And the title of the last Hollows book is . . .

The title of the last Hollows book is THE WITCH WITH NO NAME, which is cool enough on its own, but the best part is the release date. With much begging and pleading, followed by a careful schedule of editing, copy editing, and finally page proofs, I am tickled three shades of gold to tell you that the ending has been pushed up. I simply can not wait to get to the glorious ending of this, and so you can expect the U.S. release for THE WITCH WITH NO NAME right after Labor Day.

Yep, you saw that right. THE WITCH WITH NO NAME will be hitting the shelves on September 9, of this year!  Like in five months. Yay!

September 9, 2014. Yes! Five months!

September 9, 2014. Yes! Five months!

My PR machine is already starting to shift gears, and though it will become pretty peaceful on the surface after the give-aways next week to celebrate Dead Witch Walking’s 10 year anniversary, I’ve got T-shirts and freebies to get together, and doggie sitters to find, and maybe a new wardrobe because I’ve never toured in warm weather. I won’t know what to do with myself.

So plan your Labor Day celebration, and then take a vacation from your vacation with THE WITCH WITH NO NAME.

And for all the moaning and groaning, I believe if you end it right, closing off a series can be a very uplifting experience. But of course, your mileage may vary, and I’m seeing around corners to the next series. I think you’ll like Peri. She makes good decisions, but her past is her worst enemy.

P.S. If you are a member of Goodreads, I’ve got an event going that if we can get 3000 people to put THE WITCH WITH NO NAME  on their To Read shelf before we release the full cover on the 28th, that I will release chapter one right along with it. If we get 5000 people to put it on their To Read shelf, I’ll release two chapters. You don’t have to be on Goodreads to read the chapters when/if they are released. That wouldn’t be fair. But it’s up to the Goodreads readers to put the push on!




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Title reveal/pub date on Monday!

Yes, you saw right! Title reveal and pub date for the last Hollows book is on Monday! And I swear, if you got an ARC and blab it before I get the chance, I’ll make you a psychotic bum in my next novel. And then I’ll have a bus hit you, and then you will ricochet into a vat of road tar and drown. Same thing with the cover, which we’re going to release the week of the 21st over the course of five give aways of previous ARCs and tour Ts! I think I’ve got some bunny pins and cover flats to put in there, too. :-)

My yard is finally starting to spring, and I’ve actually spent a couple of evenings tidying it up in time for the crocus and miniature iris. My mom beat me to getting in the pansies, which I think is cool. Ha! Take that, Mr. Winter.


And alas, Bis has bandaids on his wing this morning after a sudden fall cracked him. Poor Bis! He’ll be right as rain in the morning, though.



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I’m still thinking about what I watched on TV last night. I don’t watch a lot of TV apart from movies. No reality, no sitcoms, no weekly drama. If it makes me laugh, I might turn it on, which is why the FIB killed Kenny (You bastards!) but it’s rare that I get attached to a TV show. But I do like my science shows, nature programs, or even an Egyptian mummy or Siberian  Mammoth snippet here and there. It’s a foregone conclusion that I’m watching Cosmos.

I watched the original Cosmos when it came out and soaked it in, made what it said part of my go-to common knowledge right along with ley lines and the difference between banshees and pookas. Most of what’s making in on the screen is familiar, and I can see pieces here and there of original script even, tweaked and brought up to date. I find myself excited when the science has evolved beyond what I remember and get something new, like last night.

But what I notice and appreciate more is that in the program’s evolution of seeing how our world works, is that the current series is bringing in a lot more non-western thinkers as innovators than I remember from the original program. It might be a conscious attempt at circling back to the same idea that it’s one world, one people, one question or drive to understand–but I appreciate it. Last night, though, I couldn’t help but feel a little sided because of my gender. I STILL have to pretend I’m a guy to be able to aspire to invention. Saw it in my reading as a teen, and still seeing it here, probably because women weren’t allowed or their contributions weren’t noted. Damn baby steps. I’m hopeful that as we get closer to the present that some of the innovators will look a little more like me. I’m pretty sure it’s not intentional, ’cause if there were any women innovators back then whose contributions were acknowledged, I’m sure the producers would make pains to put them in there. Right? So I let it go as an artifact of the time.


My original thought behind today’s post, which seems to have gone wildly off track, is colors and how we name them. Pink is a faded red, and gray is a faded black, or maybe a dark white. I’m trying to think of other colors that are just faded versions of their bolder cousins. Mmmm.


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Manic Monday number two!

