Of Dirt and Shoelaces

Madison ShoelaceOkay, so Friday, after closing the office down, Guy and I went to the home improvement store and–amaze, amaze–came home with a bunch of homeless plants.  I’ve been trying to naturalize the grounds that got torn up when the house was built, so when I found hearty ferns half off, I loaded up.   I also picked up for a dollar about five sun-loving plants, which is what ended up giving me the most trouble.

I swear, it was a two-hundred dollar hole in the ground for five, one-dollar plants.  I pulled out more rock out of that hole, then there was hole!  Headsized down to thumbsized, all mashed together with a thin layer of dirt between them so it looked like one solid rock.  But the plants are in, and I’ll take a picture next year when they look decent.  It must have taken me over an hour just to dig the hole.

Even better, Guy found in his office a box of Madison freebies that somehow missed the tour, so if you would like a pair of promotional shoelaces, we’re giving them away for the price of a 64 cent stamp(s).  Just send me a self-addressed, stamped (64 cents) standard business size envelope, and we’ll send you two freebies.    My mailing address is:

Freebies gone.  Sorry!


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37 responses to “Of Dirt and Shoelaces

  1. Gothar

    I was re-reading for a few dollars (demons) more and I’m trying to figure out how Newt could possess Rache unless it’s some property of demon scars or it’s just a Newt-ism….

  2. Kat

    ok, I’m going to give the new Drama Box a try! I just wanted to tell you that when I went to buy gas today I looked at the gas prices and said to myself–“crap on toast!” I laughed out loud at myself. I’m talking like Rachel. By the way, where do you come up with all of your euphemisms? Do you just pluck them from your brain…they are truly unique! 🙂 ~kat from california.

    I like the new format!

    • Hi, Kat. Oh, that’s too funny! I love it! I do that myself, sometimes, and I have to be really careful not to use one worlds euphemisms in the other. Unless . . . I do it intentionally, which I have occasionally.

      Where do I get them? I have NO idea. They just kind of show up. Although I will admit that Sweet Seraph Toes came from Faith Hunter’s worlds. –Kim

  3. JaylanPHNX

    So I know you’re busy, busy, busy with work, but I also know writers have to read like fish gotta swim. Whatcha been reading lately? I just finished Jim Butcher’s latest and am finishing up Karen Miller’s Godspeaker trillogy. Good stuff. (And, yes, Madison’s on my list!)

    • OMGosh, a bunch of new stuff.
      Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey (July 21st)
      Child Thief by Brom. Yes, Bromm, the visual artist. Jealous, jealous I am that he can express himself both visually and with words. (Aug 25th)
      For YA, there’s Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse by Kaleb Nation (Sep 1st)
      I’ll have more in tomorrow’s post. –Kim

    • JaylanPHNX

      I understand your jealousy. Believe me, if I could draw worth half a damn, I’d be on top of the comic book world by now. As it stands, I can’t find an artist (I have 4 friends that draw) who actually wants to work.

  4. V^^^^V

    Howdy ma’am,

    This new format is interesting. How do you like it? A little bird(Raven) told me you named one of Jenks’ girls Jolivia. I thought that was so cool. I almost feel like a godfather or something. I think I was the first person to use that name when Showgirl was on the B&N forums almost 2.5 years ago. Has she said anything about it yet?

    • Vampy! I wondered if you were going to follow me over to my new blog! That is so cool! I’m starting to like it a lot, though answering posts is a bit tricky because I have to check multiple threads.

      Yes, I named one of Jenks’s kids Jolivia. I think that Vicki Pettersson knows it. I did get it from you, but Vicki and I seem to keep borrowing each others names unknowingly. What can I say? Great minds and all. 😉 –Kim

    • V^^^^V

      Of course I’ll follow you. You are my all time favorite author.

      Great minds may think alike but you and Vicki use yours a lot better than I do.


      ps The one concern I had about this new format is the multiple thread thing.

    • Yeah, me too. It’s really awkward to have to keep checking old posts. I’m thinking I can dismantle the posting feature of an existing thread, but I don’t know if it will throw out the old posts. Must do some experimentation. –Kim

  5. Alicia

    I loved your Madison Book. It was wonderful. I cant wait for the next one!!

  6. mudepoz

    Be careful what you let follow you home. On the blog (which I think might be easier than websites but it does have some quirks) I have a picture of what started off as an adorable Kiwi. Pink, white and green leaves, I had seen it at the Chicago botanic gardens and just HAD to have it.

    It is now to the top of a 40 year old ash. It is the Hardy Kiwi attempting to eat the world. It MIGHT be as bad as Kudzu! Hmmmph, I got my wonderful DON’T touch the baby pins for Kim and I…but honestly…ONE shoelace, Guy? Mud:) and the mega Buppies. (Kim, are they really demons?)

  7. Kenny G

    I received one of those with my WWBC T-shirt. Right?? I got it somehow.

  8. zieschlern

    Hey it works oh sorry I had to change the name it’s me amy aka from germany

  9. zieschlern

    Heya Kim just wanted to test the gravatar and I guess I will send you an email with an order the next few weeks. Have a nice monday!

  10. Antonio Rich

    I went to dinner sunday with family and my neice and nephews gave me a Father’s Day present – a bright blue “snuggie.” They were so pleased with themselves, they called me later to make sure i liked it and was using it. I told them i loved it so much i was going to walk around my neighborhood in it, all mysterious like i was Obi Wan Kenobi: “this is not the garage sale you are looking for…” QUESTIONS: Did you or the boys get Tim anything? And, When is your mom going to post? Carrie Vaughn’s mom postes on her blog all the time? Be good.

