New York Barnes and Noble

StairsNew York was as wonderful as always, and to make it even more special, Guy and I had the chance to hang out with some of the people at Harper and B&N who make the books the success they are. It was during tea at Alice’s Cup that I got pixed with blue glitter, but it was okay because it came with a tiara and wand, which I then wore to the event. (Yep, we’re silly like that.) It’s so rare to get us all in one place!


And my NY roadies! Thank you, ladies for braving the cold. (click the photo to go to a high res picture that you can snag for yourself.) This is probably the only shot you’ll ever see of me with a tiara and blue sparkles. (nahhh, I’d do it again.)

If you remember, I did an interview for FiremanCreative while in Pittsburgh, where Jillian escorted me around the city for a few stops including the Google campus. The interview popped up today, so check it out for a better idea of what my day is like while on tour. Fun! [A Magical Day with Kim Harrison] There’s a link to the livestream of the event as well.

DSCF2130Tonight I’m headed over to Ridgefield Connecticut, to their temporary library site on Governor Street. Hope to see some of you there!



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18 responses to “New York Barnes and Noble

  1. Diane

    that must have been cool. Sorry you got pixed, but as it was in a good way, not too sorry. I have my fingers crossed that the last Hollows book will tour in San Diego. I’ll get the t shirt either way.

  2. Jen M

    Loved getting a chance to finally meet you that night & Guy kept everyone entertained :-) You both are such wonderful people.
    I just finished the book & can’t wait for my friends to finish so we can discuss, I was practically bouncing with excitement by the end :-)

  3. Still trying to think of something to ask in Boston tomorrow that you haven’t been asked a million times over again!!!! Dragging the man with me even though he hasn’t read the books he uses Jenks quotes almost as much as I do!!!!

  4. Alexis

    Super glad to have gone and met you finally, Kim (I was to the right of you in the group photo–the short one).

    I was so nervous meeting you that I forgot to say how big of an inspiration you’ve been to me as an aspiring writer!

    We were such a quiet bunch. If you come next year I’ll be sure to be more vocal, haha.

    Hope you’re having fun on tour!

  5. Had a wonderful time meeting you last night….you rocked the tiara….thank goodness the sparkles weren’t from being pixed (I’m the fan with the burnt amber necklace) ☺️

  6. Gosh Kim, we wish you’d come to DC some day! You’d appreciate all the snowball fights on the National Mall lately! The Undead Pool was just wonderful. Thank you so much!! Finally some release with Rachel and Trent!! ; } The build-up was fabulous.

  7. SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

    I agree: every girl should have a tiara. Reminds me: my daughter’s was stolen, so I could get one for her (and a circlet for her husband, who is a prince of a guy) for their upcoming 5th wedding anniversary. Phooey on tradition.

  8. kelly

    I LOVE the tiara…i think every girl should have one!

  9. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim Its good to see you promoting HarperCollins,I do too. It’s the only place that published J.R.R. Tolkien As He Wanted It (I have all the Tolkien books by the Way) You maybe should wear your red frame glasses when you wear a tiara, like Mariah Carey and her daughter Monroe do.(Monroe has to wear hers all the time)

  10. Quite a crowd ! Nice : ) Love the tiara, cause you are a princess !