Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies.

Yesterday, someone asked about my avatar, because it’s really hard to see what’s in that lower corner.  (Get your avatar at http://en.gravatar.com/ ) So I promised I’d post it in the larger format.  It’s my burning bunny, which has sort have evolved into how I think of ideas.  Soft, cuddly ideas that can do no one any harm, until they take hold of your life, and flame up, consuming your life and multiplying until .  . . you have to corral them with paper and ink.  Burning bunnies are ideas that multiply and spread.  More info at https://kimharrison.wordpress.com/burning-bunnies/When I decided to write YA, (Once Dead, Twice Shy) I had to make a second, smaller bunny beside its older sibling.  And when I have a third series when the Hollows ends, I’ll add another.  But for now, just the two.

I’m going to keep the drama box blog open this weekend . . . Whoo-hoo!  Go out and have some fun this weekend.  Guy has been in my office already, taunting me about finishing my work so we can go to the home improvement store.  Last weekend, we set up one of those pre-fab fountains so I can hear the water outside my office window, and this weekend, I want to shift the fence to  include it inside it.  Shouldn’t be too hard.  It’s not a cement and post fence.



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  1. Hi, James! Yup! You did it right! Thank you for taking the plunge! 😉 –Kim

  2. James Fox

    Hi Kim it’s jJom from toungstoen. I hope you had a great weekend. I hope this shows up as I don’t have an avatar and don’t know anything about them

  3. Stacey

    I stumbled onto your books by accident when I order some used books on ebay. I LOVE THE HOLLOWS. I’m addicted, your characters are amazing. I’m sitting in the living room by myself reading and laughing out loud at Jenks or crying when Kisten died. Thank you so much for writing these books. I just ordered White Witch Black Curse from Barnes and Noble and paid the extra shipping to get it faster. I just cleaned out my closet and bookcase of books I’ve had for at least 20 years and kept it at books that I love to read over and over again, (wich I do alot) The Hollow books are at the top of my bookcase. Thank you for the escape of reality to a place I feel comfortable and enjoy.

    • Hi, Stacey.
      Wow, thank you! I’m so glad you took a chance on my work, and delighted that you enjoyed them so much! (big grin) I’m honored that you have put them with your keepers. I’ve got a few more Hollows books before it’s all over, so I hope you enjoy them! –Kim

  4. Lora

    Hi Kim! Wow, I just finished reading White Witch, Black Curse. I finished it within a few hours 😉 but hey, I’ve always been a fast reader. Me and my friend (and my mom) are all obsessed with the Hollows series. But I, eh, have a question… sorry if this tosses something off, but hey, I take pride in finding loopholes even if it is sadly from one of my favorite authors.

    {slight spoiler warning}

    If Rachel did that demon curse that allowed her to Were, and she got new skin that was perfectly clear, then why are her ears still pierced? My friend (the one mentioned above) noted that pierced ears weren’t really a “blemish,” but I doubted a demon curse would really stick to a dictionary definition, lol. =] Also, do all demons have the same eye color? I know they have horizontally slitted eyes, but color-wise? Thanks!
    P.S. Very nice job on replying to fan’s comments. There’s barely one here without some reply; I am impressed. x]

    • Hi, Lora.
      Thanks! I’m glad that you are enjoying the Hollows. That is too cool that both you and your mom are reading them. You’re right about the pierced ears. I probably should have addressed that. And yes, all demons have red eyes, except for Newt, who has black eyes. –Kim

    • Lora

      Lol, yeah! It’s not just my mom and I, it’s my friend, her mom, one of my friends at sunday school and HER mom… We have our own little group of fans! XD Oh, and one more question. Did the books ever say how old Al was? I don’t know if they did… but demons can live over 5000 years, so who knows, maybe he just keeps track by the hundreds now, lol. (:

    • Hi, Lora.
      The books haven’t really said, but he’s been around since the two worlds seperated, so a couple thousand years? I don’t like having characters that old, but in this case, I needed it. –Kim

    • jwocky

      Doesn’t Al have to be well over (or at least) 5000 years since the book stated there haven’t been any new demons in 5000 years.

  5. Mary

    I love rachel and trent. I follow your drama box at least 3 times a week. I’m going to hope I can keep up with this. The Hollows series is by far the best I’ve read. I’m going to barnes and nobles and pick up a Madison book and start that while I wait for the next hollow book.

    • Hi, Mary,
      I’m hoping that the blog/drama box stays pretty much the same apart from a slighty different format, so fingers crossed!
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows, and I hope that you like the new Madison series. It’s compleatly different and in a world that is closer to our own than the Hollows. Enyoy! –Kim

  6. Sian

    I am not sure if this is reliant here but…

    I just read your FAQ about how long it takes to turn out a book and noticed in one of your blogs that you’re writing more on the madison book. I was wondering if this will mean that we will have to wait longer for more Hollows or is it just the beginning of the end.

