I just remembered why I quit the gym.

Okay, long-time posters will have heard me before moaning about going to the gym.  I quit about six weeks ago because of an injury that just about laid me out.  Six weeks, and yeah, I’m getting flabby.  The extra walks with the dogs aren’t doing it, and since Guy is still going to the gym . . .   So I said I’d go with him last night.  Not do anything but stretch out and maybe walk on the treadmill.

Yeah.  Right.

I get there and put on my suit.  Say “hi” to everyone, and go into the room . . . and well, maybe I can do the warm-ups.  And I could.  Yay!  So maybe I can do the techniques, too.  And yay!  I could!  I did everything but the falls and rolls.  (duh) I had a blast with Guy in the take-downs doing them in slow mo–laughing more than anything else.  So it was a good day in the gym.

But oh, today . . .  I can feel it twinging, and as much as I want to stay where I am, I might have to drop back down to a different school of practice that’s not so rough.  Blaaaah.  This sucks dishwater.

Oh, and one of my readers told me yesterday that you can go to Amazon and order THIS blog (and any other, I suppose) to be delivered to your Kindle.  I’ve not checked it out yet, but how cool is that?



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  1. Tess

    Hi Kim,
    Cool new Blog! I am seriously challened in the net department. This may take some getting used to…
    Exercise sucks! If I had the roon I would *try* to do Tai Chi. My Apartment hasn’t got the room and the floors are tile and very hard. I have bad feet (heel spurs) and knees. Wish I could do water arobics but don’t live near a pool. Life sucks when you live in the boonies… You have a good day and be careful at the gym…
    Tess in TN

  2. Regine

    Hello Kim. I have physical fitness three times a week. Actually I am
    far too badly but my husband drags me to the fitness studio every time.
    I always wonder three times whether i shall go. Shall I? Shall I not?
    Shall I?
    I am of course grateful because this does my body well.
    Who works on the computer so much as me has tense muscles fast.
    I preserve a muscle construction in the studio.
    My coach is always pleased to see me wheezing. Such a bastard.
    *grin* If I sweat correctly, he means all OKI. I already call it torture chamber for fun.
    My pizza is ready now. *hihi*

    Greetings from germany. Your Regine ^_^

    • Hi, Regine.
      I wish I had your dedication. Three times a week would do me a lot of good. It’s sitting at the computer that is destrying my back, so I bought a chair that you kneel in instead of sit on, and it seems to help as long as I sit in it properly. –Kim

    • Regine

      Kim 😉 …Of course, it is easier if you go with a friend or husband to physical fitness. I alone would not stand this either. If the chair helps you, this is good. I also would need such a chair. Unfortunately, I do not have any study and sit in the living room. I would like to have a hobby room for paint. And a place for my computer! And a garden! *hihi* Joke. I am happy with my terrace.

      Greetings from germany. Your Regine 😉

  3. valxo

    The gym… Ughh… I need to get on that Wii fit and try it out. Something has to give, the scale is not budging lately… Happy weekend Kim, your fountain sounds lovely. Bet it makes for some great background therapy while you are working.

  4. proudfit

    sounds like maybe surgery time if still hurts today

    • I’ve had the tests, and they say it’s not bad enough for surgery. They’re probably right, but if it doesn’t improve at all, I’m going to do some invetigation on my own. Blind trust in your doctor can be fatal. –Kim

  5. Melisa

    Hi Kim just leaving a random comment to make sure that I know how to do this 🙂 I may be part of this younger generation but I am so technologically challenged it’s embarrassing 🙂 – Melisa

    • Hi, Melisa.

      Looks like you got it just fine! And now that I’ve approved your first post, you should see your comments show up as soon as you send them. Yay! Thanks for making the jump for me! –Kim

  6. lightmyway2day

    between work and more work. for me there is no time for the gym. And i know the walking that I do at my job isnt enough. i’m just lazy and can’t find the motivation for it!

