The yard was too wet . . .

The yard was too wet, too rainy to play, so I sat at my computer, that hot, steamy day, and I said, as I sat, with my fingers on keys, “What can I do now, my readers to please?”

So I looked in my email, and what did I see, But an invite to classes–Learn the Internet with ease!  The importance of marketing, with blogs to the masses, link to others, talk to more, sign up for these classes!

But I’ve done that! I said, and I look at my history, of talking to readers, it was a true mystery. I’ve talked, and I’ve talked, and I’ve talked even more, Till I felt like a harlot, or two-bit cheap whore.

I’ve had a blog, before blog was a word, chatting to readers since two-thousand and four.  Two thousand and four, it was a mighty long time, with six post a week, it grew within time, to thirty a day, and yet I’m still here, chatting away.

The downside, of course, to being the first, is spammers, more spammers.  They are the worst.  The name of the page, where you all post so nicely, changes on Friday, which makes it quite dicey, to find me next Monday, book marking won’t work!  It’s caused me some heartache, but for you I don’t shirk.  I change the name weekly, so spammers can’t link, but neither can you, and that really does stink.

So there I sat, all alone, on that hot, steamy day, looking for something, something new with to play, and I typed in “wordpress,” and what did come up, but a wonderful page for you to say “Whazz’s up?” 

“Would it work?  I wondered, “Will they use it a lot?”  I just didn’t know, but I set the thing up, and I put in some posts, and I made it all pretty, and I set up a link, and wrote this nice ditty.

So check out my new page, and post there a lot, ’cause this one’s all done, I’ve got a NEW SPOT!



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67 responses to “The yard was too wet . . .

  1. Gina

    Nice! I got here from Facebook. Much easier

  2. Kenny G

    I just finished ODTS. I feel like I just read the first chapter. Cant wait for the second. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you and Faith are hanging out drinking wine by the fire.

  3. Kenny G or Z

    I thought I was goin crazy that it was rhyming. It took me a second to realize that was intention.

  4. valxo

    Hey Kim… of course I had to follow you over here. Great idea. I have a blog on google and love it. I blog about the books I read, and yes, The Hollows has its own little blog spot there with lots of good things “blogged”. Stay cool, yes summer is here…

  5. BECCA

    happy new home,it looks great,gonna take a bit to get use to but ive kinda got an idea how it works as bitten by books has just done something simular to this .bet it feel strange moving to a new way,its like me when i get a new phone or gadget(microwave,washer etc)loved the old one but the new seems to make life a little easier and you wonder how you coped before!!good luck hope it goes smoothly
    hugs to the brood
    becca and gang uk xxx

    • Hi, Becca! It is taking a bit to get used to, but you’re right in that one blog is a lot like another, so once you’ve got the knack, you’ve got freedom to . . . talk to everyone! (grin) I’m glad to see you here. And now that you’ve been approved, I won’t need to approve your future posts. –Kim

  6. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I’m diggin’ the new blog. 🙂 I was wondering through Borders over the weekend, one of my favorite, but very dangerous hobbies. They have a bunch of displays that say, if you like book x, then you should like book y. As I was looking, what did I see, Hollows and Madison as happy as can be. ( i had to get in on the rhyming…its the only poetry I can write.) They had Wicked as the main book…and WWBC as a suggestion. I’m thinking they were going with the witch theme. The other books was Twilight, and Madison was a suggestion. I just thought it was cool to see Borders showing the love.

    • Hi, Indy! Good to see you here! Thanks for making the jump. 😉 Oh, I’m so glad that Madison and the Hollows are being linked together. That pleases me to no end. happy sigh And very, very cool to see WWBC up there with Wicked. Whoa! (happy dance) –Kim

    • heatwave316

      I thought that was pretty cool to. Did you see Wicked in the theater? I grew up watching the Wizard of Oz, and I just loved how they tied everything together. I’m hoping to take my Mom to see it at some point. Dad’s not much of a musical theater guy. 🙂 Let’s see if my avatar appears.~Indy

    • Hi, Indy.

      No, I never got around to seeing it. Boo. Hey! Your avatar showed up. Very nice! (grin)

  7. UK Kate

    Hiya Kim, Just thought I’d pop by and say a quick hello in your new digs. It’s cool, but I feel a little lost at the minute, but I’m sure I’ll figure out how this new place works soon enough. I just wanted to say thanks for your advice on what to wear at the convention I’m off to in July. I’ve picked out my outfit and jewellery and I feel pretty confident with it. SO thank you! Oh and just thought you’d like to know that as soon as I pick my domain name (I’ve whittled it down to 3) I’ll have a website! Yay! Discovered one of my friends is a genius with computers! Take care, hope all is well in the Harrison household 🙂

    • Kate! That’s wonderful that you’ve got a computer person in your bevy of friends. (grin) I always have to call the support line and muddle through.