    I wouldn’t hold it against you, we all do it but I have noticed over the years that authors get distracted by their new toys and neglect their old series. Can we get some closure for Rachel before the Hollows becomes a dead series?

    On a side note, I am forever amazed at your dedication to your fan replies,

    Love Sian

    • Hi, Sian.
      That’s an excellent question. The second Madison book is currently at the publishers. I’ve done the editorial rewrite on it, and have only now to do a copy edit, (along with a copy editor from the publisher) and then I’m done! I’m writing the rough draft of the third one this month.

      The Hollows is on a one-book-a-year schedule, and I like it like that. It allows me time to comfortably write a Hollows book, a Madison, and maybe a short or two.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thanks! –Kim

  7. Angela (MN)

    Ahh a baby bunny! How cute! ><

    I just finished reading the short story in "Prom Nights From Hell," wish I would have read it before ODTS – but, I wasn't patient enough to wait for the book to be ordered in. I can't wait until more is published!

    • Thank you, Angela! I’m really glad you liked it. ODTS does make a lot more sense after reading the novella, but . . . well . . . there it is. 😉 More is on the way! –Kim

  8. Lauren


    I was on this art website, DeviantArt, and I came across this fanart picture of Rachel and Jenks by their church. It was made by ValliantCreations, and I’d thought I’d send it over.


    Have a great day!

    • Antonio Rich

      Lauren. You should scoop that up and make it your avatar!

    • Thanks, Lauren! Isn’t that beautiful? The artist has contacted me about it, and I love it. Before taking it for your avitar, (if you do, since Antonio mentioned it) you might want to contact the artist. As one who makes art herself, it is wonderful feeling when someone likes your work. –Kim

  9. Heya Kim, hope you got my mail, I discovered the german covers for the princess series. Have a great weekend, over here are many festivals, that’ll be fun. aimée

    • Hi, Amy! Your post came through just great! Oh and thank you for the heads-up on the german covers for the Decoy Princess series. I hadn’t seen them yet. They are beautiful!!! Thank you! –Kim

  10. Hey Kim!

    The bunnies are so cute! And I really like your new blog setup. Have to share this: earlier this evening, Other Half and I had a mini-argument about how many times Jenks got big. I think I won with only once. In our defense, there was a bit of alcohol involved and I’m a little more … obsessed with the series than he is.

    Hope your weekend is great!

  11. jinx1984

    Hi Kim,

    I like this new drama box its pretty spiffy. I’ve always wanted to have a garden but never really had a home that I could have a garden. I live in apartments. I remember when I was little my grandpa was planting some flowers and he gave me a seed to plant and then next time i came to visit it turned out to be a huge sunflower taller than me and every since then I always wanted to plant things. The burning bunnies are awsome 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi, Kneosha.
      That is a beautiful story about your grandpa! He really made an impression on you, it seems. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t put things in the ground and see them grow. I really don’t. I hope your weekend was fab! –Kim

  12. A.N.

    Hello Ms. Kim! This new site is better for us to post but I notice you have more work. If I remember correctly you visit a morgue. Do you witness an autopsy? I saw one in Facebook, it looks like a class but maybe it was a prank, but judging by it I think I handle my chicken meat better (ha ha). Seriously, it was horrible, I was impressed. Happy Father Day to Mr. Guy. Be Happy!

    • Hi, A.N.
      Me in a morgue? Noooooo. That must have been some other author. I’ve not ever been in a morgue. Yuck!
      I hope your weekend was great! –Kim

  13. Chastity

    Kim–Love the addition to the flaming bunny. It’s great! Love the new Drama Box! Have a great weekend!

  14. Kim I hope you have a great weekend! That water fountain sounds soothing.

  15. Phil

    Hi, Kim! Like the burning bunnies! Using them to give you ideas is unique! The new blog is looking great! You’re staying open this weekend?! Woowho! with all the rain we’ve been having up here in NY your blog makes for a happy weekend! I have a question about the Hollows…Inderlanders can almost always tell other inderlanders apart from humans, like by the scents. How do humans figure out who the inderlanders are–apart from the obvious like pixies, vamps and such? Like it seems witches don’t have any obvious physical characteristics? Oops! Hope I’m not missing something?! Have a great weekend!! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil,
      Thanks! I’ve been using that bunny to represent ideas for a couple of years now.
      You asked about how do humans tell if someone is an Inderlander or not? Well, in the case of living vampires, there’s the slightly enlongated teeth (which were once ground down, but no longer are) but for witches and Weres, there is no obvious tell. You just have to ask, I suppose. –Kim

  16. Britttany

    I know i’m late I just wanted to say that I really loved that poem, it’s such an ordinary thing to write about and you made it interesting 🙂