    • Hi, Antonio. Oh, you made me laugh! “This is not the garage sale you are looking for.” Okay, I’ll spill. Tim got one of those misters for outside to cool you off, and a cherry pitter from me cause he needed one. And a power washer because it’s been his dream to be able to spray like that and blow holes into screens. (go figure) My mom? She’s more of a lurker. 😉 She’s here, though. –Kim

  11. Sondra

    Kim! That is so funny. I always have that problem, but it never turns out to be what it should. I always dig it all back up and rearrange it. My yard is full of flowers. They were all almost dead when I got them, most were freebies from my local nursery. And they are thriving. I used to live in maryland and it’s all rock. hope the muse is turned on today.

    • See, that’s the beauty of gardening. I bet you get a lot of satisfaction from your yard work. I know I do. The muse is on, and off today. Madison is trying to grow up, and I’m having a hard time saying good-bye. –Kim

  12. Brittany

    Hi, Kim.
    I really couldnt find the right place to post comments about your books, so I chose here. I love your Rachel Morgan series, they are amazing. I am 18 and an inspired writer sense i was 15, and you have inspired me and i had i question, what should you do if you hit a writers block? I have been writing on a book for almost a year now, i work on it a while then stop then i go back and I’m getting towards the end and I’m like i want to finish but at the same time I’m like but then its over, is that wierd? Anyway sorry i babble sometimes, but i love your rachel morgan series and i was wondering if there was going to be another book after white witch black curse?
    A fan, Brittany

    • Hi, Brittany. This is the exact place to post comments. You found me! 😉 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! That is very cool you write. I hope you always stick with it. You asked about writer’s block? I usually get writer’s block when I try to make my characters do something that deep down I know they would never do. Either that, or I haven’t done enough planning ahead. This feeling you have about not wanting to finish is very, very common. I fight it myself. I’m fighting it right now with Madison, actually, but you just have to grit your teeth and push forward through it, knowing that once it’s over, you’re not really saying good-bye. You’re just finishing the story so you can write about someone new.

      There is going to be more Hollows. I’m scheduled to write a total of 12-13. 😉

      Good luck! –Kim

  13. LIndy, Alberta, Canada

    Hiya Kim!!
    So last night i finished Once dead, Twice shy and it was awesome. I found that it had a completely different voice than that of your Hollows series and you know what, i was super happy about that. Dont get me wrong, i love the hollows (or as my little sister would say, i heart the Hollows 🙂 ) but the Hollows are the Hollows, Madison Avery is Madison Avery and im sure that when i read the Truth series it will be the truth series. 3 seperate subjects all written by an extremely talented and versatile author. I look forward to more books from you Kim, in any genre. Im a huge fan of your work. 🙂 Oh!! i almost forgot! I checked out another author from your links page this weekend and i have to say she was really good. Kelly Armstrong. Thanks again for all the great author suggestions!!!!

    • Hi, Lindy.
      Cool! I’m so glad you liked it! I’m really pleased you heard a different voice in Madison. I was trying really hard to make her her own person and not just a younger Rachel. That’s great that you took a chance on Kelley’s work. Isn’t she fantastic? –Kim

  14. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! I’m glad somebody had a good weekend! I have spent the entire weekend arguing with my internet service provider. They tell me nothing is wrong, but I still can’t get anything to connect on the internet! I haven’t been able to even check my email since Thursday. I’m sneaking on here right now from work. But I just had to get my daily Kim-fix!

    • Sue, Chicago

      BTW, since I had time this weekend, I had a chance to do some re-reading. I was reading Every Which Way But Dead, and proceeded to get all choked up while reading the scene between Kisten and Rachel, when he tells her he wasn’t leaving her and that she could never give him enough emotion. Knowing what happens in the future with him, makes that scene that much more bittersweet. I really miss him!

    • Sue, I so know what you mean. I don’t think I could read that part without tearing up, either. –Kim

  15. Chastity

    Ah, planting. I’ve never been any good at it. Seriously, no green thumb here. But this Mother’s Day (as usual) my youngest son gave me a plant. A marigold plant to be exact. But this time I was determined to keep it living, so I did some research (extensive research) about the plant. And after a trip to the local garden department (Yay Miracle Grow!) and few chants of “Live, Live I say!” I am very proud to say…it is thriving! As for the freebie offer–Thanks! My envelope is on the way as well.

    Now, I have a question for you–When do you find time to write? Or do you make time to write? Is there a set time of the day (everyday) that you sit down to write or do you write whenever the mood hits you? (I so hope that makes some kind of sense)

    • Hi, Chastity. Mmmm, a marigold. It’s an annual, so it won’t come up next year, but if you plant it in the sun and keep it watered, you should get lots of flowers all summer long. Have fun!

      You asked when do I write? I was able to quit my day job several years ago, so I am at my desk from about 8 am to 6-7 pm most days. PR takes up a chunk of time, but outside of that, I’m writing. I have too many deadlines to just write when I feel like it. It’s a hard, long, tough job, and I’m usually aching somewhere by the end of the day. –Kim

  16. Valerie

    Sounds like a lot of work, but rewarding in the future. Isn’t that how it always goes? I am dropping my envelope in the mail today. Thanks so much for the freebie offer!!! Reading Madison right now. I am only through the first 5 chapters, but think I see a spark of Rachel in that little blonde head :0) xo Val

    • Hi, Valerie.
      Excellent! I’ll be looking for your SASE to come through. I really like the freebies for Madison. I hope you like her story! –Kim