Day two. I’m still alive.

Whew!  Yesterday was a doosie, and I want to thank everyone who came over from the website yesterday.  I tried to approve your posts as fast at they came in, and already I see that some posters are able topost freely without a second approval.  I really appreciate the effort that some of you guys are making.  I know that changing technology isn’t the easiest thing, and I thank you for making the effort.

And since I’m talking about technology, I want to bubble a bit about something kind of cool that makes blogs more fun: avatars.   If you’ve been on a blog before, you might already have one, or you might have one at one site, and not at another. Well WordPress has taken advantage of a new program application called Gravatar, which is simply an avatar that can follow you from site to site if you use the same email address. To get one, you go to their site, load a picture, and it shows up when you post. Kind of like the photos at Facebook. It helps identify you, and puts a picture to the name. I’m using my bunny family right now, but I might change it.

I do have some cool news for you about the Madison books. Some of the bunny cam pictures have hopped over to HarperTeen’s facebook site. (grin)  Go see! HarperTeen has also featured ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY in their rolling banner at the HarperTeen site. Very cool!  It makes me feel good to be rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers in a new genre.

And over at Eos, they are giving away full on-line access to Vicki Pettersson’s SCENT OF SHADOWS, the first book in her Signs of the Zodiac series, so if you were thinking of picking up her books and didn’t want to take the plunge, you can do it for free for a limited time. Or, if you already are hooked, now’s your chance to get your friends hooked without risking your books not finding their way home. (Come on, you KNOW it happens! grin)



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55 responses to “Day two. I’m still alive.

  1. Yu Jin

    Hey Kim, just stopping by to say hi. Oh, and loved the poem.

  2. Heya Kim, new site old greeting ;). So, Bunny family? who else is on the right of the bunny? Is there a bigger pic anywhere?
    Thanks, amy aka aimée

    • Hi, Amy! Good to see you here! Thanks for making the jump with me. It’s starting to feel familar already.

      Ahhh, my bunny family. There’s a little baby bunny beside my big one, and yes, I should post a bigger picture. Let me see if I can get one up there tomorrow . . . –Kim

  3. SeattleRobin

    No need to reply to this. Just testing the gravatar thing. Testing…testing. (I see now that this whole move was just to prove I’m a dork.)

  4. nocturnalvixen

    crap I forgot… this is Anna, from Ohio. lol

  5. nocturnalvixen

    Okay so I signed up just because I wanted my own Avatar… perhaps I’ll start blogging again. I usted to post poetry and all kinds of things on another site once apon a time…. Anyway. I’m still trying to track down Madison, looks like I’m going to have to go out of town for it.

    • Hi, Anna.

      Oh, cool. I’m so glad you did. You guys are the best, you know that? Thanks for making the jump here. And you got your Avatar!

      About Madison . . . Try Target if you have one in the area. It should be there now. Whoo-hoo! –Kim

  6. proudfit

    i am here now

  7. proudfit

    I hate change. grumble grumble.

  8. "Guy"

    Okay Kimmie, I will give this a try, but you know how I am with “NEW” technology. My brain is beginning to hurt already, ahhhhhh! Kiss. Kiss. -“Guy”

  9. synde

    this is quite nice..i like the whole new blog thing.

    • Hi, Synde! It’s great to see you here, too! Fingers crossed the blog goes okay. I’m going to try to work it like the drama box as much as possible. –Kim

  10. tattoolady

    congrats on the new site kim! it looks wonderful and hopefully it will keep the awful spammers down for a while. i am trying my best to wait to read once dead ,twice shy , on my trip to north carolina next month but it is so hard! i will be in cherokee n.c next month for the festival of native peoples and cherokee art market.whoohoo! i hope this site makes you as happy as the other one has.-tattoolady

    • TattooLady! So good to see you here! (grin) Thanks. I’m tickled you helped me settle in. The spammers already found my old Drama Box this week, and it’s only Wednesday. I hope you enjoy ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY. It’s a really fast read. Have a great time at the festival! –Kim

  11. hawk

    So this the new drama bocks looks cool so far but will get get me longer hallows books 🙂

  12. Mud

    I have a new game. Spot the skull. When I see scythes I’ll know that you’ve managed to cross into the fashion industry :). BTW, this blog site x’s to Madison, Wi. Mud, using up vac time to enjoy bups and garden.

    • Hi, Mud. Spot the skull? 😉 I have a set of shoelaces with them on there. Enjoy your dirt-time! I’m already looking at next years tulip selection. –Kim

  13. Antonio Rich

    I’m not sure if my avatar is going to work or not…Test1 i guess. QESTION: Whenever anyone asks about the future of the Rachel and Ivy relationship, you always answer by stating what’s deficient about Rachel(Too “flacky” for instance), but never about my girl, Ivy. As big of a fan as i am of hers, even i would have to admit she’s really not ready either. What gives?

  14. antonio1dayton

    I’m hoping my avatar works. I had a heck of a time finding images in the public domain(found some on wikipedia). Gravatar made me change my name – apparently, Antonio was taken(I’m wondering if your approval of me yesterday…? ). My head hurts. QUESTION: Whenever anyone asks about Rachel and Ivy ending up together, you always answer by stating what’s deficient about Rachel(ie “flacky”), but not about my girl, Ivy. I love Ivy, but even I would have to admit she’s not ready, really, for a serious relationship. What gives?

