Happy St. Patricks Day!


Happy “wear your green” day! It seems fitting as I’m FINALLY starting to see some green in my yard, though 80% of it is still white. It’s kind of sad, but I’m lurking about at the edges, snow boots on as I investigating the warm spots in the yard for those traditionally early plants. I found a few poking up, but it’s the birds I’m watching the most as they begin to sing. (And yes, if you’re wondering, I did knit the leprechaun this winter!)


Tonight I’ll be out at Lansing’s Schulers Books and Music for our traditional end-of-tour signing, and I hope to see some out you out there. They have a great Irish bar just next door, and I’m sure they will be whooping it up tonight. ;-)


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22 responses to “Happy St. Patricks Day!

  1. That looks like one of Alan Dart’s knitting patterns — very cute! I want to make his Nativity set called “Christmas Wishes” for my Mama who lives too far away. :)


  2. Stacy DeLong

    Love the leprechaun!! Spring will be here soon!

  3. apeters

    Happy “Sno’Patricks” Day from balmy suburban MD! We had 7″ of snow as measured on my garbage can which was NOT picked up today. The morning Wash Post was delivered in the PM, but the mail actually came as usual. Gov’ts and schools were closed AGAIN as part of our bi-weekly “snowday”. At this rate, the snow shovel will stay in my car until May!

  4. Martin

    Happy Spring! Only 3 days until the equinox; mid-spring in the old calendar. Blessed Ostara.

  5. Jade/Third Coast

    Happy St. Pat’s Day back to you! I just discovered I have some Irish blood in me. I had no idea and was very pleased.

    I finished Undead Pool and absolutely loved it! I just wanted to thank you for the great story telling and look forward to the next book, but also sad because it will be the last one in the series. I will miss everyone, especially Jenks. But, I respect your instincts as an author as to when you have mined all you can and decide it is time to let go.

  6. have fun tonight Mrs. Harrison wish i could be there it would be so fun!!!!!!!

  7. Lovely leprechaun overlooking that paper! I noticed! Number 1 listing there – The Undead Pool. :-D Sings of spring! Wonderful. I love spring flowers! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Jen Parker

    Just wanted you to know I can’t concentrate on grading geometry work today! Everyone I see the word rhombus I start snickering and want to slam my hand down to set a circle!
    Have a great signing tonight! Wish I had been close enough to get to one.

  9. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Top o’ the mornin’ to us all, and the shank of the day as well! I know we’re all glad to see the first green of the season, even us here in the milder Pacific Northwest. I’ve seen the first tiny flowerings of daphne and buds beginning to swell on limbs. And freesia is bursting into golden excess. Soon, soon . . . Your leprechaun is marvelous!

  10. Vampyre

    Happy Saint Pat ‘s day. Love the leprechaun.

    Last week we were talking about casting the Hollows. I think Reba MacEntire would be good as Rachel’s mom.

  11. We had snowfall yesterday and it appears to be about an inch of it, here in Evansville, Indiana. So yeah… kids bundled up for a SPRING holiday! LOL! Going to go read a couple of St. Paddy’s day books to my daughter’s 2nd grade class and son’s K class asap too. They get a kick out of my attempts at using accents. Skippyjon Jones are a riot when I do this.

    Happy St Patrick’s day to all. Don’ be shy; Go kiss an Irish!
    (Pretty sure they won’t mind if they’ve got Guinness in hand)

  12. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim I am counting my pennies so I can get a bird-feeder. They do not allow tossing food on the ground (we have a lot of trouble with raccoons, and rabid ones are nasty) but a feeder on a pole seems o.k. I’m going to check with the manager.

  13. fairylite

    Can you give the pattern for the leprechaun? I’d love to make it!

  14. Gail S

    Happy St. Pat’s Day! Have a blast @ Schuler’s. Maybe a green beer or at least green tea tonight. ;-) Wish I could make a run for the border, but I’m working. I love your lucky Leprechaun!

  15. Christopher B.

    I trust you will be going to Nicola’s soon