    • See, that’s just the problem with me, too. Work takes up so much time, and then I want to play when I’m done with work, and excercise is often a lonely activity. Maybe if it was more fun I’d do it more. –Kim

  7. I prefer to get my exercise from horseback riding, swing dancing, and walking around on campus between classes. 🙂 Don’t like the gym, too many people who sweat all over everything!

    As for the diff. between wordpress and blogspot…i’ve never used wordpress, but they seem to be similar from what I’ve seen! Blogspot is just what I use, but wordpress is becoming very popular.

  8. Chrys

    Hi Kim! You might want to try Aikido. It’s not so rough on your body compared to other martial arts. For even less impact there is always yoga!

    • Hi, Chrys.
      I’ve been considering Yoga, but my darn competetive nature wants me in the gym kicking and throwing people. (rolls eyes) Aikido, eh? I’ll look into it. Thank you! –Kim

    • Mud

      Why Kim, I have the perfect solution: Do the yoga (which is actually my choice of physical abuse) and train the chi’s in schutzhund. Let them take down the opponent. Sorry, I haven’t had any sleep. Then again, the idea of your pups doing SchH is a wonderful visual. Chrys, I LOVE your name. The only one I know that spells her name that way is Chrystal, my momma dog:)

    • Chrys

      Hi Kim! Aikido might work, at least until you get better. Lots of throws, but there isn’t a lot of resistance, and the falls are more fluid so there’s less chance of injury. 🙂 I did it when an injury laid me out too, and it was fun! -Chrys

      Mud, thanks so much! Chrys is short for Chrysalis, but I tend to use my nickname online since my first name is so unusual- it becomes a privacy thing. 🙂 Chrystal is such a pretty name!

  9. Mud

    Hehehe. As you get to my ripe old age, you’ll discover that exercise is hazardous to your heatlh. Afterall, it’s only my biking and running buddies, and the tall dude that have to have knees replaced or arthroscopic surgery. My knees are just fine, thank you very much.
    Back to buppie training…Poor momma dog has a sick tummy, so off to the vet tomorrow. Guess I need to get more books…

    • Hi, Mud.
      Dude, I think I’m almost there. There’s aching after a workout, and then there’s pain. Blahhhh. Good luck with mamma dog. Not fun. –Kim

  10. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim! Nice new diggs! Heard great things about the Wii fit and the tot wants one something awful. You taking a cardio kick-boxing class? I’ve always wanted to try but it conflicts with my dance class, lol. Gotta dance! The tot says hello ~waerfgfgxhg~ (her message, something about burning bunnies in tutus). Have a great day. ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne.
      I’m just not one to sit in front of a TV and excercise, but I might give it a shot. I’ve heard so many good things. Cardio kick-boxing? Nope. I’m Hap-Ki-Do girl. Maybe a dance class is what I need. You have a great day, too! –Kim

  11. Gothar

    Kim, thanks for the hush hush point at the The Bridges of Eden Park short. The story was very interesting and especially with Kisten gone we get to see him in a new light, or at least brighter one.

    Regarding Jenks and his pixy life span, I think you’ve been reminding us for several books how angelic his wife is so it won’t be much of a shock when she’s called home. It sucks but am sure she’d not want to cheat death after raising a brood that’s got the garden to have in the future. That’s the true legacy of any parent – giving their children better then they got themselves.

    • Hi, Gothar.
      It was my pleasure. 😉 Shhhhh. it felt good to work with Kisten even that little bit. sigh.

      It might sound harsh, but I’ve been trying to kill Mattie for about three books to move the story along, and I’ve not been able to do it because it’s going to devistate Jenks. sigh again.


