Bulbs in the ground-mostly

Wonder of wonders, I did get into the yard yesterday for a few hours before the sun went down and it got cold. No rain! And it was sort of sunny. The side yard is now cleared out–again–and my fall bulbs are in the ground. Mostly. I need one more nice day to get my windflower bulbs in before the ground freezes, and it shouldn’t be a problem since they are so small you just kind of shove them in with a finger. I still have to do a sweep of the back yard and my office garden one more time, and then put the frost guards in around the sensitive bushes, (again, before the ground freezes) but I’m seeing the end of the tunnel.

IMG_2463If it rains tonight, I’ve got a few things inside yet to do to button up, but overall, it looks good.

Work yesterday did not go anything like I thought it would. I sat down at my desk, and got to looking at the pacing overall, and realized that doing an entire chapter to hit the points I wanted would really slow things down. So I trimmed the previous chapter and added what I wanted to the end of it instead. Did some dialog for the next chapter, and called it good.

Today should be a easy day with the dialog already down, but you never know until you get into it. :-) I’m finally starting to figure out what the guts of this story is, and it’s good to have a direction.



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Hump da-a-a-ay!

My windows were cleaned yesterday, and I think I’m getting substantially more light in my office. I might be able to see the birds all day now. (snerk) I put up a sock feeder last week, and the Goldfinches found it really fast. Makes me happy. Even better, the robins were in the junipers earlier this week, eating the berries now that we’ve had a hard frost to sweeten them up–which is one of the reasons I planted junipers instead of arborvitae. No bluebirds this year, but they might come through later.

The goal today is to write from LB’s POV and see how that goes. I sketched out the chapter yesterday and put down some dialog, but it was from Peri’s POV, and I spent all night mulling if I might be able to show how deep in the crapper she is better through an unfamiliar pair of eyes. LB’s a cool character, but I may be in danger of making him too safe. Getting into his head could really backfire on me there, so I’ll have to be careful.

Either way, I have to get it down. If it’s not right, I can change it later.

And that’s what I’m doing today.


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Super sonic putt-putt

Today, I’m feeling like a super sonic putt-putt, zooming to wonderful places at breakneck crawl.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but this putt-putt pace is hitting not just the book work (which is normal) but the yard work and the knitting work.

MonarchPatternI took a break from my monarch butterfly project to try to figure out an interlocking crochet technique that I tried last year and gave up because I couldn’t figure out the instructions. This time wasn’t any different, but I gave up following the instructions, –which I swear were wrong or written in a different language and translated badly–and just experimented for a while. I got a trivet, finally, but the pattern accidentally switched about a third of the way through, and I managed to figure out how to switch it back again, so it actually looks like I meant to do that. So I’ve got that going for me if this writing thing doesn’t work out.

The yard work is going slow but sure, thanks to Thing Two’s Herculean efforts last week where he got the bulk of the leaves to the curb. I’m still tidying and cutting back, but we got our first really hard frost and everything is dead or dormant now, which makes it easier. Tim and I are on the second circle of the house, and it’s looking much better. I’ve been taking two hours our of my workday to try to button the yard down, but it’s predictably slow, and the weather is closing in fast. Scary fast.

And then there’s Peri. Writing is always a super sonic putt-putt, but with the tour cutting the rough draft in half, it’s been more slow than usual–harder to find my groove and the voice is suffering. I managed to get dialog down yesterday, and then went on to turn most of it into text. It feels like I’m back on a good pattern with her, so if I have a few weeks without going out of my office, that putt-putt pace should begin to show some good results.

Super sonic putt-putt gets you there.

choice-logo-nominee-hi-resGoodreads is holding their annual Goodreads Choice Awards, and The Witch With No Name has been nominated in the Fantasy category! If you’re a Goodreads member, buzz on over and vote for your faves. If you’re not, hop on over and take a quick look. There’s a way to join and vote without giving up your personal info, at least there was the last time I looked. I like Goodreads, I’ve been a member for a few years, and they don’t bombard you with stuff you don’t want.

So to vote, slide on over. Goodreads Choice Awards




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20141027_201820It’s Halloween! And somewhere in the chaos, I had time to gather with my family for our yearly pumpkin carving. We’re ready for the horde of ghosts and goblins, and maybe a kick-butt princess or two. But last night was the Hollows final tour event.

Tink loves a duck! as Jenks would say. We had a great time. Here I am with all my roadies, and what a crowd we had! Lots of familiar faces, even if some of them were in costume. There’s a higher resolution photo behind this one. Just click it to get to it, and lift it for your own use.

Here are the finalists in the costume contest, but trust me, we had lots of characters roaming the store from David to Sara Jane, to Maria, Editor of the Hollows Gazette. Pictured here from left to right is Al, the burning bunny, Ivy and Rachel, me, Rachel and Trent, and yes, even the dreaded T4 angel virus, complete with wings. :-) You can see more of the costumes in the bunny cam photos. There’s even a Mr. Fish.

