debbie

    Hi Kim,
    You could have at least made a big rubber-band ball out of your rubberbands, keeps them all together, but also practical in that you can then bounce it off the floor & walls!!! I was so bored at work one day I ended up making one with a diameter of about 5 inches!!!! 😀

  12. nocturnalvixen

    Good luck on the writing Kim!
    At least you know you can actually finish a book… I have a plethora of unfinished stories in my head that refuse to come out. 😦


    • See, Anna, that’s sad! You get such a feeling of accomplishment from finishing, it’s worth the “pain” of pushing through a rough spot to find it. I hope you finish something soon. Even if it’s just a short story. –Kim

  13. Gothar

    That sounds like me when I have to do my mid-year and end-year reviews at work. I usually end up putting the same BS as the previous years but I doubt that will work as easily on your rubber band collection. I’m willing to send you my rubber band collection since it’s already organized 🙂

  14. JaylanPHNX

    That’s one thing I’ve yet to master–forcing myself to write, even if what’s coming out isn’t top notch. I’ve just always written with the goal of perfection the first time. Any rewrites are just grammar, spelling, and continuity clean-ups.

    • Hi, Jaylan. I know lots of authors who write like that, so you’re good! Different methods work for different people. As long as you’re getting a book in the end, you’re doing it right. –Kim

  15. Lora

    Awesome! Rubber bands! xD lol! Eh… I hate writer’s block. I’ll think I’ll have the whole thing mapped out, but then I realize I can’t think of something to come immediately after what I just got done scribbling down. Mehh…

  16. Kenny G


  17. Joy

    Kim, I hear you about procrastination. I am the queen of putting off things. I hope this is not to vulgar but I had to share a quote I heard about procrastination. Procrastination is much like masterbation in that you are only screwing yourself. Looking forward to the midnight showing of Transformers II!! Any plans to see the inevitable blockbuster? Have a great day!

    • Hi, Joy. Ha! Love it. And so true! Ah, I won’t be going to Transformers tonight, but I’m sure Guy and Thing Two will get me there eventually. –Kim

  18. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! I thought I was good at procrastination, but organzing your rubber bands (or gum bands as they are known in Pittsburgh) brings it to a whole new level. So did you organize by color or size? 🙂 I usually pull, look at our movies and cds, they are a mess. Time to re-arrange everything.~Indy

  19. mudepoz

    My life exists in a total state of clutter. And I don’t really have burning bunnies as much as dust bunnies with fangs.

    I received this link and realized that perhaps this is another shape for the dark reapers. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  20. tattoolady

    hello kim! some of my more interesting tattoos come from odd moments of “being stuck” . you may want to go out and do something else that is creative to get your juices going agian. it will be ok. i promise. :)-tattoolady

    • OMGosh, no! Getting a tattoo because I’m stuck is a BAD idea for me! –Kim

    • tattoolady

      i am so sorry kim! that is not quite what i ment. what i ment was that maybe if you went to a musuem, or made something or worked in a garden( anouther fave of mine) that it would be helpful to get things going agian.i was slightly distracted by my rat, Molly, haveing a bit of a scuffle with a roll of tape.(she won :D, my tape will never be the same though…)
      tattoos are not for everyone but do tell an interesting story about some one if you look closely enough.-tattoolady

    • Oh! I’m glad you cleared that up. Thanks! 😉 Did you know I once had rats? Sometimes, I hear a small scuff, and I think they are still behind me. –Kim

  21. Becca

    Hey Kim!
    Sorry to hear that writers block has struck again – has for me too. =P My question, though, is probably kind of weird – not surprising when its me who’s asking – but when you finish your books, generally how many pages do you have in Word format? Because im trying to write my book but im worried that it’ll end up being obnoxiously long and i really dont want that. But then, i dont want it to be too short either. Since ive yet to publish a book, i havent a clue what the standard is so i wanted to ask you since your books are of an average length – not too long but not short (granted i never want the story to end =D).
    Random question, i know. Sorry!
    Good luck in staving off the writers block. Cant wait for the next book!

    • Hi, Becca. Oh! I don’t have writer’s block. Just a bad case of procrastination that could become writer’s block if I let it. Okay, you asked how many manuscript pages do I generally have? DWW was almost 400, and the lates, WWBC, was about 520. If it was me, and I was writing for the SF/fantasy genre, I would aim for 90 to 120 thousand words, which I think is abotu 350 to 450 manuscript pages (New York Times 12) Hope that helps! –Kim

    • Becca

      Thank you so much! That is a huge help to me. The on i finished has almost 90 so i think that will be a good start. I really appreciate your help.
      Thanks again!

    • My pleasure, Becca! –Kim

  22. suzannelazear

    hehehehe. I’m teaching creative writing to inner-city teen girls and we were just talking about this yesterday. BICHOC (but in chair, hands on key board) and Heinliens Rules (1. you must write, 2. you must finish what you write) lol, then we talked about freewriting as a way to jumpstart your muse and did a freewriting excercise (which they complained was hard, lol, but I did say they could write whatever even if it’s “I don’t know what to write” over and over AND I didn’t make them share, lol).

    Yesterday the hubby and the tot went to the baach while I was at work. Sigh. So not fair.

    What am I reading? Um…I just finished Evermore (YA) and A Hint of Wicked (a debut historical written by someone in my local RWA chapter, I usually don’t read historicals but I want to support the ladies!). I have yet to start a new one, but I have a pile of “summer ready” curtesy of the teens in my dance class…Ally Carter, Libbra Bray…all kinds of good stuff (mostly YA).

