Minneapolis–colder than I remembered

Minneapolis was colder than I remembered, but just about everything east of the Mississippi is right now. We had a great signing out at the Galleria B&N, where the crowd was decidedly slanted to new event-goers. Lots of tour Ts, as you can see! (If you in the picture, just click it for the high-def version to snag for your own use.)


There was a surprise reader in the crowd, and I didn’t even recognize him until he spoke up. “Devin Crossman”, the ill-fated reporter from the Hollows Gazette who was the unique POV of The Hollows Insider, was there. Well, the man who’s picture won the contest to be included, anyway. :-)


Tonight I’m in Pittsburg. It took two planes and a 4:30 wake up, but I’m here. Just pump me full of caffeine, and I’ll be fine. This is the event that is going to be live broadcast, so if you can’t make it to an event, this will give you a great idea of what happens at one. It all starts around 7:00 PM EST, but you might want to drop in at the site and make sure your computers are talking to each other, especially if you’re going to take part in the chat.¬†http://www.vivolive.com/KimHarrison/the-undead-pool

“See” you there!


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16 responses to “Minneapolis–colder than I remembered

  1. Love seeing the pictures of the tour, being “across the pond” and unable to attend any of the tour stops, it makes me feel included when you share with you your tour adventures and pictures!
    ps.: love the Hollows themed menu from Cinci!

  2. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim I forgot to say I like the wire rims. They make you look like an author of power and elegance. We have missed the predicted snowstorm so far. There is a herd of robins out front, who refuse to recognize that the ground is frozen hard, so no-one can make a living, I guess Chuck Darwin lives! (Along with Ed Guinn)

    • SquidgeWA (aka JKH)

      as much as food or perhaps a suet feeder, birds would desperately desire water. When my sister put out a pan of hard bread she’d soaked in warm water (a rare baking failure), the crows drank all the water faster than they ate the bread.

    • Yep, I’ve had them for about two years now because I couldn’t read the name on the sticky note with just my contacts.

  3. Oh boy! I think you’re coming to Georgia! I’m really hoping I can attend! Love your books!!!

  4. ShellyB

    Unable to make to a signing, but had to say I just finished The Undead Pool, and I loved it. You really made everyone work for the final outcome, but it was worth it. I would have to say The Undead Pool is like playing Hide-and-Go-Seek with your sanity.

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  6. LindsayD

    Can’t wait to see the posted video since I missed out live! Came home from work to find my signed copy of TUP from Nicola’s, made my day, and now I am going to reread :) Kim, the book was just incredible, so many high’s and low’s. I couldn’t decide at end if I was devastated or walking on clouds. Thank You for the journey!

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    The stream was a bit laggy but still good. we had a good time in the chat room. The question about Erica was from me. Someone could always kid nap her or something. :D

    I think Guy would make a great Jenks .


  8. Becca

    Hooray Kim! It was a blast to have you in Minneapolis. I think my favorite part of your visit was the Q&A time. On the question of the hardest character to kill off (I won’t say names just in case of spoilers!) I was glad to hear you say who you chose, since that character was personally the hardest for me to see go. I recall having to hold the pages away from my leaking face haha!
    Anyways, thank you so much for the visit and pictures! Hope you find your way back to Minnesnowta again next tour. :)