  17. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim! We love the burning bunnies. Actually, yesterday I was on etsy looking for a steampunk tiara and I ran across some little grey agora felted toy bunnies–a mommy and a baby. It made me think of your burning bunnies and my first thought was “What could I do to make them look like burning bunnies? Do I even have any red and orange wool roving anymore?” LOL. One day maybe, I haven’t done any crafting since I got serious about writing. The tot says hello. She’s enjoying her first day of vacation. Pre-K is officially over. ~Sniff.~ This fall I’ll have a kindergartener. ~double sniff~ How fast they grow. Guess I’ll have to call her something other than the tot. LOL.
    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne.
      How about Tater-tot. (grin) I’m sorry. That’s not even my joke. You wouldn’t believe the times I’ve run across people who have crafted bunnies, and I ask them if they have a red one, and they look at me like I’m crazy. –Kim

  18. Sabrina

    Hi, Kim!
    I hope you’re going to have much fun this weekend! My fun potential is rather low at the moment as my two year contract with my airline is about to expire and I will soon be informed if they’re going to extend it or not. Due to the economic situation they don’t need as many people as they used to so I’m pretty nervous and just hoping that I won’t be unemployed by the end of july. Big sigh. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I really need all the help I can get. Greetings from a slightly depressed Sabrina

  19. Regine

    Hello Kim. Always I thought this would be a cat on your picture. At
    the little drawing, however, I recognize a rabbit.
    The rabbits are yielding a meaning but now. You remind me of Rachel’s greeting..Bunny eared kiss kiss *hihi*

    Greetings from germany. Your Regine ^_^

    • Hi, Regine.
      It’s really odd, but bunnies and rabbits seem to just pop up around me. They are not my totem, though. 😉 –Kim

    • Regine

      Oh oki 🙂 I must just laugh because of the rabbits. Rabbits are still better than demons. Joke 😉 Kim, have you got my mail actually? I have sent her to your vampcharms e-mail address. I hope you like her.

      Beautiful evening and Bunny eared kiss kiss *hihi*
      Your Regine.

    • I’m sorry, Regine. It hasn’t come through. Try resendin?

  20. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! I’m lovin’ the new edition to the burnin’ bunny family. I think it would make a great tattoo. 🙂 I hate needles, and I have one…and actually I want to get a 2nd one. That’s evil that Guy is taunting you with the home improvement store. I could say be strong and finish your work, but that wouldn’t be true to what I’d really do…which is have fun and play hookey.~Indy

    • Hi, Indy. Yikes! A tattoo bunny? (grin) That would be something. Hey, we went to the home improvement store, and I bought a trunk full of plants half off because the flowers were dead. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

    • heatwave316

      Nice sale find. 🙂 I do love a good sale. Its a wonderful natural high. I still think the tattoo would be cool. It doesn’t have to be too big. Maybe you can start out with making some temporary bunny tattoos. 🙂 That would be pretty cute.~Ind

    • Temporary, I might do. (grin)

  21. ihearttattoos

    hey kim hope you have a great weekend,iam just checking i did my avatar correct…do you like??cool pic hey??
    hugs to you and yours
    becca and co

  22. Mud

    My yard was so pretty, until we got T-storms akin to Hurricanes. I live in Wisc to NOT have hurricane t-storms, thank you very much. Momma dog had me spend the night at the Animal Emergency. The pixie pups are the size of month olds, and think they live there. Lotsa money and no ideas as to why she’s ill. I got the day off, if I wake up, maybe I’ll clean out the koi pond. Or, maybe read. Yeah, thats’ the ticket. Hmm, do you have a glimmer what your possible third ‘after the hollows’ series would be?

    • mudepoz

      Happy Solstice And Father’s day to Guy. Hope you can use the longer day in the yard! I get to judge a dog show…inside.

    • Oh, and Happy Solstice!

    • Hi, Mud. Ouch, not good with mama dog. I’m so sorry. Maybe those big puppies are just taking it all out of her. I hope she feels better soon.

      You asked about “life after the Hollows?” I’ve a few ideas, but I’m not sharing yet. (grin)


  23. valxo

    Thanks for the explanation Kim. I had read about your “burning bunnies” before, but did not realized the little bunny represented Madison’s series. Cool!!! By the way, I laminated the one you sent back with my autographed WWBC and use it as my bookmark right now. Everyone asks me about it and I show it off all the time.

    • Wow, really? I’m flattered that you laminated it and made it into a bookmark. What a great way to spread the word! Thanks! –Kim

    • Valerie

      I am honored to spread the word Kim. So far I have two more people reading the series and the trend will keep going I am sure!!! Happy Monday.

  24. webbjm

    Hey Kim, have a great weekend. Hope we’ve seen the last of rain up here in VA cause I’m sick of it. I wanna be cruiseing around the lake not cutting grass! Oh btw I’m loving my new “Cook Books”.

    • Oh, cool! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Cook books. (grin) They are different, and I love them, but not everyone will, of course. I hope you had a sunny weekend! –Kim

  25. Chelle

    Hi Kim,

    I love the new bunny…Are we going to be able to order that one as well? Tell Guy the more he bugs you the longer it takes…lol… have fun setting up all your new goodies, the fountain will hopefully be soothing when needed. Enjoy your weekend! It’s storming here in Ohio.