Interviews, Podcasts, and a little TV

It took a while, but I think I’ve got 90% of the interviews and etc. that I worked on the last couple of weeks. I’ve featured all of them at one point or another except for the NonProductive radio spot, where they say some very nice things at the end, and while I would never call myself a scientist, I do appreciate the acknowledgement that I conduct my writing with that in mind. :-)

Also, all the photos from the tour are up at the website. There’s a main page to get you started, and it fans out to individual events from there. [ Event photos ]

Kim and Teresa on Connecticut Style

Kim and Teresa on Connecticut Style

Craig Ferguson and Geoff try to figure the Hollows out CBS
CTStyle – book corner (TV segment WTNH)
Fireman Creative live streamed B&N event video live stream/article
Booktalk Nation chat with Kim Harrison and Jeaniene Frost radio : Chosen Families review Family-focused reviews review
WatchPlayRead article
USAtoday HEA 
AMA at reddit Q&A
io9 discusses Dead Witch Walking interview
Bull Spec e-zine interview
Cover to Cover with Mark Dewitt: Kim Harrison and The Undead Pool radio
Kim Harrison at NonProductive radio (starts halfway into podcast) radio
Kindle blog: Kim Harrison on inspiration
SUVUDU interview

I’m back at work at my desk, and lo, I find myself writing a Hollows short. You know they’re going to want to put one in the back of the mass market, right? I thought I was done, but burn my toast if some of your questions during the Q&A didn’t make me realize a little clarification about why Al is so angry at the end of The Undead Pool might be in order.

Two days of fumbling have finally evolved into a solid story direction. Feels good.


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41 responses to “Interviews, Podcasts, and a little TV

  1. Birte

    Dear Kim,

    first of all I wanted to thank you for TUP – a new Hollows novel is a fixed highlight in my year. It was a rollercoaster of a ride, I read it in one sitting and then again over a few days, I loved it! I don’t want to spoil anyone – but I was blown away with what you did with the “ms”. You must have had so much fun with them! It’s so great that you find something new every novel and open up the world a bit further.

    Al’s reaction is interesting: the first reading I was mostly shocked by its extremity (but I like being shocked :)), but the second reading I looked closer: the motivation for his behaviour and his reaction is complex and all there in the pages and in everything we know about him through the other books in the series – still, I can’t wait to get another glimpse into his history and psyche for more clarification and look forward to the Hollows short!

    I loved that the novel didn’t end in one giant sugarcoated happy end for all – I like to go through the good AND the bad stuff with my beloved characters and I love that your stories stay true to your characters and real life. It’s one of the reasons they are so precious to me. Whatever is in for everyone in the last book I will follow them to the Ever After and back. :)

    Thanks again, Kim!

    Best, Birte

    • Thank you, Birte. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the Hollows and that you trust the storyteller. I hope that final book has an ending that satisfies you. :-)

  2. Natasha Yatsallie

    Thank youfor the Al short. I can’t wait to read it. You’re writing affects me deeply and that second-last chapter left me feeling somewhat disheartened; even though I know it’s not the end. I wish you warm weather and lots of birds. :)

  3. Looks like the Geoff and Craig Ferguson link is expired now. What a bummer! Can anybody describe what happened?

  4. genki

    Speaking of shorts at the end of the mass market versions (which we all love, so hooray and *thank you*, Kim)…
    I was really hoping that Trent’s POV from the back of “A Perfect Blood” would be made available as an update for e-book versions, but it has not. I was able to get TOR updated to my Kindle’s “Ever After” once the mass market came out. Do you know if there are plans for the publisher to make Trent’s POV available? Fingers crossed…!

    • I doubt it very much, Genki. Sorry.

    • Michelle

      Genki, if you go to Barnes and Nobel website and find A Perfect Blood and click on the read sample/preview for the first two chapters you can get to Trent’s POV. After the first few pages it wsays sign in or something don’t do that, just click on the link that says next available page, click through those pages of chapter two and then click next available page. That brings you to Trents POV and you can read the whole thing there. I’ve been wanting to read it since I first hear about it, but i’ve already bought A Perfect Blood when it came out and just got the audiobook a few months ago so I didn’t really want to pay for another copy just for a couple of pages. I loved reading from Trent’s POV just as much as I love all the rest of series.

      Kim Harrison you rock! I can’t wait to read the new short that you are working on! I’ll never get enough of the world you’ve created. I really think that you should write I don’t know say another 10 books or so :)

  5. I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the Men Who Don’t Belong. They sounded like the equivalent of Seal Team six, so I’m still cratching my head on that one. Any one out there want to tell me what happened? Be glad to give an email if you wantto express it to me instead of posting here.

  6. Hi Kim,
    I’m grinning ear to ear as I write this… I had asked you when you came to Boston if you might write anymore short stories for the Hollows. You had said no then and I was sad but accepted what was to be. Now, I am elated and find myself thinking ‘I knew she would.’ Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read it!
    Seeing you in Boston was the first time I had attended one of your events and I wasn’t disappointed. I just love the Hollows series It has become my absolute favorite read. I am on my 3rd pass of TUP. It is really that good! And of course, I am a Trent and Rachel fan! You are such a wonderful person and an amazing author thank you again for giving us characters and taking us places that ignite our passion to read and fuel the fires of our imagination.

