Wild America

TurtleIt felt like wild America at the Harrison household yesterday.  I had just come in from taking a picture of what I think is a box turtle, swimming in my frog pond, and was talking with Tim about the mugs (more on them later) and one of the barred owls that lives in the area swooped in and landed in a spindly tree three feet from the frog pond.  We carefully watched without watching, because they can see through the windows and will wing out if they know you’re paying attention to them, and she settled down to watch for a skink or lizard, we assumed.

But then, she drops down INTO THE POND!  I don’t know if she was going after the turtle, the frogs, or the goldfish, but she dropped into the water, winging heavy to get back out and fly away. This is like thirty feet from my window, and I was never more surprised by anything I’d ever seen in my backyard.  Three seconds later, there’s a “thump, thump, thump” coming down the stairs, and my son comes in my office, bright eyed and wanting to know if we saw the owl.  All three of us saw it, which I think is majorly cool.  And then my son went out to help the turtle out of the pond because the little guy was frantically trying to leave and couldn’t get over the plastic rim.  No wonder as to why.  (grin)  And yes, he washed his hands afterward.  Turtles are known for salmonella, so you have to treat them with respect.


PS.  In my morning wandering on the net, I found an excellent piece of writing advice over at Magical Words  Faith Hunter talks about the hero and what makes a good one.  Faith was, and is, my mentor.  No matter how my writing grows, I always find something to take with me from her words.

 Oh, yeah.  This is my first post in my new blog.  Wish me luck.  😉  If it goes as I hope, this will replace my drama box.



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12 responses to “Wild America

  1. Great New Blog! Glad to see that you have found one. I am looking forward to another Rachel Morgan book. I love your back garden blogs, so keep them up!


  2. Linda (germany)

    I heard you already have a title for book eight. Could you tell me. please?
    Or can you tell us *some* spoilers? (begging on knees)
    I’m reading the books from 1 till 7, over and over again. It’s like a cricel I can’t get away from. Aaaaaaaaah.
    It’s insane. ^^

  3. Linda

    Spammer’s spoil it for everyone. Glad to see your new blog site.
    I entend to get the Madison series as soon as my rural area has it. I know I can purchase it online, but rural bookstores and grocerystores have such a hard time survivng against giants like Walmart that I feel I should shop at my local rural stores as much as possible.

    Have a breat weekend. My husband and I are going to get to watch a Charlie Daniel Bands concert at a local “CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF ARTS ON THE PRAIRIE IN 2009! ” It is called the Cottonwood Festival. Arts and crafts , the web like is: http://www.cottonwood-festival.org/finearts.htm. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi, Linda.

      Good to see you over here! I hear what you’re saying about supporting your local businesses. Good for you. I hope you like it when you get a chance to crack it open.

      Oooooh, have fun at the concert! –Kim

  4. Jenni

    I absolutely love your books! They were all amazing and addicting. I recommend them to friends. I am an extremely avid reader, reading about 2-3 books per week. Yours were so colorful and exciting that I was hooked and cannot wait for the next. I just wanted to make a comment….I SO want to see Ivy and Rache together as a couple completely. I just think it’s meant to be. Cant wait to find out what really happens. Anyway, you rock and thanks for the awesome reading material! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenni!
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books so much. And thank you for recommending them to people. That is a true compliment.

      I’ve heard from a lot of people who want to see Ivy and Rachel together, but I am not second guessing what happens, and there’s a lot of text to put on paper before it’s all done. 😉 –Kim

  5. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim
    okaaaay. It wasn’t that bad. I think I understood. ^^
    You experiencing woman, I like that. 😉

  6. mudepoz

    A blog. I love the idea of finding you, but ack! A new toy for my puppy people. I’ll actually have to post pictures of my yard, plants and puppies. And the decimation of said yard as the Pixie bups grow up and play tug of war with the Iris and smash my Iris! It’ hot enough you should be able to enjoy the skull ice cube trays. Silly students are covered head to toe in skulls, need to convince them how lovely purple and yellow are 🙂

    • Hi, Mud! I’m so glad that you came on over to help me settle in! Thank you. Mmmm, Ice tea never tasted so good. Have fun with the puppies! –Kim

  7. Lesley

    Hi Kim. This is nice. Good luck, and kiss those spammers goodbye.
    I used to chime in on Yahoo groups but since they stopped talking about WWBC, I haven’t been back.

    • Hi, Lesley. Cool! I’m glad you like it! Thank you for helping me settle in! I’m sorry you left the Yahoo! group, but well . . . so did I. –Kim