A-a-a-and we’re done! Thank you everyone who were right on the ball and snapped them up. Guy will get them in the mail probably tomorrow, and everyone else will have their shipping and handling refunded. If you missed out, don’t worry. This was just to move the mass markets out of the way so we can get to the hard covers. The week of the 21st will have a series of true, random give-aways, where you just have to post to enter, and then on Monday the 28th, a huge Manic Monday of over 100 books, all hard cover, all signed. Oh, and I’ll be showing you the cover for the last Hollows book then, too. :-)

It’s the second half of Guy’s spring cleaning before we get to the big give aways on the week of the 21th, so today, from noon EST to probably twelve O’ one, Guy and I will be giving away the mass market of A Perfect Blood and Into the Woods.  (Both together, so you get two mass market books.) They will be signed, and we only ask that you pay for shipping to get them to you, so you need to be on PayPal to take advantage of this. Don’t have PayPal? Ask your brother, sister, uncle, or BFF.



To get one of the 25 sets we have, at noon, (not 11: 55)  paypal Guy your address and the appropriate shipping and handling to (check for typos. PayPal won’t tell you if it goes to the wrong place) and if you are among the first 25, we’ll send you a signed mass market of both A Perfect Blood and Into the Woods. We think this will take about two minutes, and I’ll edit my post here and at FB when the books are gone. We’ll of course refund any paypal monies that slipped in the meantime.

Again, wait until noon, EST, or your money will be refunded. If you just won last week, could you wait until the week of the 21th to enter again to give someone who hasn’t won a chance? Put Manic Monday in the subject line so he doesn’t miss them. The books will go out media mail domestically, and first class out of the States, which is why the huge price jump.

USA will be $7.00
Canada is $20.00.
Other International is $28.00.
Everything should be in the post by Friday but media mail is slow.

We also ask that you put your current address in at the “notes to seller space. **** No address in the notes to seller space, and your money will be refunded.**** We are not sending invoices, just hit the “send money to” button.

This is all prep for the big give-aways on the week of the 21st where I will be releasing the cover for the next Hollows book. Title too. A-a-a-a-and the release date. :-) I can’t wait!!!



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Last Monday went so well, we’re going to do it again

That’s right, we’re going to have another manic Monday on Monday! So do what you need to do to get yourself back here to find out what we’ve got for you by noon, EST, on MONDAY! (not today)

Unfortunately we have only about 25 books, so they will go very fast. But on the up-side, we’ll have another one the week after so if you miss out, there is more than another chance.

This is all leading up to a week of true give-aways thanks to Harper, (buttons, freebies, signed ARCS, and maybe a poster if I can find it) and a final, huge hard cover Manic Monday on the 28th to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Dead Witch Walking. I can’t believe it’s been ten years. I’ve lived in three houses over the last ten years, had kids from elementary to the Marines and home again in ten years. Lost two pets, four Mr. Fish, two grandparents, a brother, and mother-in-law in ten years. And wrote nearly 2.2 million words in just the Hollows alone.  (2,168,000 to be more accurate) I’ve been busy.

Can’t wait to see what the next ten years brings.


Mr. Fish number 5. And I swore I would never have another . . .



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Sorry about yesterday. No. . .no I’m not. ;-)

WhiteWitchIt’s rare that I try to prank anyone, so thank you for all your good humor yesterday when I put up the never used, original step-back art for the mass market of White Witch, Black Curse with a fake title on it as an April Fool prank. And if it helps, my mom tricked me quite soundly later. Suppose I deserved it. . . (laugh) It was nice that the artwork was even available, clearly Hollows, and with the rights already secured, just sitting there.  You can thank one of the big discount stores for this, as they flat out said they wouldn’t stock it if it had “that” cover. So at the last moment, WWBC went to mass market with the hard cover art, which was just fine with me. I liked the new art, but all the different covers were getting confusing.

I will be releasing the new cover later this month, tying it in with the ten year anniversary of Dead Witch Walking. Harper and I have a week long set of give-aways that I’ll be running from the blog as FB gets funny about stuff like that. I’m thinking that most will be U.S. only, but the final blow out where Guy and I offer up a stash of hard covers–that will be open to International. Look for it all starting the week of the 21st. Oh! and there will be a mass market Manic Monday next Monday, so do come back for that. They go fast, which is why we wait until noon and the East Coast has time to find their coffee.



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And the next Hollows book is . . .

Surprise! It happened faster than I thought it would, and we’ve got the next Hollows book: title, cover, and all!



Okay, not really. It’s an April Fools joke. I’m an awful evil author, but even I can’t do that to you. But I WILL have the real title, cover, and release day for you later this month. No joke! Keep a tight look on the website and here for how we’re going to release the cover and title for the last Hollows book.

click for 1.99 U.S. ebook

Also, Guy and I are going to be doing a major blow out of a manic Monday on the 28th of this month to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Dead Witch Walking. We’ll be giving away a mix of titles, all hardcovers, and probably 100-150 of them. (which is why we’re asking you to pay postage.) Yesterday’s manic Monday winners have been notified, and they’re sitting on my dining room table, addressed and ready to go. If you were after the first 1-2 minutes and missed out, your money will be refunded today. :-)

Happy April Fools!


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