      Thanks for helping me settle in. I’m feeling so much better now that I’ve got so many familar names popping up. You guys are really the best.

      Hey, have fun at the conference! –Kim

  8. Sabrina

    Really liking the new place. Hope this solves your spammers’ problem once and for all.
    I see there’s another Sabrina here, so I’m the one from WV.

  9. SeattleRobin

    Just following the crowd to get settled in at the new digs. Loved the ditty. I hate looking like an idiot, but is there a way to pick our own little avatar pic? I couldn’t find anything anywhere that mentioned choosing from their designs or uploading our own. (Am I just getting old or is this text super teensy?)

    Kim, I dunno if you’re interested or not. But now that you’re a “real” blogger, you can make this blog available for people with Kindles. They subscribe on the Amazon site and get the blog posts delivered right to their Kindles. They pay a fee, I think 99 cents a month is the lowest, but not certain. Anyway, just wanted to mention it in case you weren’t aware of it and wanted to look into making your blog available that way.

    • Hi, Robin. I’ve no idea where that ditty came from, but when inspiration hits . . . Hey, I had a hard time finding out how to get an avatar, too. You need to go to Gravatar (link in today’s post) and go from there. Once you’ve uploaded a picture, I think you’re good.

      OMGosh, I didn’t know about the Kindle option. How cool is that? Thanks! It just made tomorrow’s Drama Box. 😉 Thank you! –Kim

  10. Orion

    Hi Kim,

    Love the new digs, the site looks really cool. Just finished TSOD, it was a great read. I was wondering how many books there are sheduled in the Madison series.


    • Thanks, Orion! I’m starting to feel more comfortable, too. Yay! I’m glad you liked Madison! There are three scheduled right now. I’m working on the third one right now, and it had gotten . . . interesting as Madison figures out how to do a job she doesn’t agree with in order to stay alive. –Kim

  11. So, does this mean we have to get you a housewarming gift?

  12. Tina

    Hey, nice pad (stuck in the 70s)! Anyways, thought you might be interested to hear that Palm Beach County Florida (yes the place that cant vote correctly) has a subdivision named… “The Hollows” 🙂

  13. Anna

    Hi Kim!
    I like the new place, are you going to link it from your main page like the drama box was?
    ~me in Ohio

    • Hi, Anna.
      Thanks! I’m starting to find my way around in my new digs, and I think I’m going to like it. I’ve already got a link on the front page of the site to here, yup! –Kim

  14. Sabrina

    Ups, I kind of double posted. Still new to this thing. Soooorrrryyyy!!!!

  15. Sabrina

    Hey, Kim!
    So you’re moving on,hm? I’m really sorry to see the Drama Box go but sometimes a girl has to do what she has to do, right ;-). Are you still going to answer all our spoiler fishing questions? We have to live off something until you hit us with your next release. Hope you settle in well!! Have a great week. Sabrina

    • Hi, Sabrina.

      Yup! Im trying to bring myself in line with everyone else so I can take advantage of the interlinking that blogs can accomplish. Sigh. I’m going to miss my Drama Box, but I’ll still be answering your questions. As long as they aren’t too spoilerish. (grin) –Kim

  16. Sondra

    Hey Kim, Nice digs. I hope this works out for you.

  17. Dave in Portland

    Hi Kim, great poem and a way cool transition to the new blog. Picked up a couple of books by this Dawn Cook lady I keep hearing about. I’m really looking forward to checking them out.

    • Hi, Dave. Thanks! Somedays I just feel poetic and Dr. Suess-y. 😉

      Ooooh, I hope you like the Cook books. They are really different from the Hollows in terms of pacing, but the character development is the same. Enjoy! (but if you don’t, I won’t be crushed.) –Kim

    • Dave in Portland

      I read Patty Briggs early books, which are VERY different from her Mercy Thomoson books and I LOVED them. I, seriously, have high expectations. I read some of the “editorial comments” on Powells website and found myself completely intrigued. I’ve got First Truth and Decoy Princess right behind Warbreaker in the next to read line. Did you say somewhere that these books are going to be re-released at some point?

    • Hi, Dave.
      Cool! I hope that you like the Truth/Princess books. I keep warning people that they are paced very differently from the Hollows since they have a more traditional fantasy pacing, more world-encompassing. But if you like Ms. Briggs fantasy, you’ll probably find something you like there. Enjoy! Oh! And yes, they will be re-releasing them before too much long with new artwork. I’ve not seen it yet, and I’m hopeful. –Kim

  18. Everett Davenport

    Well, another new experience for me. First was urban fiction, now blogging. Still, change is growth and it fights stagnation. Just got my copy of ODTS, but reading will need to wait for a bit. Just had surgery for medication induced cataracts and reading is a trick, but it won’t be long. Looking forward to all the ‘new’ books. Keep safe, Everett

    • Everett! This is the first time for you to Blog? (grin) I’m proud of you! Before you know it, you’re going to have an avatar, and surfing the blogs like a pro.