    • Hi Lynne. Yeah, I know. And when I told you that, I really had no idea that I would be writing another short. But things change, and I’ve got a small ship that turns fast.

      It was great seeing you out in Boston. :-) Thanks for coming to see me!

  7. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Ack! Ack! Ack! Spoilers! Nononononooooo … I don’t get my turn to read UP for absolutely AGES yet. I don’t want spoilers. (Squidge throwing self on floor, kicking and squalling)

  8. Vampyre

    I’ve read or watched over half of the links posted and they all pretty much express the same sentiments I have about you and your work. I prefer being called a reader instead of a fan but that’s a minor thing.

    When you said there’s a short on the way I thought “Ha! She’ll never fully abandon the Hollows!” It’s a very rich world you’ve built and I’m sure you could play in there as much as you like and it’d never get old to us.

    I’m still looking forward to the first non-Hollows book. It will be amazing.

  9. Dellena

    I actually had to pace myself with the read, but it was still over to soon! I think I know why Al is upset at the end. But I am not going to go to much further with that because I could really be wrong. I don’t see alot of the things apparently that others do. I love the book though. This one is a very good read. I love the Trent/Rachal dynamic in here. I loved how Trent handled everything at the end, won’t say anymore. But I did have one question though, anyone is welcome to answer but I would like to know in what book does this paragraph on page 330 “The Memory of his…” refer to? I thought it could be the Trouble in Reverse Short, but that happens outside of the city not under it. The Hollows books are re-reads for me, I just can’t re-read them until I’ve at least forgotten some of the details, that way I am not skipping paragraphs and stuff. Thank you Kim for a hell of a ride. I can’t wait for more. I agree with another reply here, Nataile about the Trent POV though. I would love to know that myself. Must have been agonizing for him.

    • Thank you, Dellena. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Undead Pool. That memory was when she was under the library, chasing the men who don’t belong. She was beat up pretty bad, and she used the rings to take herself to Trent, and ended up bringing Trent to her. The look on his face that very moment was telling.

  10. Frances Baker

    O.M.G!!! This totally made my day and I can not wait to read it!!!

  11. Martin

    Of course, the publisher will want another Hollows short for the mass market paperback of book #13, too. Time to plan ahead! :)

  12. Keana

    I love your books! I find myself rereading them all the time :) I got the undead pool on Monday and finished it the next day. My family is always telling me to put the book down but I can’t lol your writing is incredible my imagination runs wild when I read your books. Keep on writing because I’ll keep on buying and reading !❤️ Oh one question since Trent’s dad fixed rachel is their a chance that she can get pregnant ( I know she can he pregnant) but by Trent since he is an elf?

    • Thanks, Keana! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books!

      No, she can’t get preggers by Trent. Sorry! The magics fight the science, and the science fights the magic. The demons made it that way.

  13. robin vroman

    oh i think i understand al’s upsetedness, (is that a word?) he’s jealous, poor guy. but then there’s the whole fairy wingless thing i hope that’s resolved, i’d would have hated to have lost the ability to fly. and ivy and trent (really not seeing how they can make that work out for them, but hope they can, and hope that’s not a spoiler but i think the cat’s totally o/o the bag by now anyway. have enjoyed immensely the entire series from DWW through TUP. does one ever get finished w/ one’s children (so to speak) thank you for the walk through woods. wouldn’t have missed it.

  14. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim I love TUP and I also got the bird feeder. They do have to be up on poles, they have poles, feeders, and seed at Amazon in the lawn and garden section. It also gives the tiny girl driving the UPS truck something to do.(just she wants to support her kid, did you ever hear of such a thing?) She claims to weigh 90 lb, I don’t know if I believe her.

  15. Linda Craft.

    TUP is certainly a roller coaster ride. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up in #13. can’t wait, Julia you can always do what I did with TOR, read it in the stores coffee shop. Of course if you damage the book you’ll need to buy it.

  16. natalie nicholson

    Woohoo.. very glad to read this. Al leaving Rachel was as sad as Kisten dying. It would help to know the why behind Al’s anger and hurt. Also another great early Christmas present would be Trents POV from the time he makes his first choice until he tells Rachel it was the wrong choice. Just throwing that wish out there.

  17. Amy McDonald

    I just finished TUP last night, it was so amazing I loved it!!! I thought Al was mad at Rachel in the end, because he is falling in love with her and he feels betrayed and hurt over her choices!! ( trying not to post spoilers here!) Maybe I got the wrong vibes from the last few books prior to TUP……… can’t wait for the final book, and maybe a short on Al, I love your books!!!

  18. Julia

    Will there be a way to acquire the short without purchasing the mass market?

  19. Susan Blakeney

    YES!!!!!! So glad there’s more Hollows:)

  20. Susan

    Oh boy! Oh, boy-oboy-oboy! Awesome! Cannot wait I just knew there was more to it. Just finishing my second read (took the 2nd one nice and slooooow) and TUP is by far my favorite of the series. Great job, Kim!