Whew! Cincinnati is like coming home!

Cincinnati! It felt like coming home when we came round that bend and saw the new skyline. That blue building on the right is the crown building. There was some discussion whether or not to include it in the skyline of the Hollows Insider. I voted not to, because the timeline of the books didn’t have it.


Once there, it was a quick lunch a block from Fountain Square, and then on to some media. Soon as the segments have aired, I’ll have links to them. One is video, taken at The Cincinnatian, the hotel that I feature in the last book.


And then the signing! I can not believe how many roadies were there. (if you’re wanting a high-res picture, click the image to pull it up, then snag it for your own use.) It was a packed house, with people standing in the stacks. :-) The questions were great, and everyone’s patience was appreciated as it took a long time to get to the end. I left a handful of signed copies, but we pretty much sold them out. :-) This is a very cool store, so if you’ve never been there, go check them out. They floored me with the Hollows-themed menu they’d created with the nearby eatery. You could get a demon coffee, and even a dead-man’s float! (It was so cool!)



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22 responses to “Whew! Cincinnati is like coming home!

  1. Had a great time, Kim! Willow loves the pixies you gave her, she showed them off to our Cincy friends!

  2. Elise Waxler

    Kim, it was great seeing you at Joseph Beth in Cinti., Wednesday night. I look forward to my new book. I refuse to read it until it has your autograph. I am sad that the story will end soon but I look forward to your new series. Does that mean the end of the graphic novels too? I hope there will be another one. I do have another question, do you save photos taken at book signings somewhere on the website. There was a photo of you and me taken during during a signing where I had on “I got Kist in the Hollows”. I would love to find it. You told me you hadn’t seen that shirt in ages so you had to take a picture. Enjoy the rest of your tour!!!!!

  3. Kim,

    It was great to have you in Cincinnati – I know for me and the other local readers, we’re very happy to see that some one outside of the area recognizes the history, intrigue, and beauty of this town. I was one of the two “favorite Hollows runners” at the signing. Thanks for the great stories. Safe travel!

  4. Barbara

    Barnes and noble is killing me with the wait for my signed copy

    • Martin

      Hi Barbara,
      It’s killing me too! The Amazon shipping department is much more efficient. Last year I had my book the day after release day, on normal shipping charges. B&N package tracking reports it got to the post office yesterday. So sad!

  5. Neema

    I’m so excited that you are coming to Saratoga Springs so I can actually meet you! I will be doing a go-away snow dance for this weekend :) Safe travels!

  6. Jan V

    So I’m up to Chapter 10 of TUP (loving it). Said it would take me about a week to finish, and I think I’m pretty much on track. But I wanted to hop on over here and tell you that I had a great time Tuesday night at Nicola’s. And also to apologize for my ramblings. I’ve been to 4 of your signings, and I still get awe-struck when I get the chance to talk to you 1 on 1. It’s like I have an idea of what I wanna say, but everything seems to come out wrong. So what I wanted to say was that I’ve always been a fan of David’s. And when I saw those figurines, I thought of what you said on Goodreads about him being your dragon, and I had to buy them for you. Corny, I know. But I do hope you like David the dragon. (Psst..I even bought one for myself). Anyway..It was great seeing you and Guy again. Have fun on Tour. And please bring the sun back with ya.

  7. Michelle

    Looks like you had a great time, I hope to make it to a signing this year! Question for Kim is this the last book or will there be a 13th?

    • Martin

      One more book in the Hollows series, Michelle. The title and cover release will probably happen in the fall, and the book release about this time next year.

  8. Martin

    For those who have the opportunity to get to a book signing, I recommend it. It can be a real treat.
    Right now I am looking at the empty slot on my bookshelf where The Undead Pool is going to go, right after I read it a couple of times. So excited!! :)

    • Hope you get it soon, Martin.

    • Martin

      It’s on the way! :) I ordered a signed copy from Barnes & Noble, and I’m tracking the package as it moves across the country. I have faith it will be here soon.
      I saw on your FB page that you’ve already had one flight cancelled. I hope that doesn’t happen too often this trip, but I really hope you and all your fans travel safely. And may spring greet you when you return home.

  9. Susie Jansen Mitchell

    Kim after seeing just this one signing turn out, do you now understand how much you are truly loved by your readers? I just in the last year alone turned at least 70 if not clise to 80 people in Hollows lovers. We are trying to get to the NY signing! Congratulations and Thank you for these great character that feel more like friends!

  10. Vampyre

    Hippity hoppity… :)

  11. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim I’m always glad to see the photos of other bookstores (even if I can’t use the brick and mortar jobs any more). When I could walk long distances ,I used to walk to the local stores several times a week.

  12. It sounds like you had a brilliant time there. Hope the rest of the tour is just as fun.

    • Getting there is fun. (rolls eyes) But yes, the events themselves are great. Next year, you can all come to MY house. (No, not really.)

    • Vampyre

      That would be great. Last book tour is in your back yard! It might be a bit nippy camping out in February but fun as we all sit around the massive bonfire reading the last books. Will you bake cookies for the 6 to 8000 people that might show up?