Serious buildings

I’ve gotten my country-bumpkin self  to NY a couple of times now, and I have to say that this is the trip I’m enjoying the most, even though I’m taking the least amount of time to do the “tourist” thing, and I think it’s because I’m spending more time seeing some of the older, unique buildings that NY has. This is the Flatiron building, named because it looks like an old fashioned iron. I saw a few pictures of when it was new, and it was the highest thing around and the time, making an impressive display that took up the tiny bit of space left by the roads coming together.


It’s still impressive, the prow looking out over the nearby park, and the line of sight from the top reaching a breathtaking, unexpected horizon. It gave me the feeling of space and light that’s hard to come by in the canyons the buildings make, sort of a set-apart feeling where you just have to reach out to be back in the thick of it. The city planners were smart to keep the surrounding buildings from encroaching too close, because to lose that impression would have been almost criminal–even if only a bare fraction of the people walking by notice.


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A New Yorker for the week

I’m a New Yorker for the week! Okay. Not really, but having a Metro Card and riding the subway (with my real New Yorker agent) lets me pretend. I won’t be throwing the card away when I head home on Friday. My agent says I’ve got the knack for running it through the reader . . . so I’ve got that going for me. (grin)

NYerBut my big news today is the city list for The Witch With No Name has been finalized to the point where I’m reasonably sure it’s not going to change much. Can I just say Wow? I’ve got four timezones to cover, and I think the stops are pretty well spaced. We added one more in CA, which I’m pleased about. I’ve got them listed here below, but go to the website for the details.

·         9/8/14: Joseph Beth Cincinnati / midnight launch
·         9/9/14: Schuler’s Grand Rapids, MI
·         9/10/14: BN Carmel, Indiana
·         9/11/14: BAM Arundel Mills, Annapolis, MD
·         9/12/14: Quail Ridge, Raleigh, NC
·         9/14/14: BN Orlando, FL
·         9/15/14: BN Tampa/Carrolwood, FL
·         9/16/14: Joseph Beth Lexington – (unconfirmed but close)
.         9/16/14: Warren Public Library, Bowling Green (Louisville/Lexington market)
·         9/17/14: BAM Birmingham, AL
·         9/25/14: Powell’s Portland, OR (with Richard Kadrey)
·         9/26/14: Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch (Denver, CO) – (with Richard Kadrey)
·          9/27/14- Copperfields Bookstore, Petaluma, CA (with Richard Kadrey)
·         9/29/14: Poisoned Pen, Phoenix, AZ (with Richard Kadrey)
·         9/30/14: GRRM Theater, Santa Fe, NM
·         10/9 – 10/10/14: New York ComicCon (Guest of Honor)
·         10/11 – 10/12/14: Friends of the Plano, TX Library “Buns and Roses” charity fundraiser – keynote speaker
·         10/13/14 – BAM Tulsa, OK
·         10/28/14: Murder by the Book, Houston, TX (with Ilona Andrews)
·         10/30/14: Devil’s Night Tour Finale – Ann Arbor, MI



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I hear air conditioners. I must be in NY!

If you missed Friday’s post, I’m in New York this week, talking to people about what comes after the Hollows. I’ll be honest, it was surprisingly difficult to get started because I’ve been forcing myself to be closed-lipped about Peri for so long, and I’m still hot and heavy about getting the last Hollows book out to you and am sensitive about stealing Rachel’s thunder.

Ideas are a dime-a-dozen. Ideas that have the potential to reach and connect with a reader on a gut level . . . those that combine the unique with the recognizable? Those are more rare, and I’ve held Peri so close for so long, that it is difficlt to let go. But let go I did.

It was hard to find sleep last night. It’s been a long time since anyone was excited about something new from me, seeing the potential that I do, willing to entertain possibilities outside of the known and safe.




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The Witch With No Name chapter four (and one and two and three)



Chapter four! Go ahead. You know you want to read it! I’m so excited to share this with you–you have no idea. Enjoy!  Chapter four

If you missed chapter three, it’s still at Harper’s  website, click here:


And Chapter One and Two are at my website if you missed them.

If you’d like to preorder, We have options!

There is the ever-present Amazon.Amazon


B&N is also available, and if you go to the right page, they also have signed books 


Click to order

Nicola’s  is also an option, and I can personalize these with a note if you pre-order and tell me who to sign it to in the comment section when you order. International is okay but email them for a quote at



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Happy 4th, (And a heads-up for chapter 4)

It’s the 4th of July, and here in the States, that means fireworks, hotdogs, and time with friends and family! I’ll likely not be posting much here next week as I’ll be in NY talking to people about what comes next after the Hollows, but I did want to let you know that we are ready for chapter four of THE WITCH WITH NO NAME to be released on Monday!

If you missed it, here is chapter one and two, and then three. :-) Come back Monday for the fourth.



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Frog and Turtle together

My office pond found its frogs last year, and they overwintered successfully! There are three now. But the turtle? He ran away, so I put in a few cement ones. Seeing them there together reminds me of Frog and Toad, which begs the question, how many of you out there have read Frog and Toad? It’s an early reader series about a sensitive frog and an ambitious toad. Or was it the other way around? I remember reading them growing up, and I read them to my boys, who didn’t take to them as much a I did. Clearly they left a mark if I’m making frog ponds.


The first book I remember picking out for the first time in my life was at my elementary school. Up until then, we were told to pick from a specific, limited shelf, but I remember the feeling when they “opened” the library up and let us choose. It was like being given a box of treasures, each one packaged up with its secrets hidden with little hints on the outside. And I remember the very first book I picked for myself to read–probably because the librarian questioned me as to if it might be too hard for me. It wasn’t. It was James and the Giant Peach, which might explain a few things.

I went on to read every single fiction book in that little town elementary school library. I worked there for two years as an aid before I moved into junior high. It was MY library, and it all started with that one book.

Never underestimate the power of choice.


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Schulers Books and Music added to the list

We’ve got one more store to add to the list, right after the midnight release party at Cincinnati. (I’ll have dates and stores for you later this month.) Schulers at Lansing will be hosting on Tuesday night, the 9th. Nicola’s signing in Ann Arbor will be way at the end of the tour with a special costume/reading/party/cake/night-before-Halloween extravaganza. However, that doesn’t mean that those personalized books you ordered from Nicola’s will have to wait until then. I’ll get in before I go out and sign them so they can be shipped right away. They try to get them to you on the publication date.

To order one, follow the instructions here for Nicolas or you can get a generically signed one from B&N

 If you missed the list of cities, I’ve got them here:

My big news is that my local power and light guys worked a miracle yesterday, clearing the tree from the lines, putting in a new pole, and moving the lines they were responsible for. Frankly, I’m impressed. There wasn’t anyway they could have done it faster, and the tree person spent a few extra minutes in his cleanup so as not to damage the tree I’d planted two years ago to take the downed tree’s place. I didn’t expect to need it for another 20 years, though. One of my favorite sayings is the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now.  I’ve done enough “now”s to have a few that have moved into “20 years ago.”

So I’m left with the scent of broken limbs, but I’m looking at a new spot of sun in my yard that wasn’t there before.  Oh, wow. It’s amazing.



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