Schulers Books and Music and a few new interviews

New links to interviews I did while on tour! I found this first just this morning. It’s a fabulous phone interview I did with the guys over at NonProductive radio before I even went on tour. No spoilers, but lots on insight. You can find my bit about halfway into the program. I feel bad I didn’t find this until now, because it’s really worth listening to.

And here’s a little article I did for Kindle blogs about where I get my inspiration. So check them both out if you like, and leave a comment so they ask me back next year!


Schuler’s was the last stop on the tour, and it did not fail to impress! I think I had the biggest variety of tour T’s here than any other. And the readers! My gosh, they were enthusiastic, coming from as far as six hours away. (Just click the photo to go to the higher resolution picture for to snag for yourself)

The readers even brought cake! And what a cake it was, crafted especially for not only The Undead Pool, but St. Patrick’s day as well. You can’t see from here, but there are Tink curses on it, and a salute to the leprechaun who started it all. Thank you again. It was so wonderful.


I’ve got more pictures at the website, here: Schulers photos


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10 responses to “Schulers Books and Music and a few new interviews

  1. Gail S

    I’m sure you’re happy to be back at home. Congratulations on a great tour and the NYT list! :-)

  2. Gail S

    The cake is wicked cool!

  3. Lynn~from Haverhill

    Lol. Love the cake!

  4. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim with all the effort in your life,it sounds like you need a fast energy builder that Smudge has me fix,like for lest nite,after she spent a hard day snarling at the robins walking on HER lawn. Take one two pack of Cornish game hens, split them in half lengthwise, sprinkle LIGHTLY with sea salt, cover with clover honey,and then sprinkle lightly with sweet basil. Bake in the mike, but don’t let the honey blacken. Nuke some vegies and enjoy.(Smudge doesn’t understand why anyone would want vegies.)

  5. Vampyre

    Congrats on a great tour. I think this was one of the best ever. It was so good to see you and Guy again. I have a feeling the next tour will be bittersweet. It will be a little sad saying good bye to the Hollows, but I am chomping at the bit to see what’s coming next. A little pixie told me it’s great but nothing more. :)

    • Martin

      Hi Vampy,
      Whatever comes after the Hollows WILL be great, and the last Hollows book will NOT be the last tour. The publisher is already planning what they can do to promote the next great Kim Harrison series. Kim will be able to tour for as long as she wants to, I bet.

    • Vampyre

      You’re right in last tour, I meant last Hollows tour. As long as Kim gets within 350 miles of me and my car is running, I’ll be going to see her and Guy. It’s one of the few crowded events I can go to without having anxiety attacks. A signing is almost like a family reunion…better in fact because I have had anxiety attacks at a couple of them. :)

  6. Laura K Thorpe

    Looks like a great end to the tour! :) And Tink’s titties- what a fabulous cake! :D

  7. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    What an absolutely gorgeous cake! I’m so glad you enjoyed the last appearance of the tour. I know you & Guy work very hard on these tours but I’ve always felt you came just to my area and are happy to be there.

  8. Linda Craft.

    Such a wonderful signing last night.I loved the give a ways. Guy always has a way with the crowds. Can’t wait until next year