    • Antonio Rich

      Antonio…You’re a moron. You don’t HAVE to use the gravatar nickname.

      Much Love, your better half…

      Antonio Rich

    • grin. Antonio, you are as bad as me figuring these things out. Salute! –Kim

    • Hi, Antonio. Whoo-hoo! It worked! Nice tiger!
      You asked about Rachel and Ivy, and how I never mention what’s wrong with Ivy in the relationship? I guess I never mention it because Rachel is the one most on my mind. Ivy’s problems are kind of obvious, but yeah, she’s not ready for a life-long commitment. –Kim

  15. Roger Simmons

    New site looks good. Hope this is easier for you to keep up. Still like reading the Q&A that others ask. Off to read Scent of Shadows, thanks for the link. Roger – Illinois

    • Thanks, Roger! I think it’s shaping up kinda nice. So far, it’s been low maintence, though it is a pain having to approve new posters that first time. Today was easier than yesterday, so that’s good. I hope you enjoy SCENT OF SHADOWS. It’s a good one! –Kim

  16. I personally have never had a wordpress before. Right now what I use is a blogspot, but I’m now considering adding on a wordpress to my already vast collection of accounts lol.

  17. April

    Happy to have found this!

  18. Chrys

    I love the new blog! I’ll miss the Drama Box because it was so unique, but the spammers are quite annoying. Now I can finally bookmark it directly. 🙂

    • Thanks, Chrys! I am sorry to see the Drama Box go as well, but hopefully people will still ask me questions here, and we can carry the spirt of the Drama Box to the Blog. 😉 –Kim

  19. Antonija

    Hey Kim,
    Your new Blog is too cool!
    I hope it will work out well 🙂
    Thaaankk you sooo much for staying in touch with us readers and answering odd questions like my following one *g*
    In EWWBD, where Trent holds Rachel in his arms, she’s thinking something like no one will harm her cause she’s under his protection, but she also asks herself why he isn’t singing.
    I know that she wasn’t thinking clearly, otherwise she wouldn’t even let him hold her, but maybe Rachel has rememberd a similar situation of their childhood, where she was laying in his arms?
    I know, I know, I’m such a big Trent/Rachel fan that I’m interpreting every sentence/gesture as an romantic attempt but this has made me really curious.
    I hope you will a have great week and fun with your new blog 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      HI Antonija. I’ve been reading your posts for ever, and since this new forum allows us to say hi…Hi. You’ve got a big crush on Trent, don’t you? I was thinking of this the other day when i was watching the movie, Enchanted: I could really see Amy Adams and James Marsden as Rachel and Trent in a “someday,will it ever happen Hallows movie.” What do you think?

    • Antonija

      Hey Antonio,
      Oh yes I think they would be great as Trent and Rachel.
      As far as I know James is playing the prince and I’ve always imagined Trent looking like one with a cute hair problem 🙂
      And Amy has this beautiful red hair and lovely face.
      They would do a great job.

    • Hi, Antonija! Thanks! I’m really liking how the blog is going so far. And it’s been my pleasure to be so accessable. You asked about Trent and Rachel. You’re right that she wasn’t in her right mind, but she was comparing Trent to Ceri at that point, and the last time Ceri, an elf held her, she sang. That’s why she was wondering why Trent wasn’t. But then again . . . maybe she was remembering a time in their shared childhood. (evil grin) –Kim

  20. Gail Siuba

    Hi Kim, I love the new blog site and I’m looking forward to making this a regular visit. I try to stop in at least three times a week in between job searching. LOL I could play all day, but that would be bad;-) Anywhoo, the new blog is great-Congratulations!

    • Gail! How cool to see you here! Thanks for helping me settle in. 😉 Man, I hope you find the perfect job soon. Being out of work sucks dishwater –Kim

  21. Athena

    Love the new blog.

  22. Heather

    Hey Kim!!! I liked the Madison Avery book and I was just wondering if you were going to make a special page for her like you did for Rachel Morgan? I think it would be cool to have a little tiny bit more information about her since some people didn’t know her story was part of another book. When I read her book, I was confused but I went back on your site and found the other book and read that one so it kind of made sense but it would be cool if you could make a site for Madison. Also, when’s the next Madison book coming out, if there will be one, and what will the title be? THANKS KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!

    • Thanks, Heather! I’m so glad you enjoyed Madison! I’m working on the third book right now. You asked if I was going to make a special page for her? Probably not. I’m going to try to make more pages for her on the main website, though, and give Madison her own “look.” The second Madison book I think is scheduled for about this time next year. Title to be released soon! –Kim

  23. Valerie

    Kim… More proof you are really trying to stay in touch with your fans. You could just have canned the whole thing, but here you are, giving us a safer and better spot to keep in touch and bug you with questions. Loved your rhyme and thanks for your time (oh lookey there, that rhymes *grin*)

    xo Val

  24. authra

    its looking good

  25. webbjm

    Hey Kim, this looks like it’s going to be fun and no more spammers yay!!~Justin, VA