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. That is fantastic that you’re teaching. You rock! (grin) Let them go to the beach. You’re changing lives. Enjoy your reading! –Kim

  23. Regine

    Kim, I must just laugh about you. I have imagined you. In one of your books, Rachel tidies her desk, and nevertheless it does not look better later.*hihi* I organize if I feel like it, I am also often forgetful. Embarrassing! You should enjoy the summer. Sleeping also… 😉 I am a hedonist, I wished we finally had a warm summer. My creative time comes in evening, then I sit down and begin to paint. At night, I simply can switch off better. I read also evening of the kindest. 😉

    I have sent the e-mail to you once again, I would not like to ask the question in the mail here. I hope it was OKI?

    Writing with a lot of fun and ask us, if nothing occurs to you. *grin* Joke!

    Greetings from germany, your Regine

    • Hi, Regine.
      Oh, my desk is usually organized. I’m more like Ivy in that way. It sounds like you are very creative after dark. I work best in the sun, but everyone is different. I understand about the private email. It is in my in box. I just haven’t had time to open it up. Tonight! –Kim

    • Regine

      Hey Kim 😉 Thank you for your mail, I was incredibly pleased to hear from you. I admire you, this you have so much time for us. That’s great. Thanks!
      Yes, this sounds like Ivy. *grin*
      I am enjoying the sun now. She is finally there.

      V V — Your Regine 🙂

    • It was my pleasure, Regine. 😉 –Kim

  24. Valerie

    Well… *clears throat*… step away from the paperclips *grin*… I hope you get some unblocking going on today as you write. Just wanted to let you know that Madison, Barnabas, and Josh hung out with me outside ALL day yesterday as I waited with my daughter for a concert (yes, we had to get there at 11:30 am and it did not start until 7pm). As I was reading , surrounded by pubescent girls (and some guys) I got several questions about what I was reading. So… I did spread the word about Madison around, concert side yesterday, Finished it by the encore, and loved her story. The end was so cool and cannot wait to see where this goes next. Keep it up, it will come to you.

    • Grin No paperclips were touched today. I was good, and I sat and wrote until I reached my goal. Then I went shopping! That is very cool you took ODTS to the concert! Thank you so much for the word of mouth. I really appreciate it! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks! –Kim

  25. Antonija

    Oh and good luck on your writing!

  26. Antonija

    Hey Kim,
    Seems like you have a lot of fun with your new blog 🙂
    It’s really cool that it is working so well and the new style is kind of..cuddly:D
    I’ll miss the old Drama Box, cause I’ve posted there for a long time, but your new one is wonderful.
    Oh and did I have told you that my english gets better and better since I’m posting on your website?:D ( Well, maybe you have recognized that *g*)
    Not only that you’re my model and that your book give me some hours of forgetting everything around me, your indirect helping me to improve my english.
    Kim,you’re my heroine;)

    • Hi, Antonija. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did notice that your English is getting better! It was pretty good to begin with. You should be proud of how you’ve improved. –Kim

  27. Antonio Rich

    A mist machine makes me think of all those heavy metal videos from the 80s, the ones that feature a girl wriggling on the hood of a car. Talk about giving your neighbors something to talk about. Oooooo, a power washer! Lucky dog(it’s a guy thang) QUESTION: I can’t help but notice that since you announced that you were going to write a story about a certain someone from their point of view, you’ve found time to do everything from create a new drama page, write a poem ABOUT the drama page, organize your rubber bands, plant a garden, and now blog about sitting on your hands over Madison. I’m no psychiatrist, but i’m just sayin’. Yes?Maybe? Maybe not? *PS I miss Linda from Germany and her pirate “ARRRRGGGGGS” and her random cursing – you didn’t ban her, did you?

  28. christinawb703

    Kim, I am an organizer when I have writers block as well. Nice to see that I am not the only one. I am really excited, I have got an ending for my book and now I can do all that cool foreshadowing that you have taught me so well with your books. Thanks for all of the questions you have answered, great and small. I am sure there will be other questions, but for now I just want to say THANK YOU. -Christina Orlando, FL

  29. Scott S, Clovis CA

    I once heard Ray Bradbury speak at a convention. He said the most important thing about being a writer was “putting seat of pants to seat of chair — otherwise nothing gets done”. Can’t argue with that.

  30. Denise

    Kim – good luck on the getting it down part! Have a question, what exactly is chu pits? I mean in the context you mean it to be something bad, but what is it?? I keep thinking like sewer pits??

  31. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! You were talking about what you’ve been reading. I’ve been reading an author out of the paranormal or urban fantasy realms. Her name is Carla Neggers. She apparently has been writing for a while and I’m just getting into her stuff. She has at least four different series of stories. I’m caught up on two and starting another. I’m really enjoying her voice. Have you ever heard of her?
    p.s. The home computer is still down! I may have to get someone in to rebuild! Yuck!!!

  32. lemonade

    Wow! I go away for a teeny bit and look what happens! Shiny new drama box! Looks wonderful.

    I think it’s really interesting to see the work that goes into writing a novel, and that even someone who seems to have unlimited imagination can have an off-day once in a blue moon.
    Thanks for sharing the process, as geeks like me love to see how things work. And I’m sure your ‘ugly’ is a lot better than most people’s ‘pretty’.

    • Thanks, Lemonade! I starting to like the new Drama Box myself! As for my day? It went pretty good. 😉 I’m so glad to see you here. Thanks for making the switch! –Kim