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And finally . . . it’s FRIDAY!!  Better yet, it’s Friday, and I’ve got nothing planned, nothing to get ready for.  It’s my couple of days to play in the dirt and recharge my creative batteries.  Some people run rivers to find their energy, some people watch films, some people read books, some people get out and socialize, drawing on the energy of the people around them . . . I turn my face from the sky and put my hands into the earth and bring everything to a still-point of now.  And in that still-point, I can hear my muse–I find my energy.   My yard isn’t looking that bad, either.

I’ll be closing down the post page as usual when I bug out of the office, but I want to leave you with a few links I’ve been featuring over the last week.  First is the three-part series of the video that Harper Teen took of the signing at Anderson’s books just outside of Chicago.  They take time to load, but they are worth it, and if you have never been to a signing before, this is a good idea of how the Q&A goes.




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  1. Jenny

    I just wanted to say I started out with the twilight series and needed more. I work at Hospice in Florida and the girls I work with turned me on to the Sookie Stackhouse series and I loved Sookie, but I needed more and I was drawn to you’re books from the titles. I never liked westerns but the titles are really catchy. Anyway I fell in love with Rachel Morgan. Now I’m at the end of book 7 and I’m freaking out!!!! Can you give me any idea if and when book 8 maybe coming out??? Thanks and Keep up the great work!!