Garden District Books in New Orleans


I’d never been to New Orleans, so I wasn’t sure how many readers would be there, but you surprised me with how many roadies there were. It was an almost virgin crowd with only one person who’d been to one of my events before–meaning there were lots of fabulous questions! (Just click photo to go to the higher resolution photo for your own use.)

Two of my more enthusiastic readers. :-)

And the crew at Garden District Books! Thanks, Guys. It was a great event. More photos

I’ll be in Schuler’s Books and Music yet this week on Monday, but if I missed you, and you still want that first-edition, signed The Undead Pool, Nicola’s still has them. I got the news yesterday that we’re in our third printing, so if this is important to you, check the publishing info before you buy, or just order from Nicola’s. I’ll be back in Ann Arbor this week, and can get in there to sign them. [to order from Nicola's]


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7 responses to “Garden District Books in New Orleans

  1. Vampyre

    At the Atlanta signing he told us how he met Kim. It was almost movie worthy. :)

    • Eh, meeting my own was more like a college parody movie.

      In the hospital ER and parents ask daughter, “Who is the really young biker gang looking guy in here with you? Why were you trying to do cartwheels off a motorcycle going 75 mph? And lastly, WHY are you wearing leopard print velour with cat tail and ears?”

      Daughter, as innocently as possible, “Um…Well, you see I’ve been dating him a while… Oh, hell..”

    • Oh, man. Now you all know. :-)

  2. Third printing? Awesome news!

    You know, Kim, it seems alot of pressure building up for that last book you’ll have out, year I think? Lol! Hope nobody’s head implodes from the wait.

    Oh, and I know I hadn’t said it, but your husband is a great crowd worker. Nice and friendly to anyone. You have one heck of a fellow there, Kim. Congratulations again!