  12. malificentone

    Thanks for the information on the avatar site. I have always like this one

  13. Kara

    Heeey Kim! I know this is totally unrelated to your gym episode but just letting you know, I wrote an essay about A Fistful of Charms today for my regents (a big NYC test that you need to graduate)and I compared it to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games ^o^ just sharing that information! X3

    We had to apply the quote ‘man is most strongest when he is alone’, agree or disagree, and explain why using two works. So I disagreed and spoke about how Rachel and Jenks needed each other to find Nick and Jax regardless of their problems, and compared it to The Hunger Games in which (if you’ve read it) although Katniss has to kill Rue and vice versa, Katniss would’ve never survived without Rue in the first place 😀

    So that’s it! Good luck with things at the gym! Try your best ^_^


    • Hi, Kara.
      Oh, how cool! Thank you for telling me about using FOC in your exam. Very, very cool! 😉

      And thank you for your words about the gym. I’ll figure it out. Eventually. –Kim

  14. JaylanPHNX

    Wow, it’s gonna take a bit to get used to the new blog. It’s like when they change Doctors on Doctor Who, you’re not sure you like the new one, you miss the old one, and you’ll repeat the same feelings next time :). So I’ve got my synopsis written up and I’m working on my query letter. I’ve got several agents bookmarked. It’s a tough, but exciting stage. My final rewrite is done (until an agent/editor/publisher starts making changes). I should be sending out my submissions next week. Wish me luck. If I get published, I want a quote from you on the cover.

    • Hi, Jaylan.
      (grin) I know exactly how you feel! I love all the good Doctors, but they do take some getting used to.
      Good luck on your submissions! The best way to get around the submission jitters is to start working on something new. –Kim

    • JaylanPHNX

      I am. I’m letting my writing group vote on a couple different ideas again. Two people haven’t voted yet and it’s TIED!

  15. Reiko

    Dear Kim,

    When you have a moment, could you answer two questions for me? In your latest book, Rachel and Marshall did not know that Tom was shunned until they were told. However, once Rachel is shunned everyone seems to know very quickly. How does everyone know that Rachel is shunned when she doesn’t? Also, soon will your Drama Box link on your main web page link to this site?

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Reiko.
      You bet. You asked about Tom’s shunning compared to Rachel’s? I’m not really sure why she didn’t find out before most of Cincy. I think it’s probably because she is almost off the grid, so to speak, and doesn’t need society too much. Therefore, word got around before she needed something.
      How long before the two will link? Oh, I’ve got the blog link up on the website menu, but I’m not yet ready to let go of the drama box quiet yet. I’m going to give it a week so I can catch most of the long-time posters. –Kim

  16. nocturnalvixen

    At least your trying… lord knows if I went to a gym now I’d drop dead… perhaps if I start slow with some cardio…
    About Madison… unfortunatly we have everything here BUT Target and a good book store. “Tall fart” and “Liers” are being slow on the uptake… All I find in there is sparkling vampires… shutter lol

    • Hi, Anna.
      I got up from my desk the other day and my legs hurt. It kind of scared me, so yes, I’m back in the gym.
      Oh, you’re bad! Sparkling vampires. I want a button that says:Pixies sparkle. Vampires suck! (grin)

    • nocturnalvixen


      I know what you mean… I went out for a friends birthday, it was goth night at the club and I love the music but my knees and my neck the next day… I felt WAY older then my years. lol
      And hey, if you make or find that button I so want one! lol

    • Hi, Anna.
      Sounds like you had too much fun. (grin) –Kim

    • JaylanPHNX

      I saw a shirt in Hot Topic that said, “I heart boys that sparkle.” My first thought was, “Sorry, honey, but boys that sparkle only love other boys that sparkle.”

  17. Heya Kim, I saw Guy came over. How sweet is that! I couldn’t decide so I’m reading FFDM german and Truth 1 currently. I like 1.truth so far, but it bugs me that she always says “Ash!” is that in english like this, too? And if yes, why? It feels strange if someone says that all the time… but the rest I like, it sounds exciting. And she has a hawk, how cool is that?! (seems to be my favourite sentence today 😉 okay, see you!

