Two weeks and still got snow

Arrg! I was really hoping that I would lose some of the snow on my two weeks out, and from what I hear, we did lose some, but it still looks the same to me as I sit in my office this morning and stare at the snow and somewhat peeved robins hopping about on the shoveled walks and drives.


Aside from that, it feels really good to be back home. I actually fell asleep sitting up watching TV, which Guy tells me I did last year at the end of tour, too. Because of empty fridges, dinner was, get this . . . warm milk over shredded wheat. Do I know how to relax, or what? But it was perfect after the exotic dinners and grab-and-go breakfasts.

Today I’ll be doing not much of anything as I pick up the threads of a life-interupted, which means recyclables at the curb and bird food back in the feeders.  I do have a few things that have popped up in the meantime. io9 is doing a bookclub-like discussion over at their pages for Dead Witch Walking. I’m trying to work in a live Q&A with them later in the month, but we’re running into snags and it might take a while to work out. But go and leave your first impressions of Dead Witch Walking! I’m lurking about over there right now. [io9 discusses Dead Witch Walking] the Goodreads chat about The Undead Pool is still going strong as well [Goodreads The Undead Pool]

Also, SUVUDU has a short interview up you might want to check out. There’s a place to leave comments there, as well. [SUVUDU]


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24 responses to “Two weeks and still got snow

  1. glade your back safe and sound. in northern mi we are sitting at 45 and rain today . can’t wait till i can go outside and sit on the swing and listen to birds and watch my boy play outside . that going to be golden . hope you have a good weekend .

  2. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Kim, I gotta teach you how to stock your freezer with nukable planned meals. I make big batches of soups and stewy things batched up in servings, and there’s bread in the freezer, too (or there used to be). Besides, what about good ol’ tomato soup and cheesy crackers?

    • Well, to tell you the truth, my mom had a big pot of chili on the stove for us, but I was so fooded out that we saved it until last night and I had something less acidic.

    • SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

      Understood. Good reason to have some mild homemade vegetable soup lurking in the freezer.

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  4. WeI feel for you. I moved to Florida 13 yrs ago and most of the time the only thing I miss is family, certainly never the weather. This winter seems especially brutal for everyone up north. Even I’m incredulous when I heat there’s to be more bad weather in the northern or western states. That’s ok, we’ll be seeing everyone soon enough. Bad winters have a way of making everyone feel a little Florida.

  5. Welcome back to Michigan! We did get rid of some snow, but yesterday we got a refill :)

  6. Martin

    Welcome home, Ms. Harrison. We are glad you are home safe. Congratulations on a successful tour.

  7. Anthony from San Francisco CA

    Hello Kim,
    Big fan of the hollows series. Finished reading undead pool last weekend. Just finished the into the woods stories today. Loved all the side stories in regards to the hollows especially the Trent and Jenks story. In regards to the non-hollows stories, Grace was the story I loved most. I wanted to message on here to find out if you plan on continuing her story. Thanks.

    • Thank you, Antony. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I’ve actually got an entire manuscript of Grace written, but I’m focusing on Peri right now, so there is hope we’ll see Grace again!

  8. Glad your book-signing went well, Kim. All that snow is going to make Spring feel all the better once it arrives. When I lived back east, I used to chop up an apple and toss it out for the robins along with some raisins when the winter snows invaded springtime. They appreciated the fruit.
    Rest up. You deserve it.

  9. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    Fall asleep in front of the tv? I do that all the time. Can’t tell you how many shows where I never get to the ending. I hear ya, loud and clear, about everybody being tired of super-winter mode. Here in Seattle yesterday it got to just over 60 degrees, blue sky with no wind. I dried my clean sheets out on my balcony!

  10. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim Why don’t you make stuffed chicken breast like I did last nite? Remember to use egg instead of water to make your pepridge Farm stuffing mix,chop fine onion and celery into it, toss on paprika and sweet basil to taste(I use eggbeaters as Smudge and I are on lo-fat diets) and bake @350 digrees. one whole chicken breast split and stuffed will make a meal if paired with some frozen vegies nuked in the mike. Also,for laggards The Undead Pool is on sale on Amazon e-books for those of us who have to watch pennies. (and the regular Kindles (black and white) are also on sale.

  11. It’s snowing here. Again. I hope this is winter’s last gasp. I know spring will come. I just want it to be soon.

  12. Lynn~from Haverhill

    Falling asleep sitting up definetly means u were ready for ur own comfy bed. You earned your R&R and I relate to the snow. I am sad that here in MA we have been skipping Spring. Spring and Fall are my favs. Thank u again for going to Boston. We didn’t have as many as some stops, but I hope you felt the love. Stay warm Kim & Guy!