I refuse to believe in snow right now

That’s not snow, sifting down under thick clouds. That’s . . . ash! Yes, that’s ash, from the fire where they’re burning all the Christmas trees that have slowly been appearing from under the melting six-foot piles by the road. (No, not really.) Or maybe it’s a lot of little white bugs. It could be!

Yes. I firmly believe that’s not snow. Though to be honest, by rights we can get snow into early April here in Mid Michigan. My neighbors think I’m nuts. I’ve been moving snow from the shadows into the light just to get rid of it. They tell me it will be warm again on Thursday. I’ve always liked Thursday . . .

B&N has a very flattering, non-spoiler review of The Undead Pool up on one of their blogs today. :-) Somedays, it feels really good.



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23 responses to “I refuse to believe in snow right now

  1. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim I don’t believe in snow either. The ice and white stuff on the ground say different. Don’t ya just hate it when reality messes up like that?

  2. jon spencer

    The forecast say’s tomorrows below zero temperature here in the U.P.’s banana belt might be the last for this winter. Thursday starts a full ten days where it gets above freezing every day, below freezing at night though.

  3. Charlie

    I’m in Tennessee. The daffodils are beautiful. My star magnolia is in full bloom as are the Bradford pears and many other fruit trees… Today flurries fell on all of them and the low tonight is supposed to be 27F. I’ll be crying tomorrow if my garden is ravaged. Take heart Northerners, we’re all feeling mom nature’s really cold fingers this year :(

  4. I’m listening to unhappy ponies banging on their stall doors right now because of that ash.
    I really liked the Undead Pool. I loved the whole book, but the horse bits hold a special place in my heart.
    It’s not often that I find a book with believable horse bits. I once read a story where a horse pulled a cart home several miles in the snow, with a compound fracture in his foreleg. So to read a story with such casually accurate knowledge of horses was amazing. I couldn’t stop myself from sending text messages in the dark of night to a friend to keep her updated on the action. She has a red-headed mare we call the Dragon. She enjoyed Red a lot. And I enjoyed Trent’s reaction when he got dumped. I’ve definitely sat on the ground a time or two in disbelief just like that.
    So thank you for writing that. It made my day and had me giggling enough that my family and friends were concerned about my mental health.

    • SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

      Aren’t the ponies allowed to go play in the snow?

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you mentioned enjoying the horsy bits. I think my editor was tired of horses, but I just couldn’t take them out, and thought they were a great indicator of how things were changing, especially with Trent. He needed to be reminded he wasn’t always in charge, and horses are great for that.

  5. Ah gee, here I was wondering why it was cold today. (It is only 66 degrees. It was well over 70 yesterday.) But after reading this, I remember why I am living in Texas now instead of Michigan.

  6. vampgirl1988

    i thin the first person i hear complain about summer i’m just gonna punch right in the face can’ t wait till it warmer here in northern mi . a few flurries outside but warm inside.

  7. Jessica S.

    Snow is possible for us around that time too! Last year it was snowing in the first week of May! That was a first for me, or at least to my memory recollection! I remember that because I was at RT at the time (only 4 hours away from my actual home) and I was wondering if we’d all be stranded there, but it was gone long before the convention ended!

    We had flurries yesterday, but nothing to make it white on the ground. Just ice patches on cars parked in the street. (because apparently our neighbors don’t believe in using their driveways!) :P

  8. Vampyre

    I thought it was snowing here once but it was August. It was really ash from when the Swamp caught fire. That’s how you know the drought is serious. The Swamp burns up.

  9. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    We had a 70 degree day in Seattle, warmest day in 2014 so far. Today it’s mid-50’s and raining a little. Prunus are in full froth, robins are noisy, sprouts and buds are happening. More than snow, we have GREY; it wears on you. I, too, am ready for spring!

  10. Gail S

    Yes, I too am tired of seeing white fluff, no matter how pretty it looks. What’s that saying…to much of a good thing? :-)
    I always love Paul Goat Allen’s book reviews. I think if he likes it, it’s high praise. :-D
    Here’s to Thursday, a little warmer and the eradication of the dirty snow piles!

  11. LoL! Ok, I’ll roll with this. Southern Indy had an inch of ash fall this morning and the sunn isshining right now to melt it off again.

    Even better, kids on “spring break” and we are going to French Lick for a couple of days. It’ll be really nice to get away, just for a bit. I registered the kids and I for Tea TIme at one of the resort places (guess I ought to be sure which one, eh?). My kids think it’s cool to dress up for something special. Can’t wait!

  12. Dea

    Yes—its a white-out here in Northern Virginia. And as Katrina says, we are SO over it!! The cherry blossoms are ready to do their thing and that’ll make it all better!

  13. Ellen Hotchkiss

    Seen Sunday at B and N

  14. LOL. Yesterday it was almost 80 and today it’s in the forties! My mother just came down from Michigan and I think she brought winter weather with her:) Hang in there. Spring is coming. I spotted those bulbs peeking out on your blog yesterday.

  15. Linda Craft.

    This has certainly been a long cold winter. We woke up to an inch of snow. what I can’t believe is the snowplow came through!? for an inch?? It will warm up. I keep telling people I’ve seen it snow at Tulip Time (Tulip Festival in Holland, MI 2nd week in May) but I hope it doesn’t this year.

  16. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim we don’t have snow coming up, just rain.But I hade rain, makes me stiff and creaky. I want 75F, with lots of cool breezes.

  17. lashumway

    Oh, I don’t want to believe either, but that’s some awfully cold ash falling from the sky here in Maryland(where I was told it hardly ever snows before I moved here. I call B.S.). Even I’m done with snow, and I love snow. I was deprived of snow for almost 10 years–and now, bring on spring. The worst is going from 70 one day to snow the next, I didn’t sign up for Denver(I love Denver, but if I get Denver weather, I want a 15 minute drive to fourteeners to go with it).

    • Martin

      Ha Ha; 60 degrees in Denver today. This winter had been tough in Colorado, but not nearly as bad as Michigan or the East Coast. The glacier in my back yard has already melted.

  18. Katrina Collins

    We have snow in northern Virginia. We are so over it!

    • dawn

      I’m in NW Ohio and that ‘ash’ is covering the ground here too. Discovered a newspaper dated january 25 when a drift melted :) Soo ready for spring/summer and GREEN grass!

    • Erika B

      You are so right, Katrina!! Will it ever stop here? This is Virginia for goodness’ sake!