Psssst! It’s still on sale!

Dead Witch Walking 2004

Because of the overwhelming response to the 1.99 ebook sale of DEAD WITCH WALKING, my publisher has asked me if I wanted to extend the sale through the holiday weekend.

Heck yes!

So you can still pick it up for yourself or gift it to someone for that firework-and-sparkler price of 1.99.  And shhhhh, we’re going to do this for the entire series, so if you’re looking to collect them all . . . here we go!

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A-a-a-a-and if you’ve already got this puppy and are still looking for a beach/car read, INTO THE WOODS just came out this week in paperback. This is my collection of all the Hollows shorts and novellas, plus a novella showing Trent and Jenks stealing Lucy, plus four other stories that are not Hollows related, one of which I might follow after the Hollows is done. So if you want a peek into the future, this might be it. INTO THE WOODS Nice little bite-sized chunks that fit between the beach and hotdogs at the pool.

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11 responses to “Psssst! It’s still on sale!

  1. Reblogged this on dandelionwine and commented:
    This is one of my favorite series. I think you only have a few hours left to get it at this price. You should definitely check it out!

  2. Debra

    I looked up these books and want to start reading them..Can anyone tell me if it a series or if I need to start with one book or another…? Help

    • It’s a series that can be read out of order, but if you enjoy watching relationships unfold and develop, you’ll want to start at the beginning.

  3. Nici

    Nice one, in Germany it now as well available at a reduced rate! :-)

  4. AndrewIslay

    Any idea if this will be extended to the UK? – I’d love to get them all on my Kobo at 99p or even £1!!

  5. Charlene Hollohan

    hi there…. it is not on sale today :(

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    Charlene Hollohan

  6. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-I already have them all on Kindle as well as print(which I can’t see any more). I also have all the books by the Dawn Cook person and am currently working on the Princess series. I must say, however that the model used on the Princess series covers looks like she is high on something. It must be really good from the grin on her face, Peyote maybe?

  7. Diva

    Done! I am so glad to hear that the whole series will be going on sale at one point or another. I have from BMS on in ebook as well as HC and MMP but I’d love to get all the earlier books on my kindle as well.

  8. Would have been great, awesome price. I’m in Australia and I can’t seem to access Dead Witch Walking to by on ebook even at full price. :(