Weekends . . . Ahhh

Hidey-ho, campers!  It finally feels like summer around here.  We had our first week in “hell” down here in South Carolina, with temps in the high 80’s all week and humidity just about the same.  To tell you the truth, I love the heat and don’t mind the humidity, but Guy is another story, and he’s starting to look fondly toward the north, not remembering the cold of winter.  (grin)

I had a great weekend, starting it with a quick trip to the home improvement store to pick up a fountain I’d been eyeing for a couple of months.  Then I had one of my friends from Cincy, Jocelynn Drake, come down for a visit.  Okay, she was really here to bask in the glory of Jane’s Addiction and the wonderfulness of Trent Reznor here in Charlotte, but hey, I was in the area, and she stopped in.  We spent a wonderful relaxing day on my back deck with ice tea and conversation.   Ahhhh.  She was taking a break from her Dark Day’s series where vampires are vampires–and act like it.  (NIGHTWALKER, DAYWALKER are currently out, and she’s on a fast schedule, so you won’t have to wait a year between the rest.)

So I’m settling in for a steamy couple of weeks, where I hope to fall into a blissful pattern of work while I finish out the last Madison story rough draft.  Ahhhh, summer.



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14 responses to “Weekends . . . Ahhh

  1. FITLD

    Heya Kim, LTNS. Just thought i’d pop in & wish you a belated Happy Solstice =) Take care. FITLD

  2. Phil

    Sorry if that was vague… i meant to say thanks for your answer about inderlanders! Okay, still vague but you get it. Have a great week!! ~Phil

  3. Phil

    Hi Kim, thanks for answering. Hope Guy had a happy Father’s Day! Enjoy summer! ~Phil

  4. Chrisy

    Hey Kim. This is great. So much better without spammers. Maybe you could put a link in here back to your page – or I’m just stupid and can’t find it… I would buy one of those Jenks cups. Just too bad I live in Europe. Will you come here some day? haha I’ll be there… *grin* What about the music-blog? Will you change that, too? I found so much amazing music because of you! Yay! Thanks for that. – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy.
      Actually, if you click Kim Harrison on any of my posts, it links back. (grin) But I’ll put a link in the Blog Roll.

      I’d love to get to Europe. Maybe someday, yes? As for the Music page, I think I’ll keep that as it is for now, but hey, if a blog works there too, I might switch it over. Maybe . . . –Kim

  5. Phil

    Hi, Kim! The new blog looks great, lots of fun! Day Two already!! I’m a little confused about the different post pages-my fault i’m so tech challenged! So i hope you receive this. Hope you have fun doing the blog!! ~Phil

  6. James Fox

    H Kim it’s Jim from Youngstown-I was wondering, have you ever thought of putting out a line of cups with Jenks” favorite sayings on them? They are so popular that I bet they would sell. However, I don’t know how much trouble it is to get tham made. If you do decide, “Weaker than a fairy’s hard-on is my favorite”

    • Hi, James.
      OMGosh! That’s an idea! They aren’t hard to make, but to store them until they ship is a pain. I’m so glad you came on over to help me settle in! Thanks! –Kim

  7. Phil

    Hi, Kim! Good luck on the new site! Exciting! I hope my email address is accepted. It’s actually the email my cell phone uses so I can read your posts on the go. And in the meantime, it’s my only email address until i get a new computer. A long story! Anyway, good luck once again and i really like your poetry! ~Phil

    • Hi, Phil! Thanks! I’m starting to feel right at home! It looks like you posted just fine. And now I’m grinning. Thanks! It’s kind of fun in a Dr. Susse kind of way. –Kim