    • Hi, Amy.
      Yup, Guy came on over. He’s a sweetie alright. I think my mom is lurking, too, but it will take her a while to post anything.
      That is very cool you’re reading the Truth books! Yes, Ashes is a swear word in Alissa’s world. I hope you enjoy! I’m looking ahead at all the cool things I did with that story, and I’m smiling. –Kim

  18. SeattleRobin

    Oops, I gave the wrong impression yesterday about the blog for Kindles. You have to sign up at Amazon so that they’ll offer it in their blog subscription section. They make it sound like it’s very easy to setup. So when you get extra time (hah!) you might want to look into it. Then tell us it’s available and we can all go rate it as a great blog. (grin)

    I got the link to the entry page for you:


    • OMGosh, Robin. Thank you so much for the link. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do this, and you went and did the hard part for me! Thank you, thank you! –Kim

  19. Antonio Rich

    Sorry, don’t mean to be a pain, but just in case you didn’t see it, there is an article in today’s USAToday(6/18) about YA publisher’s linking mobile&online technology to published works. And – specifically, it mentions HarperCollins beginning a new program,THIS WEEK, called 2D bar codes which allows people to scan the codes on the back of the book w/cameras on their mobile devices which allows readers to connect directly to supplementary internet content,like interviews,etc. Too cool.

  20. Everett Davenport

    I know what you mean about the gym. A few years ago I could deadlift over 300 pounds, now I can hardly get the lid off of the pickle jar. But, I am looking around for alternatives. This blog thing is gonna take getting used to and I wonder if the avatar thingie works… take care, Everett

    • Hi, Everett. I’m seeing your avatar perfectly! Yay! Mmmm. Well, I’ve never been able to deadlift 300 pounds. (grin) Looks like you got this bloging thing down! –Kim

    • Everett Davenport

      Since I have beel ill, I have no tolerance for exercise at all. The old days ae gone. As for the blog thing, I have always been a quick study. Take care, Everett

  21. Antonio Rich

    (GRIN) OK! I think i have helpful info so that you don’t have to do double duty approving posts and then approving posts after they aquire their avatars. I think people are clicking on your helpful link, and while gravatar requires a nickname, people find their names are taken(Yeah! by them the day before!). so, when they go back to your blog to post they find they have the nickname instead. there was a highlighted “log off” above my new name, i logged off your site, came back and “trumpets sound” i got my old name back AND i had my new avatar (Tony the Tiger, get it). Anyhoo – the avatar follows your web address not your nickname. Actually, it would have been better if people would have signed up for their new avatar BEFORE visiting the new blog and being approved. Shame on you, Shorty(urban slang for cutie).

  22. heatwave316

    Hi Kim!!! I hear you on the exercise. I’ve been really bad, and not been to the gym since April. Work got busy, and since I hate to go, motivation is lacking. What I need is a good yoga class. We have wii fit at home, so that is an option too. On the Kindle, you can get your blog added. Its free for you to put in the Kindle catalog, but users have to pay a monthly fee. You pick the fee, but i think the lowest level is 0.99. I totally love my Wonder Woman avatar…very empowering.~Indy

    • Antonio Rich

      Hi Indy! Just introducing myself to familiar posters? Are you from Indianapolis by chance? I like the elliptical myself. I’m not sure what kim’s doing, but i would reccomend water aerobics – it’s not just an old person’s excercise class anymore. Be good…

    • heatwave316

      Hi Antonio!!! I am in Indiana, not far from Indianapolis. I can’t believe you de-coded my secret. lol The elliptical beats me into the ground. My best time ever was 5 whole minutes. I am a treadmill girl for now.~Indy

    • Hi, Indy.
      It seems the more you need excercise, the less time you have for it. At least that’s the way it goes for me. Thanks again for the info on the Blog. I’ll see if I can’t put it in the catalog. –Kim

  23. webbjm

    hey Kim, told ya before buy a wii fit!!!! your body will thank you later.~ Justin, VA