      I hope you like ODTS. She’s a bit different.


    • Everett Davenport

      There is a first time for everything and I’m glad you are the one that managed to get me to do it. I am also looking for the DC books, having cut my teeth on hard SF and Fantasy they should be really inteeresting. As Dr. Frank N. Furtrer says I’m all aquiver with anticip…ation. Take care, Everett

  19. Denise

    YAY love the new site, looks great and I love the poem to go with it! Just finished Decoy Princess and I LOVED it! Frantically searching for the sequel now, Must Know What Happens Next!!!!! Terrific world building, I just love it!

    • Hi, Denise. Thanks! I’m so glad you like the switch. I’ll close the old Drama Box down bit by bit. This is going well.

      Oooooh, you read the Decoy Princess? Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it. I think it’s some of my best work in terms of magic systems. And the romance isn’t bad, either. (grin) –Kim

    • Denise

      I really really liked it! Very different from the Hollows, but exactly in line with the excellent SciFi/Fantasy that I used to read before Urban Fantasy became such a craze. I loved how you depicted the growth of the characters throughout the book and am anxiously looking for the second book. I did find a copy of First Truth and YAY because that has three books already out in it!! Have you considered returning to the world of Decoy Princess or is that just on hold?

    • Hi, Denise.

      Oh, cool! I’m glad you liked it! Thank you! I love it when my characters grow, so I take that as a huge compliment. Thanks! Ah, I might go back and play in Tess’s world, but not anytime soon. I am really swamped in the Hollows. –Kim

  20. Candace

    Yes! Hooray for blogs! Looks GREAT! I think I like this better than the drama box!

  21. Antonio Rich

    I feel like i’m taking tentative steps onto a docked boat. Mantra: “change is good,change is good…” Hey, i think there is a feature to reply to other posters,which is kinda cool. I don’t have anyone to talk “Hollows” with(I only lasted a week on the yahoo groups;not fun…). Anyhoo – Be good.

  22. auntyrobin

    Looks good! You probably know by now we’ll follow you anywhere.

  23. Tina in WI

    Hey Kim ~ Looking Good! Had to stop by and check it out. Just introduced another person to the Hollows! Now I know what you go through as they are complaining about Kisten dying and I am like GET OVER IT! Haha 🙂

    • Hi, Tina. Whoo-hoo! Thank you for the word of mouth! I really appreciate it. That is toooooo funny that you’re getting a taste of the Kisten issue. 😉 –Kim

  24. marie

    Ugh Spammers dont get me started Kim, Just dropped by to say I LOVED WWBC, finished it in record time Bravo!!

  25. hapalochlaena

    Woohoo! I was going to suggest that you try WordPress or Blogger at some point, and here you are! I hope that the spammer issues will be vastly reduced from now on.

    Anyone who wants to customize their icon can create an account at Gravatar; this icon will then follow them to any site that supports Gravatar icons as long as they use the same email address. From my experience at C J Cherryh’s blog, the Gravatar image defaults to a really wacky monster picture but you can upload your own image if you like.

    • Hi, Hapalochlaena. It was time, so I made the switch. It’s hard, though, to leave a system you’ve been using for five years. Sigh.
      Thank you so much for the Gravatar info! I’ll be featuring it tomorrow. –Kim

    • hapalochlaena

      Glad to be of help. 🙂

      And because I am a geek with a trivia obsession and a liking for wacko creatures, I should mention that the monsters are randomly generated from a library of components by Andreas Gohr’s MonsterID script.

  26. Judi in NJ

    Love it here!!! Warm and cushy…blog on….

  27. Sue, Chicago

    Hey, Kim! I hope that this new blog works out for you. The spammers could really be obnoxious before and I know cleaning up after them ate up a lot of your time. This should make your life easier and, therefore, free up your time.

  28. Judy Bienvenu

    Hey Kim,

    Looks good!

    The poem sounds like you are channeling Dr. Seuss!!


  29. Jennifer Sparkes

    Love the poem kim! And congrats on the new blog, its great! Thanks for the help too, i just mailed Guy about the bookplate! Have a great day! Jen Uk

    • Thanks, Jennifer! The poem just kind of came from nowhere, and I went with it. 😉 And thanks for coming on over and helping me get started! Guy will get your bookplate out pronto. I’m so glad that you told me the first one got lost. –Kim

  30. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! Came right over to check things out. Looks close to home so I hope your spam problem goes away and this will allow you more time to yourself. Thanks for having an open line with us, your readers! *VV*

    • Hi, Mendi.
      Cool! I’m so glad you made the switch! I’ve not had the chance to experiment much with responding, so the next couple of days are going to be interesting. –Kim