Here are my scrip readers! I tried something new and took three pages from The Witch With No Name, and six brave souls read them. I don’t think I’ve smiled that much in a long time. Thanks, Guys. You totally rock!


Al comes face to face with his blue butterfly. :-) Neither one knew what do do.
We had cookies, a tattoo station with Rachel’s pack tattoo, and yes, even wine tasting!

My jaw just about hit the floor when I finally signed every book and made my way up to the front where the canned food had been collected. I think I just about cried. You guys are truly the best. Everything you brought in is going to go to the Ann Arbor Food Bank. Thank you so much. Your generosity is humbling. This is me and some of the ladies running the event, Lynn, Nicola, and Pat (my book hero who handled all the pre-ordered books you guys purchased.)

As usual, I left lots of signed stock, so if you missed out and want a first-edition, blue butterfly copy, Nicola’s has them.

Thanks for a great tour, everyone! Like I tell all the book stores, I have the BEST readers.


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Farewell Hollows event, Nicola’s Ann Arbor

Tonight’s the night! The last Hollows event, though you know you can always bring your Hollows questions and books to my future events. (We’re aiming at a September 1st, 2015 release for the next, non-Hollows adventure.)

But tonight, it is all about Rachel, Trent, Al, Jenks, Ivy, and the rest of the Hollows gang. I’ve been in touch with the people at Nicola’s, and they have told me that due to the large size of the event, they are going to close the store at 5:30 to set up, and then re-open at 6:15–so don’t panic if you get there and it looks closed. There’s a library just to the left of them, and a Starbucks in the next shopping area at the grocery store. (Just saying . . .)

BAMtulsaTomatoesBring your tomatoes! This is a designated tomato stop. :-)

Dress up as your favorite Hollows character! We’re having a contest with prizes.

There will be wine tasting, cookie eating, temporary tattooing, book-tote giving, and yes, the Q&A.

If there are enough takers, I’ll even have a few passages from the book “scripted” out, and we’ll have YOU GUYS do a mini-script reading with other Hollows-minded people.

KimMilkweedSeedsI’ll even have a basket of milkweed seeds to give away. Yep. My monarch milkweed set seed, and if you have a scrap of sunny yard, you can take some seeds to help the Monarchs. If you have a farm, you can take an entire pod! They might not set seed the first year, but hang in there. Mine didn’t.)

If you have called Nicolas for your free ticket, there will be a table at the front of the store to pick them up. It’s one ticket per person so we can keep track for the fire codes, so if your plans have changed and you’ve got more people in your party, give Nicola’s a call NOW! There are a few tickets left. (734-662-0600) 

If you are still looking for a personalize book by mail, we will try to accommodate, but no promises at this late date. I usually only do signed books after my last event at Nicolas, but this is the last place that you can get one signed to you, and I know life interferes sometime. ( how to order a signed book )

The store is terriably excited about needing to close the store for the event, but it means that the only sales they will make that night will come from you. (Psst! Christmas is coming, and if they don’t sell books, anyone’s books, not just mine, while I’m closing their store, they won’t have me back for this size of an event again.

I think that’s it unless I forgot something. Hope to see some of you there!



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Houston’s Murder by the Book

My Poison Pen Roadies! Guy doesn’t remember sending all the T’s to Houston, but there they were! Thanks for coming out, Guys. It’s so gratifying to see all your smiling faces. Some of you are, ah, starting to look familiar . . . (laugh)

I was able to share the spotlight with the writing team of Ilona Andrews, which, if you haven’t heard, is a husband and wife team who write urban fantasy. It was their release day, and I was honored that they let me sign with them. We had a great Q&A.

This is why I’m glad I write young adult as well. :-)

The Poison Pen really got behind the Hollows tomato drive and collected cans/nonperishable’s all week for the Houston food bank. Thank you, everyone who brought out tomatoes! Your generosity never fails to amaze me. :-)

Both Ilona and I left lots of signed stock, so if you missed out on the event, there are signed books available. Just click here to see the rest of the photos!

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Sudden Backtrack-read it AFTER Witch With No Name

SuddenBacktrackI know I said I wasn’t going to have a post today, but the car to the airport doesn’t get here for a few hours, and I forgot that today is release day! Sudden Backtrack, the Al short, is out today!

It’s available across all devices, including your laptop if you download the right app. DON’T read it until after reading The Witch With No Name. You’re going to want Al to have the last word.

It’s not a lot of pages, hence the .99 price, but it does answer why.


Barnes and Noble : Nook

Amazon : Kindle


Also, I had a nice interview with the Detroit Free Press this weekend, and it’s up on line. Kim Harrison’s Witch “Hangs ‘em up”


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